February 27, 2015

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.02.27

The sinister Gates Foundation

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Anonymous said...

At the start, Charlie mentioned the significant matter of Paul writing in Galatians that the story of Abraham's sons is allegorical.

Now Charlie is arguing that Paul meant that it was only allegorical, but it's a possibility, as Paul was no dummy.

Christian apologists say that Paul was just referring to the allegorical nature of an actual historical event, but there's no historical documentation for Abraham's sons at all.

An interesting thing about the Qur'an is that it provides an independent test for the veracity of that story, as the test of prophethood is the performance of miracles, and the Qur'an is said to be a miracle from the creator of the universe.

So if you regard the Qur'an as being miraculous, and from God, then that is about the best independent confirmation you will have of Abraham's sons, because the rest is just to be found in the Bible, and we know the many problems that lie therein.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Charlie's talk about Bill Gates saying vaccines would reduce the world's population, I don't go with Alex Jones and others who say old Billy was admitting to vaccines being toxic, and admitting to an agenda for depopulation ala the Georgia Guidestones, Ted Turner, Jacques Cousteau or Prince Philip.

I think Billy meant it in terms of the argument that by reducing mortality from diseases, you decrease the birth rate due to social considerations, that you don't need to have as many babies in order to protect against a high level of infant mortality.

For sure all vaccines have problems with them, such as foreign proteins or aluminum, and the flu shot still has mercury. They are definitely not health supplements, but the data is there showing various diseases like measles, mumps and rubella being endemic until the vaccines were introduced. And with chickenpox, there were over 100 deaths in the U.S. prior to the introduction of the vaccine (though I don't consider that vaccine worth the risk profile for most).

It's a matter of individual choice in getting vaccinated, informed consent, and not buying into the notion that all vaccines are without any serious risks, and similarly, the alternative notion put out there that all vaccines are completely toxic and provide no measurable benefit.

Unknown said...

"I think Billy meant it in terms of the argument that by reducing mortality from diseases, you decrease the birth rate due to social considerations,"
Well if that is what he meant then it is a terrible argument to make
We know all those 3rd worlders he is intending to vaccinate don't even know the meaning of the term "social considerations" let alone have any
Too busy trying to find a virgin to rape to cure their aids to be concerned with such things

Anonymous said...

Jew wife Jones and other Kosher conspiracy personalities always use that Bill Gates quote to direct attention from the obvious aspect of Jewish control over the NWO. They also talk about the depopulation of the Third World. This may be true to a certain extent due to land grabs for resources and open boarders to European countries, but they never focus on the depopulation of the West and how every White European except for the Faroe Island is below the replacement level.

They also always use it to bash Eugenic and connect this eugenics agenda to a Nazi conspiracy. Eugenics like mostly everything is a tool. it can be used to build a stronger race through selective breeding or can be used for genocidal purposes. It all depends who's hands its in.

Ben G. said...

Gates was talking about birth control (e.g. sterilization shots). The depopulation theory is one of the most laughable out there. The only population diminishing is Whites, as the billions of non-Whites breed like rabbits and get special benefits for doing so.