February 20, 2015

Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2015.02.20

Evelyn Gilbert on scripted & storyboarded terror shows: Canada, Australia, Paris, Copenhagen...

Is Hollywood – that Zionist-controlled dream factory – manufacturing our nightmares? Is their latest international reality TV show called "Evil Muslim Terrorists Hate Freedom and Jews (Not Necessarily In that Order)"?  Are they staging scripted and storyboarded events to reinforce their narrative and brainwash the West into waging an endless war for Israel?  Has Operation Gladio, NATO's false flag terror brigade, been taken over by Hollywood Zionists?

Evelyn Gilbert, an expert on scripting and storyboarding, walks us through evidence that the terror shows in Canada, Australia, Paris and Copenhagen have been produced by the same traveling false flag terror troupe. (Maybe the TSA should put them on the no-fly list.)

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Paul T said...

It is all Yiddish theatre. All of it. I don't feel sorry for any of the Jews.

Anonymous said...

23 minutes in, Barrett says the Zionists, the neocons, are Nazis.

Sounds like an Alex Jonesism. Even Carl Bernstein told us about the "Jewish neocons," and not Nazis.

Maybe that's why Barrett only called Alex Jones a partial idiot, as opposed to a gatekeeper for the Jewish elite.