March 04, 2015

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2015.03.04

Presenting Arguments for Both Inflation and Deflation: Which Will It Be? You Decide

-We hear audio from Harry Dent and David Stockman arguing inflation and Andrew retorts piece by piece. A real learning experience.
-“They” say don’t talk about religion and politics…well, we break that rule today
-In the Mid East religion and politics are one in the same
-The dollar is the first reserve currency to be floated without any backing whatsoever
-Consumer debt tops 11 Trillion Dollars, so banks are lending
-President Obama wants to alter the tax code with Executive Order
-Jebb Bush looks like “The Chosen One” for the Republicans
-How foreign manufactures can sell things to us without paying taxes and how corporations like Apple can legally avoid taxes
-Tariffs are crucial to level the playing field and re introducing manufacturing to U.S.
-Basel III in effect today, Andy says move along nothing here of worth
-The Net Neutrality Act is not going to be good for us internet users
-The Greece Goldman connection and why Greece can’t just print their own currency again
-Good information on Trusts

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Christopher Marlowe said...

Andrew Gause is getting a little retarded of late.
1- AG believes that ISIS is real.
2- at 25:00ish AG says that the law of man/woman marriage is completely religiously based. Huh? As if there isn't an OBJECTIVELY PROVABLE advantage: that M/W relationships beget children and families; and thus that all of society is based on this concept.

Anonymous said...

Regarding marriage, its purpose is to raise children, so gay marriage should've never been recognized even apart from any religious context.

But it was the breakdown of a Christian consensus about family and what constituted good moral values ever since the 1960s that led to this today.

Maasanova said...

Yes Christopher, imagine if Andy Gause demanded the low level Jews in the US and Israel to take care of the Jewish extremists responsible for shooting Palestinian children and demolishing their homes. Well they are doing that in their own way; pretending to help while mostly running interference.

Max Smart said...

Gause is a fraud. Never mentions Jew power or influence even as it relates to finance! Barely has enough courage to mention the name Rothschild!