March 20, 2015

WTC-7 - An Epic Fairy Tale
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El Buggo said...

3:07 - WTC7 was a reddish building, not blue. We have been watching shitty Hollywood Special Effects here.

Watch this real amateur video of WTC and WTC7 and compare it to all that shitty broadcast cameras footage we were shown 911:

They HUGE controlled opposition do not want people to understand that ALL the national news networks aired prerecorded videos on "live" news, AND their top Gov agents backed up those lies.

Anonymous said...

The crappy quality "live" footage looking like the surface of Mars is indeed highly suspicious when you compare it to the "amateur" footage that almost always shows clear blue skies. And not a single anchor bothered to comment on it?

And with Building 7, you can see it looking reddish as it collapses more, but is that really possible, considering one of the closer buildings is reddish brown to begin with?