April 20, 2015

Spingola and Friends 4/20/2015

Note from Deanna: " I have reconsidered my stance about the posting of my programs at Mami's site. I have never run from a fight and recognize that my previous request to Mami's might appear as a surrender on my part. I believe in free speech including the speech of those who disagree with me. I recognize that Mami's posts shows that cover various subjects that may not appeal to everyone. It is like a cafeteria where one may select according to their interests or beliefs."

C. W. Wade of Sandy Hook Facts and journalist, Keith Johnson joined Deanna on December 14, 2014. Today's program is a replay of that very informative RBN program. Read Deanna’s critique of Sofia Smallstorm’s video and notes on Wolfgang Halbig. People can easily ascertain that the Sandy Hook Hoax ~ Walking In Circles Around Sandy Hook Firehouse is a looped video. View the repetitive motion of the silver vehicle in the upper left-hand corner of the video from 1:13-1:32, 2:40-2:50, 4:13-4:23, 4:52-5:02, 5:07-5:18, and 5:27-6:14 minutes. This program was originally aired at RBN and then edited to exclude the commercial breaks resulting in a program that lasted 2 hours and 5 minutes. To listen to the last five minutes which has some very good information about censorship click this link (MP3). Sandy Hook Analysis, Newtown Post-Examiner, Sandy Hook Lighthouse  People have asked Deanna if she would have allowed her daughter to lay in a pool of blood for sixteen hours. She answered that question in this show.

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Unknown said...


glad to hear your still posting here.

Anonymous said...

Great news, since I probably wouldn't have heard of your show a few years ago without Grizzom, as the RBN site is extremely deficient.

Anonymous said...

"People can easily ascertain that the Sandy Hook Hoax ~ Walking In Circles Around Sandy Hook Firehouse is a looped video."

I remember hearing Fetzer imply as recently as the second half of last year that the video wasn't looped. I haven't listened to some of his recent shows, but it's like he's in a time warp, since Deanna pointed out back in early 2014 how it was looped.

Max Smart said...

This woman is hard to fathom. Seems she is now set on convincing the world about her POV on SH which in a REAL UNTAMPERED court of law would never stand up to scrutiny. Also, her ego got the better of her.

Deanna said...

Maxwell, Since when is it inconceivable for a woman to change her mind. I am not out to prove anything to the world. I do not have to convince anyone of my point of view. I only offer a different scenario than those offered within the first weeks and months after Sandy Hook. By all means, do not look at any other ideas if you are satisfied with what others have offered. It is a free country after all. As I like to point out - truth does not fear investigation.

larry said...

I am so glad you replayed this video so that everyone can see how incredibly pathetic the the three of you are. Why don't you talk about how Wade and Kieth have sent letters to the schools of the children and the workplaces of honest sandy hook researchers? These people are utter slime and traitors to America. Do not for one minute let them make you think they care about "their fellow Americans". They were hired to do this because the conspirators thought using the Jew wise crowd would give them integrity and deflect from the overwhelming amount of Jews involved. They are scum and traitors of the highest order.

larry said...

Sure lets all concentrate on that straw man instead of the fact there has been no proof provided whatsoever of LANZA EVEN BEING THERE.

larry said...

And please do listen to pitiful whimpering in the last five minutes and then research the HONR network and the massive censorship they have perpetrated on YouTube and elsewhere.

Woodchuck said...

Does anyone know if Keith Johnson still writes for AFP? I haven't noticed any articles by him lately. John Friend was booted by AFP for awhile, but he has an article on the front page of the latest AFP :)

larry said...

No they got rid of Keith because this whole Sandy hook thing has been a giant black eye for them.

Deanna said...

What is it about Sandy Hook that causes such animosity and name-calling in an environment that should be open. I have no knowledge of any letters sent to "honest Sandy Hook researchers." The only correspondence that I am aware of regarding Sandy Hook is that sent by Wolfgang Halbig to numerous people in Newtown in which he makes various accusations. Is that one of the "honest Sandy Hook researchers" to which you refer? People who use copyrighted images or music in their videos may expect that others will object. It is predictable. Such people will be censored unless they do this on purpose so that they can cry foul when someone objects.

Woodchuck said...

Thanks larry. That's what I figured must have happened. Lol!

zapoper said...

@ Christian Branquhino, If you are referring to the so called foon being a pervert thing, We've all seen those more than a year ago and any moron knows that you could create accounts over there and put any picture or name. Only idiots would think that this is PROOF.

I also recognized some of the pics as being capture shots from when we were on group calls on Skype.

We also know who started all this and now it's back for a second round. OLD BORING TROLL NEWS!

Get a life you pathetic imbeciles!

Woodchuck said...

zapoper...you remain my idol ;)

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Sandy-Hook does not hinge on what Wolfgang Halbig thinks or does Deanna..

Your perception is clear! If one does not agree with Deanna, they must be a Halbig fan..LOL

I can go in many directions in this Checker Game, but I have respect for this site & you also...
Good Luck!

Zeetip said...

29:25 DSpingola (re Halbig): “I have talked with people who are really in the school safety, aaah, field; and I have communicated with them; and I think it would be unethical of me to share anybody's name that I communicated with; but one of the statements of one of these 'real experts' said, 'I have to laugh some at the Wolfgang Halbig issues, and quite honestly I have seen a couple of issues with him come across my desk lately, and truly believe he may be losing it', and the email goes on and on, and, and he says, 'Halbig is not the expert that he claims to be; and had nothing whatsoever to do with the Columbine investigation.' Anyway, we do have to go to a 3 minute break, and we'll be right back after a word from our sponsors.”

Sooo, lessee here; DS chose to share with the listening public, (unsourced) 'rumors' that 1) WH may be losing his mind, and 2) WH is a fraud professionally, and 3) WH actually had no role in the Columbine investigation. All “sourced” by (one of...) her supposed (anonymous) 'real school safety experts' with whom she claims she's been in contact; but who she claims to believe it would be 'unethical' of her to identify.... oh and also, she's against ad-hom attacks on her opponents... OOOOH-Kay.

Full review of this Delphi-Deanna led Sandy Hoax Re-Bunker Shill-A-Thon, with minute-marked transcriptions and commentary:


Zeetip said...

A couple highlights from DS's 3/31/14 appearance on the P.Santilli show:

55s: PS: Still, you can't say with absolute certainty that you know what happened with Sandy Hook, right?

1:00 DS: Well, yes, you CAN say exactly what happened, because, they have come out with all the reports, and I have dug through them, other people have dug through them, [...]

2:20 PS: So, you've said you read the reports, and, I'm not even going by the conspiracy theories. How do we know that we're to trust those reports? Can we?

2:33 DS: I think that, yes, I think you can.

6:40 DS: There are mistakes in the reports, because human beings created the reports.

6:43 PS: Human beings, and human beings make intentional errors sometimes too, so we have to also consider the other side of the coin. Yeah, that isn't the do all end all be all; the sources of information we have to conduct our research, unfortunately I think are kind of tainted as well.

7:00 DS: Ah, I disagree with respect to these. These are just the, the officers that were there; they talk about what they saw.

8:55 PS: Deanna, I'm going to be honest with you. Don't be so trusting of those reports that are put out there. Because there WAS a conspiracy to do something, we don't know what it is, ...


Mp3 link, plus more interesting bits from this 23 min PS/DS interview at:


larry said...

Two single mothers, one in Connecticut, one in California. Neither one ever made a video, just did honest research on actual documents. Both had letters sent to the principals of their children's school, both had letters sent to their employers. One has a son who is autistic and has been ridiculed as retarded by these people. Look up arie fiques blog (cw Wade) or ask Keith and Wade about Yvonne or Tiffany. If they say they don't know who you are talking about they are LYING and I can prove it. And if you want to talk censorship, what is the HONR network doing to videos, many of which have nothing to do with Sandy hook? But you already know all this don't you? Keep playing the victim card you fraud.

Unknown said...

This evidence clearly displays that Sandy Hook was in such a state of disrepair that it would have been ILLEGAL to have students attend:

larry said...

7:28 DS:“If one has an alternative view in the alternative media, he, she, is often ostracized, the target of death threats, and character assassination, and subtler attacks.” DS, again, seeks to posture as being the victim of poisekution, merely for embracing an “alternative view” re Sandy Hoax. She attempts to FTS&P, trying to reverse-project the independent & virtuous qualities of the SH skeptic/research community, onto herself; meanwhile hoping no one notices that the 'independent/alternative view' she (proclaims to) hold re SH, is in fact the zion.gov narrative straight down the line. 'Have you read the Official Zion.gov SH Report? It's all there!' lol.

Unknown said...

You should be ashamed of yourself aligning with the likes of Keith Johnson and Chuck Frye. These guys have continually harrassed and provoked anyone who has done real research on the Sandy Hook event.
I know for a fact that they called people's employers and family members to try to humiliate them. Chuck (as Arie Fique) continuously libeled people on his wordpress blog by posting pictures of researchers with their children and family members while hurling insults beyond the threshold of evil.
They were also involved with Lenny Pozner in a Facebook group called Conspiracy Theorists Anonymous where they continually plotted against people. I have over 6oo screenshots of their conspiratorial bullshit. It's disgusting !!
Lenny Pozner should be encouraging research into how his son died and why no EMS were allowed into that school and why the CT State Police fabricated their report !!
Wolfgang has proven that he filed his FOIA requests when he said he did by producing the actual documents.
Many of his former students have contacted me to confirm his reputation as a wonderful person on FaceBook.
He was employed by the Sidwell Friends School for God's sakes. Just a Google search would reveal that this man has been doing the right thing for 40 years !!

Unknown said...

@toney heart

yes exactly toney
never in a million years would anyone ever send their kinds into that filthy shit hole

and this was touted by the JMSM as one the best schools and the parents are connected to all these wealthy people banking executives as are the employees too and we are to believe that they are all ok with sending their kids there

and thanks for the great link I never saw the rotted wood over the front walkway overhang

or the farr scene photos #70

of the facia damage

it confirms what I had been trying to point out for awhile now

about all those stacks of molded plastic kiddie pools in the gymnasium

there is a photo of them in that link but it is only labeled as "clutter" they didn't point out the kiddie pools specifically but I noticed them when the interior video was 1st released ,there is absolutely no reason that those kiddie pools which are made for outdoor use in the summer time by preschoolers would be inside of an elementary school gymnasium ,there is no reason for them to even be there
I came to the conclusion the second I saw them and the other images of the interior of that building that they were being used to catch water leaking in from the roof

that farr scene photo #70 is even more confirmation of a leaking roof in the gym
not that we need to see any more proof that that building was leaking like a sieve and ought to have been condemned long ago

maybe Deanna could raise these specific issues and ask these questions to any SH rebunking guests she has on in future shows

Unknown said...

I am happy with Deanna's decision to stay at Mami's.

1melahat said...

Toney, Wow, what shocking photos you linked to. I am a photographer and have been to around 200 elementary, middle and high schools in rich and also the poorest of the poor districts to take yearbook and sports photos and I have never ever seen such a dump! NEVER!

TyrannyNews said...

I object strongly to Keith's naming of his "blog" the "Newtown Post Examiner," despite his claim that it's clearly just a blog. What he doesn't explain is why he chose a name that in the first place. It's also very possible that an article reprinted from the site will be attributed to the, "Newtown Post Examiner." Who would read that and not assume it was a regional news site? I'm not claiming this is a case of serious fraud, but rather something that seems dubious. I fully admit wrongly attributing the site to CW Wade. But, as it turns out the site belongs to Keith who merely posts CW Wade's articles.

What I think needs to be said but that may seem in poor taste to some is, Deanna and Chuck frequently speak of their emotions or get emotional during this show in a way that seems unrealistic and even agenda-serving. I work with a lot of people who are extremely empathetic and I can't think of one that would speak openly of their emotions or the true toll of the things they've learned or experienced. It diminishes the gravity. As they say, there's a time and place for such things. I doubt that Deanna and Chuck are just more prone to being impacted emotionally by such things.

All I can think of while listening to them is, if/when they are revealed to have known all along that no children died this behavior will be unforgivable in retrospect. At least Keith has likely drawn the line at feigning anger and outrage. The reality for me is that, nothing said by them nor any opinions they have of me will change my responsibility to do the right thing.

Unknown said...

Alternate version of "the boy who died twice" (to Deanna's version that the BBC and a large newspaper published that photo to promote more skepticism about Sandy Hook in order to divert attention away from the danger of proscribing drugs to school children since Adam Lanza allegedly reacted to these drugs and allegedly shot up a school - this is how Deanna explains away the boy who died twice). This version I am dreaming up is just as likely, and nobody for sure can claim to know.

The folks over there who decided to promote a phony Pakistani school shooting grabbed a bunch of photos from a pool of "available" photos of children for use anytime they need them. In the Pakistani case, someone was sloppy and inadvertently grabbed a photo that had already been used at Sandy Hook two years earlier. They got egg on their face and, since the alleged parents of the boy, who has allegedly been named as their son (Noah Pozner), didn't sue or make a big fuss over it, the BBC just let it slide and when Sandy Hook hoaxers started making hay over it, then the Pozner's sued for copyright (instead of suing the BBC for slander and wanton disregard for the parent's grieving memory of an already deceased victim). This scenario suggests that the children's photos used at both school "shootings" came from a pool of "available" photos for use by the press, and, nobody outside a tight circle knows the true identity of the children whose photos were published. That scenario is just as likely as the one where the drug companies are promoting the hoaxers.
Take your pick - or dream up your own scenario.

Some enterprising investigator/reporter ought to thoroughly research the boy in the photo who died twice and let us know what he finds out, if anything, and how much trouble he has getting to the bottom of who that child is and why his photo appeared twice. Concentrating on that ONE PHOTO should make for a more focused investigation, not swayed by the burdensome ordeal of so many victims (and colorful characters swirling around this Sandy Hook hullabaloo) - stick to this ONE photo and write up a life story, complete with multiple interviews by impartial witnesses that knew this boy (aside from his parents) and can unhesitatingly identify him from the published photo. Who is he? Where was he born? Where did he go to church? Who were his past teachers? Who were his friends? Get a complete life history of the boy in that photo because he is already a public figure (twice over now), and the public has a need to know so as to prove, or disprove, the Sandy Hook narrative under so much debate.

Anybody erecting hurdles to such an investigation gets painted with an automatic brush of suspicion, as someone who doesn't want the underlying truth, and the whole story, to ever be told.

larry said...

It's been done, to death, but good luck finding that info because anyone who even mentions that child gets hit with a copyright strike from the HONR network.

Unknown said...

Great observations !! Thanks

Unknown said...

also there is another photo from the official report interior video
of another molded plastic kiddie pool on its side atop a huge pile of shit near a door
an obvious fire hazard
but again I ask you what are all these kiddie pools doing inside of an elementary school?

the only logical conclusion that one can come to is that they are being used as catch basins to catch water from the leaking roof
and that SH was not a functioning school for some time
but instead being used as a storage facility for other schools in the district or for some other purposes

they tore it down, they didn't tear down columbine

they made the demolition crews sign NDA's

they tore down the lanza house too

and not only that they ripped out or are panning to rip out the whole road that SHE was on

they are even trying to intimidate residence that live on the road,dickinson drive and trying to seize all their homes by eminent domain so that they can tear those down too!

the youtuber odinrock posted the meeting


what are they hiding?

WWS said...

Shortly after the initial rumblings, I spoke extensively with the four main antagonists: Deanna Spingola, John Friend, Mike Piper, and John Kaminski.

My ultimate message was simple:

"Don't play the Conspiracy Shell Game! It will bring nothing but dissension, and plays right into the kikejew's hands by creating ongoing debate (e.g. JFK) with no possible resolution in sight."

My suggestion was to note the facts and anomalies, but to take no firm stance. Any particular detail in these happenings could have been real, or contrived by the perpetrators, etc. etc. etc.

None got the point. Former friends became enemies... and another unending debate continues to divide.


Anonymous said...

Well said WWS.

When the focus of the debate shifted to the personalities involved in that debate, all was lost.

Jakeystove said...

Have followed you for years. Your sandy hook line is shite, like ryan and his plane and the pentagon and cannabis cannot treat cancer. I will listen to anything you post, but if you go anywhere near sandy and i will switch off. And thus you have now proven suspect imho. Which means nothing to anybody. Apart from me. And your flip flop on Mami`s is tragic, keep your respect woman ! But as i said, thank you for everything apart from sandy hook you have done x

Unknown said...

Looks like Deanna got awful quiet over here. I guess she realized that she is far less knowledgeable about Sandy Hook than many of us researchers who have been on this for over 2 years now.

George Jones said...

Or maybe she thinks you're insane?

Deanna said...

Tyranny News (Peter Klein) You said: "I object strongly to Keith's naming of his "blog" the "Newtown Post Examiner," despite his claim that it's clearly just a blog. What he doesn't explain is why he chose a name that in the first place. It's also very possible that an article reprinted from the site will be attributed to the, "Newtown Post Examiner." Who would read that and not assume it was a regional news site? I'm not claiming this is a case of serious fraud, but rather something that seems dubious." Is that why you made the more professionally-executed video, A TNN Redux of a Sofia Smallstorm Presentation and wisely removed the image and logo of The Newtown Bee, a real newspaper in Newtown that she featured in her video? I agree with your rational decision to do that. On the other hand, there is no such entity at the Newtown Post Examiner in Newtown. I commend you on your video-making; you do a very nice job, much more professional than some of the other videos on the Internet.

Deanna said...

Sorry, that should have been - as the Newtown Post Examiner in Newtown.

rodin said...

Andrea Mitchell wrote

"the one good point MCP does make is that all the gun manufacturers are owned by jews and cerberus capital

i do actually find it difficult that they could not have predicted the results of SH,what with all their algorithms and from looking at every past shooting where gun sales always skyrocket, they had to have known it would result in a massive increase of gun sales

they would almost have to be retarded to not have that one coming"

Remember folks, Jews arm both sides prior to conflict....

rodin said...

Jewish Crisis actors will not break ranks. SH was a Jew deal with maybe a few gentile front spokespeople with skeletons in closet, as per http://grizzom.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/paedophiles-in-westminster-push-uk.html or similar

As for Halbig, who knows, strawman?

Deanna said...

WWS: I was not aware of the fact that John Kaminski sees me as an enemy. I interviewed John Kaminski on Monday, September 15, 2014, well after I posted my critique of Smallstorm’s video. I have not formally or publicly debated the Sandy Hook issue with anyone. John Friend was one of the first people to declare that Sandy Hook was a PSY-Op. Friend and I have not communicated for some time but, as far as I am concerned, it has nothing to do with SH. I, for one, am not playing any shell conspiracy game and do not remember talking with anyone “extensively” about such a concept nor do I consider myself an antagonist.

Deanna said...

The only person that talked to me “extensively” about not researching SH was Halbig who claims that he had it figured out in a week. Halbig and the other researchers who mostly maintain the original 14 talking points issued in January 2013 must all be a lot smarter and better educated than I am as it took me over a year to research all of the intricacies and government deceptions regarding Sandy Hook.

Anonymous said...

Deanna, don't worry. Kaminski doesn't view you as the enemy, in case that's what WWS was trying to imply, at least as recently as some show a few months ago, where he just said that he had been in regular contact with you until he heard your views on Sandy Hook.

Anonymous said...

Deanna, I found it significant that Michael Collins Piper doesn't appear in the Acknowledgments section of your book.

Deanna said...

MCP is in the book itself as well as in the Index. The editor said that it is customary not to put names in the acknowledgements when they appear elsewhere. I should have made an exception.

Deanna said...

I also did not put Keith Johnson or C. W. Wade. That is the problem with acknowledgments and other attributes. Not only that, I did not mention my very supportive husband.

Deanna said...

I presume that you have read my book in order to make such a decisive judgment. You are right, if you do not want to clutter up your mind with more facts and information, then you should turn me off when I talk about something you have already drawn your own conclusions. My flip-flop at Mami’s is hardly tragic – starving children, animal torture, sickness and death are tragic. My changing my mind is any person’s prerogative.

Deanna said...

Zeetip: When I talked with the school safety expert, I accurately reported what he said. When quoting me, one should quote exactly what I said instead of re-phrasing my statement. The gentleman that I spoke with said that Halbig might be losing IT. He did not say and I did not say that Halbig was losing his “mind.” Nor did he say that Halbig is a “fraud professionally.” There is no evidence that Halbig was hired by the federal government to investigate Columbine other than Halbig’s claim during my interview of him. His statements were not ad hominine attacks but suggest that he does not hold the same views as Halbig. Is Halbig the only “expert” who views Sandy Hook as a hoax? If Halbig has taught 4,000 people about official procedures and policies, where are they and why are they not asking the same questions that Halbig has posed?

Deanna said...

Satanic JewsClues911 said that Sandy Hook does not hinge on what Halbig or what I say and he is right. It also does not hinge on what people think of Keith, Wade, Piper, Glenn, me or anyone else. Personally, I do not care whether people agree with me or not – individuals should think for themselves. I am not castigating the characters of people who have a different view. I did not say that people who disagree with me must be Halbig fans but said that he was the only person that I knew of who wrote disparaging letters to people in Newtown as he published them. I do not know what people write or to whom they write unless it is published somewhere. I do not have that kind of inside information. People have referred to me as Delphi Deanna and claim that I have accepted the government’s story which, in fact, is not true. Sandy Hook is not about me or what I think or what I have said on a radio program. Sandy Hook DOES HINGE on what happened or did not happen and the consequences. The comments in this forum regarding just one radio program suggest the fact that there is much more to the Sandy Hook situation than meets the eye.

Unknown said...

Despite completely avoiding the information that I posted or challenging me directly, I believe you finally said something worthwhile- " Sandy Hook is not about me or what I think or what I have said on a radio program. Sandy Hook DOES HINGE on what happened or did not happen and the consequences. The comments in this forum regarding just one radio program suggest the fact that there is much more to the Sandy Hook situation than meets the eye."

Deanna said...

This program was originally aired on 12/14/2014. I have no knowledge of whether Keith still works for the AFP or knowledge of Wade or Keith sending letters to people. Does Larry actually know what goes on at the AFP and how the employees view Sandy Hook? Is he suggesting that Keith was Mike Pipered, fired from AFP (twice) for talking about Sandy Hook? Did someone at AFP confirm its views about SH?

Deanna said...

I am intelligent enough to recognize that this situation is not about Deanna Spingola, Keith Johnson, Mike Piper, Mark Glenn or C. W. Wade. It is about anyone who has a different view, not about any topic, but currently, about Sandy Hook. This includes anyone with an independent view in a forum or who calls into the majority of “alternative” radio shows saying that he/she knows a SH victim or attended one of the funerals. Those people are immediately dismissed or if encouraged by the moderator, become the target for other individuals commenting in the forum. I have been a guest on two radio programs on which I spoke about Sandy Hook. I believe that Pete Santelli invited me on his program to try to discredit me. Mike Williams, a very objective, ethical host gave me an opportunity to express some of my views about Sandy Hook. In the so-called “alternative” media, where objectivity should rule, there exists subjectivity and group-think.