April 06, 2015

Spingola and Friends 4/6/2015

Marti Oakley talks about the CDC's adult vaccine program and other issues including the devised drought in California, the nation's biggest producer of produce. Please visit Marti's site to learn more about why this drought is happening and who is behind it!           Show-page
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SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Deanna's show gives great focus on the Evils of the American Government, References to Media silence on issues of vaccine programs/ GMO/Nestle® stealing water/ Prescription drug epidemic/ Bla Bla Bla....

But yet the Same Government & Media in Deanna's world are 100% correct about the Sandy Hook School shooting.

My View:
Sandy Hook was planed to be used as the Cornerstone of Gun Confiscation in America, as it worked in other Countries in recent History..

With the Confiscation of American Firearms, there would be No need to put Crap in Vaccines/ Create Drug Zombies/ Genetically Modify Foods & Poison the water of the Sheep.. They could just Freely Kill Americans off with out the worry of people with a CLUE putting a .45 in their skull in public.

Guns in the American Public's hands is the biggest problem for the Zionist scum,, too get them Guns out of the hands of Americans would be the "Final Solution" for Total Domination of a Dying nation of Fools.

Was this show Zionist Masturbation of Fear or Fact? ...

Still enjoy Deanna's shows, after all, One must give Truth to sell a Lie..,, Alex Jones 8:44

Deanna said...

I am not sure where people get the idea that I wholly believe 100% in the government's views of Sandy Hook. I have written a 600-page book explaining the government's devious behavior. It seems that once a KOL has perpetuated disinformation about what others, like myself, believe, then that disinformation becomes a major talking point for others who fail to critically evaluate another person's view for themselves.

Unknown said...

SatanicJews; your presumption that guns in the hands of Americans is the stay against rouge government is a very poor argument against variables presented by the host and her guest[s]. An addled brain with a gun is far more useful to a rogue government armed with lies and deception than is the unarmed whose constitution forbids manslaughter. You've missed the point entirely.

Unknown said...

When I heard you on the Pete Santille show you sure sounded like you were 100% convinced that a lot of children were killed at Sandy Hook by the designated shooter (Adam Lanza, or whatever).

And you told Pete that your conclusion was based on the government reports about it, even though Pete attempted to advise you not to put so much stock in what the government says. He even went so far as to tell you that he didn't believe a word of whatever the government says, but you replied that, in this case, the government report was correct.

You reasoned, to Pete on the air near the end of the interview, that they (the government) had no reason not to tell the truth in this case. It sure sounded to any listener that you had accepted that government report 100% - no? You might want to go back an listen to that interview you had with Pete Santille.

If you have a different opinion now, well, it doesn't take a book to announce a change of mind, just a short blurb on the air.

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Yes Deanna, I never could Critically Think for my self.

I will wait for your book on Santa Claus before making a mistake of telling my grandchild Santa is FAKE.

In the mean time, I will contact that Zionist Jew Pig Rahm Emanuel and make sure you get the key to the City of Chicago for your Master Investigating skills concerning Sandy Hook.. Deal

1melahat said...

Dear Deanna Spingola, As an IranIan I am mortified by the exchange that took place between yourself and a female Iraqi caller who you seemed to know on your 3/12/2015 show. The caller made the following proclamations which are all demonstrably false: 1) that Iran was the aggressor who started the Iran Iraq war that claimed the lives of a million Iranians and and left many more disabled from chemical weapons given to Saddam by the U.S. : 2) That most of the fighting in Iraq today is between the Iraqi citizens and the Iranians Revolutionary guard : 3) That Iran today is in the pocket of England. The caller ends with a factoid that is meant to prove that Iran is guilty and that revelation is that John Kerry's daughter married an Iranians doctor as if that proves something. You just went along with these slanderous lies and didn't correct the caller on any of the three points or even ask what she meant by that last comment. As a person who seems to know something about world events I am shocked you let such ugly untruths air on your show. I am hoping that was a mistake on your part and not a deliberate action. If you read my comment can you please address this in a future show? Thank you

Scorpio said...

Deanna - I heard the show where you were sobbing about the victims at Sandy Hook and mocking many of the early researchers into this obvious hoax. If you want to change your mind, then fine, but don't try and pretend you were on board from the beginning. I can't imagine buying your book when so much valid information has been given out for free on this subject. As I recall, you were even mocking the concept of crisis actors and fakery at one point.

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Research the cleft chin and the History of the DNA behind them..

Connect the Dots...

Then one will understand whats really going on in the world of our friends of Deception.

Never trust anyone with a Butt Chin!

Could this be a Clue of a Jew???
I think it is!