April 15, 2015

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2015.04.15

It’s the Dollar’s Turn In the Barrel

-Shorting the British Pound against the Deutsch Mark; Patrick tells a fascinating story from years ago
-“Never invest in the present”, Andrew explains
-Money moves the markets; liquidity is the key to most markets
-An interesting statement from ‘Communist Christie'; Governor Christie is proposing a change to social security that stops benefits for retirees that make $200,000 a year or more
-Living on the dole: How the public is being trained to live off the government
-What happens to the dollars we put into the Social Security fund? Everyday we’re creating 11,000 new seniors, who need their social security dollars
-How the Vatican became so prosperous
-Who controls the Exchange Stabilization Fund?
-Why bouillon, bars and bricks are not as good of an investment as numismatic coins
-Andrew talks the bid/ask spread on numismatic coins; he gives 3 good rules for selling your coins
-Why Andrew advises against paying off your mortgage
-Is the MS-66 St. Gaudens considered a numismatic coin? What is the estimated number of these coins available in the market? What is the approximate price of this coin right now?
-Andy gives a theoretical estimate between the difference in value between a $100 bag of silver coins versus a rarer coin like this 1893 25 cent Isabella MS64 ​ currently worth​ $1150
-When it comes to NGC graded coins, liquidity is just a phone call away

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Max Smart said...

How did the Jews become so wealthy and powerful you dirty shill, Gause.