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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.04.28

Hitler part 2

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WV Foundations said...

Charles is wrong. There was no "material" supplies from DuPont and Standard to the Luftwaffe. Under Georing, the 4-Year Plan was initiated to make Germany self sufficient of external sources and supply. As a result synthetic fuels were developed. Likewise, Germany maintained a close alliance with Romania because of Romania's oil/fuel resources. YES, from 1933 to 1941, there was U.S. business connectivity in Germany, but NONE after December 11, 1941. Also Charles rants Re: Hitler "not giving damn about the German people" is silly, this nonsensical statement predisposes Hitler started the War, in fact FDR, and England did via Poland. Finally, Charles reading of Mein Kampf is completely wrong. Charles is actually falling into the "Tribe's" game. Hitler's Third Reich is the only Aryan Ethno State to have expelled Jews from influence and economy and liquidated Usury banking. The record speaks for itself. No other Nation State has ever had Jewish capitalism and Jewish Communism united against it.

WV Foundations said...

Charles really needs to cite sources, otherwise he is just engaging in ranting and baseless diatribes. Hitler did NOT give himself "dictatorial powers in 1933". The Enabling Act was passed by the Reichstag in 1933 with support and votes from the Catholic Center Party, the German Nationalist Party and even votes from the Social Democrats. The NSDAP did NOT have the votes necessary to pass the Act and President von Hindenburg refused to sign the Act absent passage from the Reichstag. Also Charles keeps talking about trading with Germany in the summer of 1941, this was fully legal, Germany and the U.S. was not at war until December 11, 1941. Finally, the Army intelligence Report he cites was debunked regarding Aruba, Aruba does not have a deep sea port needed for tankers. There was a lot of Disinfo Reports generated in mid 1941 for FDR so he could fan emotions against Germany. The fact is FDR had ordered the U.S. Navy to attack German U-Boats in early and mid 1941, in violation of U.S. Neutrality.

air-ono said...

I'd like to know where Charles gets his funding
what's your day job Charles?
you do a 2 hour show 5 days a week + the research (although you rarely site your sources)
so who funds you?

Unknown said...

Thanks WV - yes Sources and he also quoted in y'day's something attributed to AH in Mein Kampf which is not in MK. (the thing about having to betray a people inorder to rule them).

Then he claims the germans were MK ultra'ed.

His show is live for one hour only AND so far no one has called in to try to counter his ranting (normally I like his ranting lol. However, any opponent can expect a lot of shouting rather than measured debate. A real debate with an independent moderator is necessary for this topic.

He has taken every negative reference to AH as being bona fide.

CG seems to be uber jumping the shark here.

Anonymous said...

air-ono, he did address the source of his funding on the last week of his Oracle broadcasting, if not on the last day.

He admitted at the time that he is a very private person, and that's why he didn't disclose it before.

Even though Charlie qualified his statement about Hitler being upset to share details of his personal life and funding with friends, that's the smart thing to do, is to share as little as possible with those purporting to be friends, in case someone ends up being an infiltrator.

Dr. Stan Monteith kept a small team around him because he was always concerned about infiltration and had seen others around him get taken down by infiltrators.

I do suspect, however, that there was something else to Hitler's alleged behaviour, as Charlie was alluding to, though not with the same conclusion for motive that he's arriving at.

Hitler probably felt bad about receiving Jewish money, because of how it would make him look, plus because of his own pride, but as I said in the comment section on the previous show, in the absence of hard evidence of being a direct agent and no evidence of going outside the box of those funding you, then I don't see the basis for writing him or anyone else off as controlled opposition.

WV Foundations said...

@ Jason Erb (fauxcapitalist), Hitler received NO Jewish money. Money leaves a trail. The NSDAP had the same Treasurer for its entire existence, Franz Schwarz,there was NO International Jew money. in fact the NSDAP experienced hills and valleys in terms of funding.

WV Foundations said...

FYI - I do not view Charles as an Agent or controlled opposition. Just wrong on the issue.

Unknown said...

A very interesting online book, titled,"Adolf Hitler, The Making of a Fuhrer", is available for free at:


The author is: Walter Smoter Frank, who took time off from his real estate business to travel to Europe and complete outstanding detailed research into the life of Hitler from childhood (including his heritage), up to him first using the term "Der Fuhrer" to describe himself, around 1922 (?).

I have read this online book twice, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants the benefit of the many interviews and research done by this American who decided to go find out for himself.

You will never see Hitler in the same light again once you read, and digest, this book by Frank.

This book would be a best-seller if it didn't ruffle some powerful feathers, so that it has never been published in a bound version, but only online. and with little, or no, mass promotion.

Do yourself an academic favor - withhold judgement, and comment, about Hitler until you read this online book - it will serve you well.

air-ono said...

well why don't you tell me
e.g. he tends a bar at nights
or link me to the last oracle show

Anonymous said...

Rodney, what about the money from Kuhn Loeb that Charlie was referring to? That was founded by Jews (with the predictable excuse that they were discriminated against by the Gentile establishment at the time).

Anonymous said...

Sure, since it's been in the public record for awhile, and since Charlie addressed the issue of Hitler's funding and his alleged reluctance to talk about it, then I don't mind sharing what Charlie disclosed.

He indicated that he is receiving federal disability payments because of being diagnosed legally blind. Note, legally, in that you can still do many activities and see to an extent, but you are limited and it is considered a disability.

air-ono said...

ok thanks
that solves that mystery :)

WV Foundations said...

"Hitler's funding and his alleged reluctance to talk about it"

Hitler indeed spoke about it, he talked about the brilliance of Schwarz. Also, Hitler was NOT a micro-manager. Hitler the mechanics of the Party to 3 people, Schwarz, Georing, and Hess. Yes...Hess, Hess ran the Party until he flew to England in 1941. Bormann was Hess' Deputy. Georing was actually a major fundraiser for the Party in the early days of struggle.

WV Foundations said...

Also, regarding NSDAP funding, the Party often relied on sweat equity, i.e. Party members donating skills, and materials. Speer donated his design in the early days, other Members donated various skills, food for Rally's, women sewed. In 1932, Goebbels opined that the excessive number of elections, which the NSDAP was winning, was financially breaking the Party, he said, we are winning ourselves to death financially.

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

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Charlie knows the Truth!

Ben G. said...

Rodney you allow this crap on your radio network? Talk about sending a mixed message.

I stopped listening to Charlie a long time ago because he constantly spits out inaccurate nonsense that he just read on some internet conspiracy site as fact without checking out the validity of it and then constantly mocks everyone for being stupid sheep that can't think over and over and over and over on every show, but this is worse than I even would have expected from him.

1776blues said...

Thanks Rodney, now if we can somehow reach CG and show him the light. I no longer listen to his programs because he can't stay on topic.

I understand his view on Christianity and that's his opinion but when he's doing a show on another subject or historical event he'll stray from that and start in on his anti-christian rhetoric.

WV Foundations said...

Ben G, are you Ben Garland? I do not require ANN Hosts to clear their Show content with me ahead of time. We/ANN do have Standards, which is we do NOT promote Jews or degeneracy. We are large, we have 15 Shows/Hosts, with more in the works, I do not monitor them like Stalin did the airways of the Soviet Union. I do not agree with the views of all ANN Hosts, that would be boring. We are a Coalition that agrees on the important things. In fact often time Gauleiters issued decrees in their respective Gaus that Hitler would on occasion step in and overrule, but only rarely. (Hitler generally allowed Gauleiters to do as they wished) One time Hitler stepped in was when a Gauleiter ordered Crucifixes removed from Schools, Hitler overruled him and they were promptly put back up. ANN is NOT my personal Network, I guide it. While I disagree with Charlie's assessment, and I have voiced my disagreements, I have no intention of engaging in Soviet style censorship. There was fierce debate and divergent opinion in NS Germany, it was NOT like Stalin's Soviet Union, do NOT be confused I will however be accepting Deanna Spingola's invitation to appear on her show and address Charles claims which are wrong, baseless and without merit.

Ben G. said...


Yeah that's me. I know you don't control and censor your hosts so that's fair enough. But these shows are an open declaration that this guy is our enemy. I only skipped a few minutes in to the first show and listened to a few seconds and he was arrogantly BERATING anyone who thinks Hitler was a good guy. You are an open Christian/Racialist/National Socialist and this guy is openly anti-Christian/anti-Racialist/anti-National Socialist/anti-Hitler. That's hardly some minor disagreement on some small side issue!

Anonymous said...

1 hour 50 minutes in, Charlie claimed Adolf Eichmann was also Jewish, but I can find no reliable confirmation of that anywhere, and if he was Jewish, he must've really pissed his fellow tribe members off, when Israel captured him and executed him.

Max Smart said...

CG has gone MAD! (if he wasn't already). In fact, a lot of these hosts seem to have gone mad (just take a look at Spingola, Piper, and others). None of them seem capable of staying on track, of looking at FACTS and sticking to FACTS.

In CG's case. why the hell would Germany have CARED so much about its import/export balance sheets if it wanted to take over the world? They would have gobbled up all the imports necessary for German hegemony and never paid any of it back.

In fact, Germany went out of its way to restrict imports - and neither was debt-spending NSDAP policy. Germany created currency equivalent to its GDP, which is the way every serious nation which gives a shit about its people should operate.

To reiterate, it WAS NSDAP economic policy to CONTROL imports and SUBSTITUTE them for German-made products, when and where possible.

Hitler put the creation of the currency in the hands of Germans, for the benefit of Germans, not the sleazy Jewish bankers who had previously plundered Germany, reducing it to Fourth World status.

CG is a ranting fool who either reads Jewish propagands relating to Hitler or just makes up BS as he goes along.

Contemplate this, CG: if people had known Christ, there would have been no need for Hitler

Ben G. said...

Sure, but he ran his course a long time ago. I actually became Jew wise from Charlie, after coming across his show on Oracle back in the day. I listened to a lot of his shows, but I also did a lot of my own research. Inevitably, the more I learned the more I realized Charlie was just simply wrong on so many points. He hasn't grown in his understanding at all over the years, still saying the same gibberish he was years ago while everyone else has taken on new information and passed him up. So it's time for him to hang it up. Seriously, Hitler was a Jew puppet? That's been debunked a thousand different ways for YEARS now, so where the hell has Charlie been? What good is he doing as a so-called truth teller when he's spouting the same bullshit as the Jewish History Channel?

Steve said...

Quote - Contemplate this, CG: if people had known Christ, there would have been no need for Hitler

If people had known Christ then we wouldn't have had the dark murderous history of the Church, the Church would not be ineffective as it is today, it wouldn't be the 'tax exempt' establishment it is, man would be enlightened and not in the mess it is, so I would say the problem is that we haven't known Christ but rather we have taken authority of the literalist church for truth rather than Truth for authority. I think people have simply 'believed' in the historical version of the church rather than sought the spiritual Christ within and are so indoctrinated in that 'belief' they are blind, hence we are still grappling with nonsense in the dark. To take the scriptures literally IS PHARISEEISM, that was exactly the error of the Pharisee, carefully read the Gospels and Paul's conversion story - what was he before conversion to the Light - a Pharisee - a Pharisee is a mind set of someone ( any religion etc ) who sees only the outer form of the scripture and will be willing to kill to defend that belief !! What converted Paul ? He was knocked off his horse by the light - in other words he saw INWARDLY the truth and being knocked off his horse is speaking figuratively - it was no longer his own understanding of his mind and teaching of man - why didn't he mention any historical Jesus and Christ ? Because it was an INNER SEEING of the Christ IN YOU your hope and glory. So if we'd have known Christ we wouldn't be in the mess we are now. The problem is we don't know Christ and Christianity has not/does not know its own scriptures it is the 'book no one knows about a man no one knows'.

WV Foundations said...

@ Ben Garland, I would submit Andrew Anglin does far more harm than Charles. Charles is anti-Jew, and reaches those who are NOT NS or CI, while Anglin uses NS imagery and claims to be a "badass NS" and appeals to the lowest of the low and his attacks on our White women, his blanket statements that our women are all "whores" and "sluts" as well as his recent attack on traditional marriage in his comment to Hunter Wallace is inconsistent with National Socialism. I also find his fetish with little girls repulsive, you and I both know he has previously has posted images of underage (as young as 14) girls on DS. You call on me to do something about Charles, I have refuted all his AH statements, and will do so LIVE, item by item on Deanna's Show, I call on you to call Anglin out as being a poor example and not consistent with National Socialist values, especially with regard to family and extending our bloodlines. National Socialism was all about respecting our women, traditional marriage and procreation. Anglin has been waging war on these essential elements like secular Jews do, i.e. he appeals to the inner individualism and everyone is evil and bad. I can tell you this, if the little runt called my wife or daughters the names he has called women on DS, he would have a BIG problem come the time I see him in person.

Ben G. said...

Giuliani explicitly thinks you or anybody else who is pro-White, pro-Hitler or Christian is a moron, or have you never listened to his shows? Not that I really care I'm just saying I personally wouldn't promote somebody who bashes Hitler while at the same time I'm fighting to clear his name. It seems a bit contradictory and self-defeating. It would be one thing if now that you refuted all of his points he changed his position, but let's see if he does. I'd be happy to see it myself, but I won't hold my breath. He's been saying Rosenberg is a Jew for years and has been called on it repeatedly. Then he conceded that he wasn't a Jew a while back and now he's back to doing it again. Why?

And you shouldn't take it personally, I wasn't calling you out I was just trying to offer a perspective that you may not have thought about.

As far as Andre, I don't know what he has to do with this, and nothing you said represents what he's actually been saying anyway. All of that is between you and him, I personally think he is clearly doing great work to further the White cause, but that's just my opinion.

WV Foundations said...

Ben, if you think Andrew Anglin calling OUR White Aryan women "whores" and "slutes", given his past history with underage 3rd World gooks and telling Hunter Wallace marriage and children is way too risky, is "great work" for the cause, you have a distorted sense of what "great work" is. You suffer from groupyism. I called Anglin into question here as an example of hypocrisy on your part because you should clean your own house over at Daily Stoner before asking me to clean mine. Anglin is a disgrace to Adolf Hitler who he attempts to invoke and intermingle with his softcore pedophilia,gook porn, lowbrow trash, jew secularism, and sexual frustration due to his inability to secure a mature White female mate at his age (31 years). Where is his white children, which is the greatest service to our Race? I recall Mr. Admin of the Daily Slave saying on a Podcast that he and Anglin had patronized brothels in Europe, did you as a dedicated National Socialist, object to this unAryan conduct? With regard to Charlie, as you so well point out, he admitted he was wrong about Rosenberg, I suspect he will do so again after being confronted with facts, which I intend to present. I do correct those in my house, now its your turn. Stop acting like a Commissar defending Comrade Stalin's bad conduct and start acting like an ethical Aryan and a dedicated National Socialist in the face of revolting statements and behavior on the part of your "mentor". We are NOT fighting for web sites. We are fighting for our Race. There is no Race without our women and children.

WV Foundations said...

I might also add, I do NOT agree with Charlie's butthurt attacks regarding Christianity, they smack of a frustrated person with no moral compass. BUT, his attacks on the Jews are like German V-2s. His Hitler show is a V-2 that crashed on his head because everything Charlie said was total bull and he needs a 50 gallon drum of mouth wash to get rid of the stink breath.

Ben G. said...

I have better things to do than argue with a goofy, repeated liar who nobody even takes seriously anyway, especially while being insulted as a "groupy," I'll tell you that much.

WV Foundations said...

Thank you for proving my point Ben. Now get back to the boots.

Ben G. said...

If you say so Rodney. I was just trolling these Charlie shows because they are basically offensively retarded. I don't have any interest in arguing with you and your whiny complaints about Andre Anglin, because I don't even respect you in the first place. So now, what does that prove?

Unknown said...

"I might also add, I do NOT agree with Charlie's butthurt attacks regarding Christianity, they smack of a frustrated person with no moral compass."

Now that's a stupid comment and a hot headed cheap shot. Charlie would you chew you up and spit you out on that topic and I would be more than happy to try to arrange that debate if you wish. I will do my best to make it happen. "No moral compass". for fuck sake the guy had aspirations to be a minister!