May 13, 2015

Failed Christian shoe promoter makes anti-gay first-person shooter

The Poison of Christian belief strikes again!
The Steam downloadable games shop launched its "Greenlight" initiative in 2012 as a way to open its sales doors to smaller game developers. However, because the shop launched with a glut of inauthentic and joking submissions, the folks at Valve added a $100 fee to "cut down the noise."
Whether or not that fee has been backed by any active filtering or monitoring service, Greenlight still failed to stop a game from launching that clearly violated its terms of service. "Kill The Faggot", a light-gun-styled game about shooting Gay people made by a California developer, skateboarder, and Christian shoe promoter named Randall Herman, launched for public consumption early Monday morning before being pulled from the Greenlight service hours later.


Anonymous said...

Could have been "genuinely" intended by the developer, in terms of him having a hate for gays and wanting to stir up controversy, or he could just be a huckster looking to make a quick buck, BUT, let's also reserve the possibility that he could be "working for the other side" in knowingly creating such a game to promote the radical gay agenda, as opposed to being genuinely concerned about violence against gays, which should be addressed just like any other violence.

After all, it was just this March when there was the over-the-top California ballot initiative calling for gays caught in homosexual acts to be shot to death, which I am convinced was intended to discredit popular democracy, make Christians (particularly evangelical) look intolerant, and further the radical gay agenda that Hollywood (and we know who runs it) has been behind over the past few decades, and in particular in the last 15 years, in constantly putting in gay references in otherwise awkward ways that reveal their propagandistic and subversive intent.

Anonymous said...

A giveway, for me, if he is indeed working for the other side, is if this story gets some mass media attention, like the California ballot initiative did. So far I haven't seen that in this case.

foon1e said...

There's always that possibility Faux. Anything channelled to the General Public has the potential to change viewpoints or Program susceptible minds.
I just saw the article as yet more overt proof of the Hypocritical attitude that "Christians" - you know;those people who preach Love,Understanding and Forgiveness to all? - demonstrate all too frequently. A double standard is always an untrustworthy one. Yea Verily and whateva - there's always dickheads and butthurt individuals out there who make it their purpose in life to stir shit up:Because their own lives are so worthless and empty.And also because spreading their poisonous ideas gives them some sort of retarded pleasure. This is just one of many who deserve to be put in the public stocks and flogged for their hypocrisy. Along with many other "Dogmatic" Whiners,Agitators and Operatives i could mention.

Christopher Marlowe said...

This is really overreaching to show hypocrisy in Christians. The video isn't even from a Church, but from a single protestant huckster: "made by a California developer, skateboarder, and Christian shoe promoter named Randall Herman..." So if a person who professes to be Christian does something bad, you gt to paint every Christian with that brush? Really? I guess that desperate argument proves a lack of stronger ones, and a unreasonable bias in its presenter.