May 12, 2015

Spingola and Friends 5/11/2015

Keith Johnson returns to talk about the many popular Sandy Hook myths that are widely disseminated within the "alternative" media. View Keith's YouTube videos. In this program he also discusses the recent AFP article. Keith’s 20-minute interview with Peter Teahen, referred to during the program, may be found here.
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Og said...

WTF is with this clown?

Fucking snitch

Amazing this guy can talk for hours about his nonsense, yet ZERO info on Sandy Hoax.

Calling everyone else a "Hoaxer" is an insult from this prick.

Let him spend as much time researching the holocrock, 911 or the FED

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Time is better spent watching decomposing Dog Crap!

I refuse the invitation!

Deanna said...

Gentlemen, to see some of Keith's research please visit the links provided with the program description:
Keith has done an amazing amount of independent, in-depth research on Sandy Hook instead of accepting the consensus conclusions of other people.
Certainly, you are both objective and rational and would want to evaluate his data before dismissing it and resorting to name-calling or character assassination? Keith did not call "everyone" a hoaxer. That is a far-fetched generalization. He simply addressed the claims made in the article.

Anonymous said...

I'd like Keith to address whether he can produce a picture of anyone he's ever met who has aged as much in five years as Neil Heslin purportedly did since this picture of him and his son, Jesse Lewis.

Colin said...

Keith and SPINGY wont touch the fact that they too would allow their children to lie in a pool of blood for 16 hours and go home, have a beer, watch some tube then wait for word the corpse was moved somewhere .... SPINGY ducks this query like anthrax... pitiful, sickening shills that should not be allowed postings on Mami anymore.

Anonymous said...

Colin, she did address that, at least twice now, between her show and on here.

But sometimes such personal questions are irrelevant, because you can never know exactly how you would react in a particular situation, especially when it is under duress and emotions are flying, and, almost equally especially, when your thinking and conclusions about a particular issue lead you away from expressing a particular view.

And speaking of how one would react to a particular situation of Sandy Hook, regarding the justification that Michael Collins Piper specifically gave on a past show for saying that everyone acts differently in order to justify Robbie Parker's reaction of smiling when he came out of the building to reporters, only to start sobbing once he realized the cameras were actually rolling, it's not about what happens in particular exceptions, but what most people would do in that situation, and I never heard him argue that most people would react the way Parker did.

Deanna said...

I am not sure why Colin continues to claim that I have not answered that question. I provided the exact place in the audio file where one may listen to my answer. As I said in this current program, the hoaxers claim that people will not answer their questions. It is not that officials and others have not answered numerous questions but it appears that some hoaxers repeat their questions to make it seem that people lack transparency and are concealing information or in this case that I am unwilling to be open and express how I would have felt in this situation. Whatever Colin's reason, he apparently is trying to convey to someone, perhaps to people new to this issue, that I am not responsive. I have no idea what his motives are.

Og said...

Us, the alternative movement already have enough shit to deal with, without this non-expert, GOV SNITCH, he openly admitted it in this audio.

Prick sees an alternative youtube video on SH and he calls his friends.

Wade character went on about the copyright criminals in another audio.

Both sound like agents, at being paid for out of tax slaves dollars.


Og said...

Hilarious, 17 years in the lie detecting business

could spot a crook a mile a away

Og said...

Please save us from this shill

Just listened to this shill's 20 minute audio with expert

You get the impression that the 20 kids were shot up so bad, you'd be expect scenes from Gaza or Syria or other enemies of Israel and couldn't be identified

How many bullets were used?

This guy and the Wade character are shills

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

WV Foundations,

You must be the Messiah,, the All seeing eye...

You know all that has been spoken and all that has not been spoken.

Some have been waiting for you!

I change my mind about Sandy Hook now,, I think that Retarded Kid really did kill all them kids with the Marksmanship of Gods!

Please for give me and save me from the Temptation of THINKING FOR MY SELF.

Colin said...

Hey you dodged it many times then when you finally addressed it I have never seen it, so for the record: state it or link here so I can find it .... Leave your daughter in blood, SPINGY? LMAO OR WEASEL YOUR WAY OUT OF IT ... SO YOU THINK HOOK WAS LEGIT AND 9/11 AND BM ETC ETC WERE NOT?

Colin said...


I am not sure what ur trying to say, but ru FUCKING kidding me?? People would just walk away and not see their kid ... go ask any man on earth with a sack what he would do? They would have to shoot me to let my kid remain in there .... so what exactly is your POV on that?

Anonymous said...

Deanna seems like an old, damaged 78 rpm record, stuck on a track and can't advance.
Her work and interviews regarding WW II are still excellent.
Sadly, since she no longer has a M-F show her focus has become more and more narrow.
Time to move on Deanna or is all this negative attention better than none at all?

Unknown said...

Colin is obviously just trying to get to you Deanna and Ognir obviously isn't paying attention and just slinging mud and absolutely refuted nothing.

Keep up the good work Deanna, there are those of us who are paying attention. Hoaxers are just being immature and stubborn as always.

Unknown said...

Again, what about "the boy who died twice"?

If he died at SH, then why aren't his parents suing the press who plastered his photo all over claiming he was a victim at Pakistan?

If he was a victim at Pakistan, then why didn't his parents file a lawsuit back at SH for plastering his photo all over claiming he was a victim back there?

How about this? The boy in that photo wasn't a victim at EITHER Sandy Hook NOR Pakistan. That sounds logical to me, at least until there is a thorough, and credible, investigation about that particular photo, and why no lawsuit, over its misuse as a victim in a shooting, has been reported.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting Deanna thinks a kid can die twice, that Adam Lanza's picture is real, and that in that conga line kids were rearranged yet she is sure Sandy Hook really happened by OS version.

larry said...

So, Keith says on here he is working overtime on this. Besides the fact that is a pathetic waste of time, how is he paying his bills?

Deanna said...

Colin or whatever your real name is, I first answered this question in early December 2014 in another forum. Is this just a stock troll question? If you are incapable of finding my answer, it is commentary on you, not me. Are you also suggesting, after referring to me as a “shameless shill,” that I should not be allowed to post on this forum? Do you really want an answer to the question or are you just introducing doubt and attempting to discredit me? I answered the question in the comment section for the Spingola and Friends program of 4/30/2015 and before that on 4/20/2015 when I rebroadcast the program from 12/14/2014 when I answered the question and on 4/23/2015. Listen to my answer here, from 52 minutes to the one-hour plus mark:

First of all it is based on a faulty deceptive premise. Dr. Carver stated that he arrived at the crime scene approximately four hours after the first 911 call and he and his team began photographing the children for parent identification while also performing autopsies after the police had completed their crime scene investigation. No child lay in a pool of blood for sixteen hours.

If you still do not get it, here is the answer that I proved on that other forum in early December 2014:
“I am not sure where you got the 16+ hours. If my daughter or son were part of a crime scene that involved many other children and parents that was being investigated, I would not attempt to break through the police barriers, along with perhaps forty other parents and contaminate the crime scene. Nor would I want to see my child as part of such a scene. If my child was dead through some horrific act of violence, as reported, along with several other children, I would prefer NEVER to see such a scene. I would prefer to identify her via a photo, as was done at Columbine (after waiting for three days) than to see my child in such a ghastly, unforgettable scene. I would want the police to be able to do their jobs, undisturbed by hysterical crying parents. I would want them to collect as much evidence as possible to determine who the deviant monster was that committed such a dastardly horrific crime against my little girl. So, the answer to your question is NO, I would want to remember my daughter as the happy child who waved goodbye at the bus stop or whatever rather than remember her as part of a mangled, bloody heap of dead children. I would not be able to emotionally live with that kind of memory. Just the fact that she was a victim of a mass shooting in a supposedly safe place would be enough to traumatize me emotionally for the rest of my life.”

I do not think that a child died twice. I do not know why the BBC-affiliate posted the exact same picture of Noah Pozner any more than I know why they posted a newscaster talking about the “collapse” of building seven which could be seen still standing in the background. Keith actually does have a job while conducting research in his spare time.

Deanna said...

The first statement in the last paragraph of my previous post should have read: If you still do not get it, here is the answer that I provided on that other forum in early December 2014:

Deanna said...

Oh, I see that Colin called Keith and me "pitiful, sickening shills that should not be allowed postings on Mami anymore." I have been called so many names by the hoaxers, it is hard to keep track.

larry said...

Can you please answer my question: who is funding Keith's work?

Deanna said...

Larry, regarding Keith, first you asked "how is he paying his bills?" Now you wish to know "who is funding Keith's work?" Like me, he funds his own work and uses a free or relatively inexpensive video program to make his videos. In anticipation of your next question, I fund my own work, do not have a donation button on my web site nor do I beg for money to fund my research by claiming that the JDL or the SPLC is targeting me. I use my own name and self publish my books through Trafford. I have been publishing articles on the Internet since 2005.

larry said...

So you are stating right now that no one is paying Keith Johnson for his work in Sandy Hook? You are willing to swear to that?

Anonymous said...

The only person in the alternative media who is asking for donations, saying how the ADL/SPLC is after him, that I particularly question, given recent events, is Brother Nathanael Kapner, as he gets tens of thousands of hits per video, has had millions of views, yet never had his PayPal account taken down, when John Friend, Prothink, Andrew Anglin and Lee Rogers, did?

And even David Duke was threatened with having his YouTube channel taken down.

Perhaps him looking like Krusty the Klown may be enough for them not to care, though I haven't yet seen any conclusive evidence to believe more than not than Kapner is an insincere shill.

The fact that he defended Christianity in a particular case and personally responded to my email, plus no firm evidence showing him to be an insincere shill, as he was apparently a Christian since the 70s, leads me to think he's legit for the time being, but at the very least, it makes it look like his videos aren't any threat.

Anonymous said...

As for Keith Johnson, take it for what it's worth, he was an official writer for Alex Jones' Infowars, as I reported on back in April 20, 2012.

That doesn't necessarily say anything particularly interesting about his motivations, as hardly anyone realized Alex Jones was a shill from listening to him early on.

It took me until 2008 to realize there was something very wrong with him, and until 2012 to figure him fully out, according to what I see him as being all about.

Deanna said...

Larry, having trusted the love and support of a family member who has since stopped talking to me because she now considers me an hateful anti-Semite, I would not "swear" about anything or anyone. I can only speak for myself and stand on the work that I currently produce. However, research and conclusions are not static but change as one learns new things and gains more experience and evidence, I do not embrace some of my former views, for instance those views that I held in 2005.

Anonymous said...

larry, to address your point about Keith saying he's working overtime on this, and asking who's paying his bills, I suspect a perfectly non-suspicious reason for it, but one that likely he nor any of his supporters will admit to, and that's because of the early influence of Mark Glenn and Michael Collins Piper.

Not long after the Sandy Hook event, you had Mark Glenn and then MCP, and even Hesham Tillawi go on air saying how any talk of crisis actors was bogus.

Mark Glenn repeatedly engaged in ad hominem attacks on his shows on those citing evidence pointing to crisis actors at SH.

Here's an early example of his hostility.

And then this article, which has a picture of a tin foil hat in relation to a discussion about crisis actors.

MCP revealed on a particular show how much of a friend MG was to him in sticking with him and offering him a platform after he got summarily dumped from RBN, and Keith Johnson later joined the fray there, so I suspect it's all just a case of tribalism and the early infleunce of Mark Glenn and then MCP on Keith Johnson, but of course he'll tell you he's just going where the evidence takes him, but an examination of the early course of events suggests otherwise.

Colin said...

The story was that they took the kids out in the middle of the night, right? Why aren't there any pictures of them taking them out anytime, who took them out, aid cars? Deanna you seem groping for this Hook cover up. Nothing makes any sense. Is that a real picture of Adam Lanza, the Cro magnom chin etc?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the picture of Adam Lanza, I agree with Jim Fetzer's publicly stated assertion that the image was intended to project an image of death.

Compare this CNN B&W photo to a colour photo.

B&W photo

Color photo

Look at the difference between the first picture of Jared Loughner vs. a later one and ask yourself if the first one was manipulated to convey a particular image. It's all about the patterns in these events, at least after the fact, if not set up as a false flag from the beginning.

Original deranged looking photo

Photo closer to what he probably really looked like

Like with Trayvon Martin being called a boy instead of a young auldt, and the picture of him when he was younger, instead of a more recent one when he was 17 -- all intended to manipulate people.

That's why I find the whole claim that SH wasn't even a false flag such an untenable position.

Anonymous said...

And what about Lanza's hard drive reportedly being destroyed beyond repair?

If Lanza was a lone gunman that killed 26 people and Michael Collins Piper and Keith Johnson don't particularly suspect any chicanery by anyone in the government, then why was the hard drive destroyed?

But wait, after the initial report, a year later, we hear that some data was recovered from other sources.

Does this remind anyone else of the changing story on bin Laden's fake killing, of whether he hid behind his wife, whether he was armed, etc.? And just in time for the following year's anniversary coverage of the story like we see with the Lanza case of disclosing "new" information, we were also told about how they just happened to find porn in bin Laden's compound -- as if they couldn't have told us about that from the beginning, if it was actually there.

larry said...

Why do they not just release a picture of Lanza dead in the school? Who would that offend? It would shut up a lot of the people you two are crying about. Why don't you lobby for that if you are so concerned.

Unknown said...

Name calling and ad-homs? Open your eyes, Lady.

Unknown said...

Deanna says: "I do not know why the BBC-affiliate posted the exact same picture of Noah...".

That is at least a small improvement, investigatorially speaking, from your previous assertion that the BBC published that photo to discredit Sandy Hook and draw attention away from the dangers of powerful drugs being prescribed to children.

I am assuming your new agnostic approach (about that particular photo) is based on new information you learned since then, or, at least, on some mature and better thought-out reasoning about it.


What hard evidence have you uncovered that makes you absolutely certain that you know the identity of the boy in that photo?

Pardon me, but I am skeptical, unless you can cite something hardened, unfakeable, and unequivocal. What somebody says over the telephone just doesn't cut it.

There is likely a sordid tale behind that particular photo, since it got used twice, and I am waiting for some hard-hitting investigator to tell that story for all of us to hear. Mountains are likely to topple.

Tiffany said...

Why not have me on the show too defend myself with Keith. Ive NEVER worked for an employer in CT. I know who he's talking about and that employer was sent a letter by someone else not Keith. However it doesnt change the fact that HE DID call my employer among other things. I sent you proof. Why are you allowing him to lie on your show. Hes not even talking about me right now. Ive never come close to stalking anyone. This is a very one sided and unfair conversation that quit frankly without allowed me to talk to Keith about it and defend myself is libelous in nature. He is LYING. Deanna I sent you proof. Im shocked this is what you allow to go on...

You didnt even respond but yet you're going to mention it. Why no mention to Keith about the proof I sent you as well.

How disgraceful.

Tiffany said...

If anyone else would like to see what him and innocent victim CW Wade have done. There you go. Have at it.

Deanna said...

Tmoser, I will respond privately via an email today. My email, in the last two weeks, has been viciously and heavily targeted. I get about 500 emails a day.

My focus and the focus of my book is an expose of Big Pharma, big government, the complicit media, government agencies such as the FDA and the CDC and the drug lords like the Clintons and the Bush family all of which have very little to do with some of the technical issues that people ask me about and that others cover. My concerns involve the mandatory medical and enhanced mental health procedures that are and will soon be forced on the US public, especially the nation’s children as a result of Sandy Hook. I do not investigate the same issues that others do as I believe that many of the allegations distract people from what the government is surreptitiously attempting to do and that is the imposition, via the Affordable Care Act, of mandated, unnecessary prescription drugs on unwilling citizens. Big pharma is a $50 billion dollar a year industry that seeks, through exploiting Sandy Hook, to increase its profits at our expense.

Og said...

After infowhores, Keith spoke badly about them afterwards

After AFP, this government snitch spoke badly about them

Track record

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Keith Johnson's former Infowars connection I brought up, I came across this, which I remember seeing earlier this year.

Keith Johnson, why would you go on a debate on Alex Jones' program when you outed him as a Zionist shill?

Anonymous said...

Here are some interesting details from Keith's post, which is no longer available on his site, or, because the page has been marked private.

In it, he declares Michael Collin's Piper a friend way back in 2012, showing that it was never just about an objective search for truth that led Keith to his position, but it was all due to the impact of the relationship between Mark Glenn, Michael Collins Piper and Keith Johnson, and the hardline views that Glenn and Piper had that influenced Keith, and then Keith fit his research around his notions.

Full archive preserved at

"I Declare War On INFOWARS!

by Keith Johnson

Here is a letter I sent to Alex Jones, Kurt Nimmo and the rest of the Zionist trash over at INFOWARS:


I’ve been a regular contributor to Infowars for the last two years. I’ve always suspected that you were gatekeepers, but gave you the benefit of the doubt because you posted many of my articles.

However, it has not gone beyond my attention that you have failed to post my most scathing pieces on Israel and Jewish power: “Psychopaths United for Israel” – “Tel Aviv On The Potomac” and “V for Zionism” to name a few. Still, I gave you the benefit of the doubt.

I listened to the words of my good friend, Michael Collins Piper, who warned me that you were Zionist shills (not his words exactly, but I think anyone with a reasonable grasp on the English language would come to the same conclusion). Still…I gave you the benefit of the doubt!

Now, I have no doubt. You piles of shit are not just gatekeepers, but outright propagandists at the behest of the Zionist entity. You proved that today with your latest posts:
Establishment Gadfly Andrew Breitbart Dead at 43"

Deanna said...

I am still listed as a writer for News with Views and all of my articles are still in their archives but I have not written an article for them since 11-27-10. I hardly think that proves anything. NWV has other writers whose views I do not share.

So what if Keith has a relationship with MCP and Mark Glenn. I doubt that they have ever met each other. Keith was on MCP's RBN radio program a few times talking about various issues. The first time that I had Keith on my program, on August 3, 2011. Here is my intro for that program: Keith is a reporter for American Free Press and has, because of his thorough research, suggests that the terrorism, perpetrated in Norway, by Anders Behring Breivik, on July 22 was not a false flag attack, as others have claimed. Breivik, 32, a fanatical Zionist, says he decided that the only way to stop what he called the “Islamization” of Norway and Europe was through armed struggle. He has confessed to the twin terror attacks, the bombing of Oslo's government facility and the shooting rampage at a Labor Party youth camp that killed 77 people, 68 people on the island. On Saturday, July 23, people discovered a 1500-page manifesto attributed to him. Apparently, Breivik had sent this manifesto to some 8,000 e-mail addresses of “cultural conservatives” in Europe, North America, Australia, South Africa, Armenia, Israel, and India.

On July 24, the Jerusalem Post quoted Breivik, “Let us fight with our brothers in Israel against all anti-Zionists.” “Israel was a necessary refuge for Jews fleeing the European variety of anti-Judaism.”

Keith said: “I've no doubt that Breivik has made powerful connections and received financing from groups close to Israel, and I don't even rule out the possibility that he had help. However, I am adamant in my belief that this was NOT a false flag. I respect Stephen Lendman, but I must take issue with his recent articles that suggest there is EVIDENCE to point to such a thing. The things he points to are NOT evidence at all. Rather, they are interesting points that should be considered. They are thought provoking and are worthy of follow up. However, this event has been a public relations disaster for Israel and those engaged in the anti-Islam movement--which, as you know--was manufactured, is run and continues to be controlled by Zionist agents.”

To suggest that Keith's relationship with two people who happen to share similar views and that they have somehow influenced Keith's perceptions is a bit of a stretch. Just because the herd-mentality consensus in the "alternative" media suggests that Sandy Hook was a government-run operation does not mean that those who disagree with that opinion are somehow collaborating and cannot have a different view based on their own independent research.

Anonymous said...

Deanna, thanks for your response.

I don't doubt that Keith is sincere in his views, but I wanted to draw to the attention of the other readers, information that I had become privy to, of the influence of others on Keith.

My recent finding raises a very important issue for you in regards to something you expressed concern for on this episode, that I have since been listening to in full.

You expressed concern over hosts giving a platform for Wolfgang Halbig, and questioned what the motivation was of those hosts.

Here we have Keith Johnson going on Alex Jones' Infowars program, with Rob Dew, a longtime Jones associate, as host.

You and I acknowledge that Alex Jones is a shill for the Jewish elites, so we know his motivation, so according to your own expressed concerns, you should be specifically concerned about what Keith Johnson's motives were for going on a debate platform with Wolfgang Halbig on a known disinfo site that he claimed to have declared total war against in 2012.

Anonymous said...

In this show, Keith never mentioned the source of the bogus article claiming the FBI said there were no deaths of Sandy Hook, but it was indeed Alex Jones' site.

Notice the date of September 24, 2014, after Keith had already been actively promoting his view on SH, yet two months later, he goes on Alex Jones' show.

"The Ultimate Sandy Hook Debate As The 2nd Anniversary Looms"

Deanna said...

fauxcapitalist: Keith explained his appearance on the Alex Jones network. He indicated to me on my program that he did not know that Halbig was going to be on the same program. I encourage objectivity no matter what the subject matter is. I have not seen the least bit of objectivity in the "alternative" media regarding Sandy Hook. I began looking at SH after having one of the "researchers" decline an invitation to be on my program because I "did not know the material." So, I looked at her video which seemed like mere speculation and silly unsubstantiated allegations. Following my interview of Halbig on March 4, 2014 on which he made some of the same claims as well as other statements that were undeniably false, I decided to research the event and then wrote the book. One would think, that in the "alternative," media, that people might be interested in alternative views. Yet the majority of the radio hosts and networks are only presenting one view. That seems a bit questionable.

I have spent a great deal of time and effort sharing my alternative views about World War I and II which have been received fairly well. I certainly cannot say the same thing about Sandy Hook. People made up their minds about SH based on the first information that was presented immediately after the event. I think that is very unwise - one should look at all of the possibilities and then make a decision about what to believe. I am certainly glad that I re-evaluated my views on vaccines, warfare, the holocaust and a number of other issues.

Deanna said...

PS: Lanza destroyed the hard drive in his computer.

Deanna said...

Keith just posted an article regarding the recent AFP article that he referred to on the program:

Anonymous said...

Thanks, again, Deanna, for your response. Most hosts aren't even reachable in a public forum, let alone much by email, so it's good to hear your resopnses.

Now that you mention it, I vaguely remember hearing that show, with Keith saying he didn't know Halbig would be on beforehand, which is completely up the alley of the Infowars MO.

One appearance could be justified, I suppose, but if he goes on there again, I'd really start to wonder.

I definitely take a different view regarding Alex Jones. Once I fully figured him out in 2012, I've had nothing to do with him other than blasting him every chance I get, as a search for his name on my site will show. I, too, had some of my articles picked up there between 2009 and 2011, but after 2012, even if I could have gotten some articles on, or found a way to finagle an interview, I wouldn't do it, because Jones need to have all the air choked off from his operation with extreme prejudice, as he best resembles the kind of traitor Cicero so aptly described.

As for Sofia's excuse, as I mentioned on another thread here at the time, that was such a ridiculously laughable excuse, indeed, and you certainly exposed the looping video, which I didn't pick up until you had.

But she did address either in her video or a subsequent interview, the issue of a plan for mental health protocols, so that's why I find it odd as if the approach you are taking is that you are one of the few to be pointing this out when she had been making that point for awhile now (albeit mixed in with later disproven or weak claims).

As for Adam Lanza supposedly destroying his own hard drive, I was aware that that is the official claim, but as the Romans say, Cui Bono? For me, others, possibly those talking with him about guns, shooting people, etc., had a lot more to benefit than he would, when as these events usually go, the person kills themselves anyway (or it is made to look that way).

Unknown said...

Deanna says:

"PS: Lanza destroyed the hard drive in his computer."

What you mean to say, I suppose, is:

"The computer that is alleged to belong to one, Adam Lanza, was alleged to have been destroyed".

Surely you aren't claiming that you knew Adam Lanza, that you saw that he had a hard drive, and that you saw him destroy it. Someone told you about it and you have chosen to, not only believe what you were told, but, to repeat it, using your formerly good name as an investigator, host, and non-fiction writer, as support for that story.

Folks like me HAVE NOT made up our minds about anything - we are skeptical, and disappointed that one of our former champion skeptics (you) seems to have been taken in on a story before it could possibly have been "proven" in any sense of the word.

What kicked me more onto the hoax leaning was the ridiculous double publishing of an identical photo of an alleged "victim", and how nothing seems to have been done about it - that ought to be a glaring loud speaker blasting out HOAX HOAX HOAX in every one's ears. If we can be treated to that photo as a "victim" in a phony shooting in Paki, what's so different that the same photo wasn't also phony at Sandy Hook? Somebody is hoaxing it up big time and there doesn't seem to be any penalty - it breeds contempt and disgust.

We skeptics certainly share your strong views about big pharma and this evil bent on pumping drugs into our youth - we deplore that and are ready to fight tooth and nail with you, and anyone, on that issue. But that has NOTHING to do with Sandy Hook. Maybe some drug companies were hoping to use Sandy Hook as a ploy for more drugs-for-kids, but, it didn't take and trying to tie that in by now just smells like rotten eggs, especially since an independent analysis of Sandy Hook is not allowed - those involved who ought to be eager to cooperate just clam up, or, worse, threaten law suits.

I sure wish you'd snap out of it, Sandy Hook-wise.

Deanna said...

JLynn Littleberry: Of course I did not know AL. Are you saying that up until the double posting of the Pozner photo that you were uncertain about the event and that photo made you doubt the whole story and consider it a hoax? If so, that proves one of the points that I made in my book. It is amazing to me that you and others can imply that I have abandoned my seeking of the truth simply because I have looked at the issue from a different direction.

JLynn, you said, "We skeptics certainly share your strong views about big pharma and this evil bent on pumping drugs into our youth - we deplore that and are ready to fight tooth and nail with you, and anyone, on that issue. But that has NOTHING to do with Sandy Hook." The fact that you have made such a statement verifies the fact that you have not read my book and do not have a clue about what I have written nor the evidence to which I point. I have offered free eBook copies of my book but few people have accepted the offer which indicates to me that people already have already made up their minds about SH. Smallstorm, along with her Christmas tree evidence and all of the other silly nonsense and false claims about toe tags, did mention mental health implications and should have dug deeper into that subject. But why bother if she, Fetzer and others could get the conspiracy ball rolling with their 14 points, all of which were introduced within six weeks of 12/14/2012.

Og said...

Re: Connecticut state police hold a news conference in Newtown to comment on the investigation of a

December 16, 2012, 05:01:01 PM »

Connecticut Anomalies

1) As yet, we have not seen any concrete evidence that any child died.

Long before Fetzer arrived
Long before Wolfgang arrived

Deanna said...

None of us were there. Let me list the consensus talking points lest someone forgets exactly what they are supposed to believe/distribute or publicize in the forums:

January 30, six weeks after Sandy Hook, the following 14 points were introduced:

1) no children died at the Sandy Hook Elementary School
2) Sandy Hook was not an operating school
3) Social Security Death Index record stated that Adam Lanza died on 12/13/2012 (immediately corrected by the reporting entity – funeral home)
4) Adam Lanza did not exist
5) Mike Powers (Hollingsworth) on Joyce Riley’s The Power Hour, on January 16, 2013, said that logistically, Lanza could not have carried off the shooting
6) Introduced the idea of satanic worship, suggesting that even an infant in the way she sucked on her fingers was somehow ritualistic
7) Introduced the idea that it was all about gun control and the disarming of the public, ignoring the influence of psychiatric drugs in every public shooting
8) re-introduced the scare tactic that the government has FEMA camps and 1.5 billion rounds of .40 caliber, hollow-point ammunition
9) introduced the idea that the Mossad may have been behind Sandy Hook
10) introduced the idea that other shootings were hoaxes staged by the government
11) introduced the idea that actors were used at Sandy Hook
12) introduced the idea that Sandy Hook was a drill
13) introduced the idea that officials were smirking at Aurora which they applied to Sandy Hook
14) introduced the idea of premeditation

Og said...

This is not all about Sandy Hook

Calling the too few of us asking questions HOAKERS gives Wade and Keith ZERO credibility!!!!

If you watched Calver on the 1st day, that opened the floodgates for conspiracy aka thinking for yourself

If Sandy Hook was possible, then how about 911, holocaust, moon landing, monsanto, boston, london, copenhagen, paris and of course the FED

Deanna said...

Ognir, I do not consider your 31 points on the page that you referenced as hard evidence. Who are you that you can propose your speculative points while using profanity and calling others shills, a GOV SNITCH, pricks and other insulting vile names? Why should anyone accept you as credible any more than anyone else?

Deanna said...

You must mean Carver, the Medical Examiner who works for the state of Connecticut. Coroners are not independent; they work for the state or the county. They are notoriously corrupt. After all, they cover for the doctors who sign the death certificates of tens of thousands of people who die at the hands of their doctors every day. Absolutely, Carver was told what to say and has since concealed the results of the autopsy that he performed on Adam Lanza. He is a direct employee of the state of Connecticut, where numerous pharmaceutical companies are located.

Og said...

In this audio, your guest admitting to being a Government snitch, correct me if I'm wrong.

Where does he draw the line?

Og said...

what a red herring, big pharma

more nonsense, show me anyone in the alternative media pushing for their crap.

I need to see photos of vehicles we left on the moon before I believe.

Deanna said...

Provide the exact place in the audio file where you claim that he admitted to being a government snitch. Keith has an Internet track record and uses his real name. For all we know, you might be a Cass Sunstein-style infiltrator.

Og said...

DS said about me
"you might be a Cass Sunstein-style infiltrator"

open record on the internet since I woke up 2003-04

Ran ConCen for 3 years

100+ audios from 2007

A simple google search

Deanna said...

Under the name Ognir?

Deanna said...

Ognir, you are avoiding my challenge: Provide the exact place in the audio file where you claim that Keith Johnson admitted to being a government snitch.

Og said...

lol now I'm avoiding

was a Cass boy a minute ago

Ad-hom more nonsense

Poor Deanna, Sandy Hook has come down to defending Keith when we have real problems

Sorry need to move on

Deanna said...

Ognir, not up to the challenge?You posted your 31 points on December 16, 2012, at 05:01:01 PM and as you state "long before Fetzer and Halbig arrived." The language in "your" 31 points seems inconsistent with the language style that you have used in this forum. You must be a lot smarter than the rest of us who took much longer to address this issue. It took others a lot longer to investigate the situation yet you devised talking points within two days. You claim that Keith the "clown" produced ZERO information on Sandy Hook. He has created several videos that have addressed specifics, not just speculative statements.

air-ono said...

lol ognir the big truth teller gets busted
deanna asked you where did keith johnson admit that he's a snitch
you avoided answering her
then deanna rightfully said you avoided answering her
and your rejoinder was... "now I'm avoiding"
lol yes that's the very essence of avoidance
not avoiding would have gone something like this...
"well deanna you'll find his admittance at this point in the audio"
it's not rocket science

Anonymous said...

Ognir may have been referring to what Keith talks about 26 minutes in, of ratting out some military person who operated a website about Sandy Hook.

Anonymous said...

Anyone could be a Cass Sunstein-style infiltrator, whether using their real name and having a long-time presence, or not.

Sunstein is overrated, as he is just some Jewish academic who served in the Obama administration and put to paper what had already been carried out in a big way since the 1960s with Cointelpro.

Michael Collins Piper inserted that meme into the discourse to get everyone looking over their shoulder at everyone questioning the official story in a public forum, because Sunstein was fresh in people's minds as a useful boogeyman and, being Jewish, would bring out the particularly paranoid element in the "Jew-wise" "truth" movement.

Deanna said...

David Ray Griffin, a leading KOL of the “9/11 Truth Movement,” wrote Cognitive Infiltration, an Obama Appointee’s Plan to Undermine the 9-11 Conspiracy Theory, a response to Cass Sunstein’s argument for a new counterintelligence operation.

Griffin has been a guest on many radio programs with hosts such as Dr. James Fetzer, Kevin Barrett, Alex Jones, and has spoken at numerous 9/11 conferences, along with Dr. Steven Jones, Richard Gage, and others. People throughout the “9/11 Truth Movement” applauded Griffin’s book about Sunstein.

Strangely, and suspiciously discriminatory, some of the same people who praised and applauded Griffin for writing about Sunstein, now seemingly with collective memory loss, criticized Michael Collins Piper for also referring to Sunstein in his recent book, False Flags, Template for Terror. Such selective appreciation may function as a purposeful benefit or an indictment, depending on the agenda and the participants.

Piper quoted the Zionist propagandist Jonathan Kay, “Elaborate conspiracy theories now can be cobbled together literally overnight through the efforts of hundreds of scattered dilettante conspiracists. Another result
is that conspiracists all around the world now tend to focus on the same few dozen talking points that figure prominently on the top websites.”

Deanna said...

On September 1, 2010, InfoWars had an article about the book. See On Wednesday, October 5, 2011, I interviewed Tod Fletcher, a close associate of Griffin about the book. Griffin was unavailable at the time due to his health.

Og said...

At least listen to the audio

As of 24 min 20

He openly admits snitching to the military and the cops

So he MADE A JUDGEMENT call to inform on people on the Internet lol must be his 17 years lie-detecting

If you listen as of 20:45 minutes, he was drolling wanting to call employers to snitch on their employees.

So I called him a Gov. snitch, tell me where I'm wrong

Og said...

As of 26:10 in his own words, he seems to have call the military (government) several times but he will only talk about 1 captain working in cyber-security in this audio.


From lie-detecting to having such access deep in the military, tell us more

Deanna said...

Calling an employer, though questionable, does not make him a Government Snitch which implies that he is working for the government. That constitutes disinformation on your part and calling an employer is NOT "snitching to the military and to the cops."

Og said...

What is more interesting to me is to know about all those other calls Keith snitch on to the cops and the military, i.e. the government.

So if this guy decides for whatever reason, without any courts and or lawyers, that you are a whatever, he will rat you out, even if he's the nutty one.

Og said...

Would it be possible to read the correspondence with Tmoser as the link he provided to googledrive doesn't work.

Are there other people out there that have complained about either gentlemen and or directly to DS?

So Keith has been acting as judge and jury, who needs a middle man eh?

Deanna said...

Ognir, the fact remains that you are using ad hominems to denigrate Johnson instead of addressing the specifics that he presented in the radio program.

Og said...

Sorry DS, he acts as judge and jury, a law onto himself and you got his back 100% it seems.

This guy has made an unknown number of calls to different government agencies, reporting an unknown number of Internet users, based on what?

Are some of his calls still ongoing and that is why he only spoke about the one captain.

Glad you trust him as I don't.

As for Sandy hook

1) No photos
2) Dead kid's photo in Pakistan
3) Portable toilets
4) Calver
5) Cnn interviews

Deanna said...

I have said numerous times on my program that I do not endorse every single statement that a guest makes. I invite a wide variety of guests who share their views. Certainly two hours is insufficient time to include all that a guest would like to present. The listeners may select what they wish to believe and then further investigate the work of the guests as their interests demand. I do not have Keith Johnson's back or anyone else's. However, I believe in being fair and objective and sticking to the issues without name-calling or in falsifying information about a guest or anyone else or their activities/behavior outside of what we discuss on the program. I have invited individuals on my program who have different views of SH but some of them have declined. That invitation remains open. It is astounding that people in the "alternative" media verbally attack anyone who has an alternative view. Initially, I naively believed that this environment was open to rational debate and objectivity. Sadly, I was mistaken. Once a consensus has been established, all other views are ignored and viewed as unacceptable. I am interested in the truth - not in what is popular as defined in the talking points which never deviate despite the fact that most of them have been addressed, explained and debunked.

Anonymous said...

Just have stated before that you never bought the government's official story 100%.
Would you care to elaborate? Just a couple of points would be sufficient.
Maybe that would establish common ground for discussion, but please don't respond with "I covered that in my book."

Unknown said...

The biggest contributor to American Free Press was Bart Van Ness of Deal island, Maryland who admitted publicly on a podcast interview that used to be on the afp website that he used to work with the Maryland state police intelligence did is ion in operations against the Kkk, the Minutemen, and the National States Rights Party----al targets of the ADL. In conjunction with two others, Van Ness promised to put AFP back in his Wil for his estimated 600,0000 fortune if michael collins piper was fired from AFP. Here is the interesting twist . .. Van Ness said Sandy Hook was a hoax but he believed children had died there. He tried to get AFP's victor thorn to write stories saying that Adam Lanza WAS the shooter under CIA mind conttol, but Thorn wouldn't do it, saying the particular story Van NESS was Dae oted to promoting was bunk. As far as Keith Johnson and afp are concerned, it was visiting tor thorn who hired on Keith Johnson as an afp rrporter, and Michael collins piper didn't even know that thorn knew johnson! Piper was forced out of the afp office by Elisabethe carto in 2003 and was not the big power that people like bollyn and his acolytes claim. Aside from Elisabeth carto, the real power at afp today is Pete papaherekles, who has a history of taking courses in scientology and, in his words, "working around" scientology headquarters in washington, dc. So if afp is a shill organization, and since papaherekles, who is an outspoken advocate of the belief that Sandy hook was a hoax, that means then that one of the top shill organizations, that is, AFP, is being run by someone who says Sandy Hook was a hoax. Now, sort all that out if you can. The big government agent michael collins piper is living crippled without health Carr and no income, survivin on small donations.

Og said...

DS is fence sitting

Deanna said...

I have made numerous statements on my radio programs and have a page with many links for those who sincerely wish to see "a couple of points." Please visit Deanna's Sandy Hook Research and Notes:

Anonymous said...

Blogger Deanna said...
I have made numerous statements on my radio programs and have a page with many links for those who sincerely wish to see "a couple of points." Please visit Deanna's Sandy Hook Research and Notes:

May 16, 2015 at 3:39 PM


"I covered that in my book."

Og said...

More nonsense DS

Your audio from 14th dec 2014

You and your shill friends had great fun calling people that ask questions, Hoaxers.

People that make utube video asking questions - Hoaxers

Ad Hom attacks on Wolfgang, yet on 12-16 May 2015, it was me with the Ad Homs

DS get off the fence

You are either 100% behind government snitch Keith or stop talking for him, let him talk for himself.

Og said...

May 12, 2015 at 8:51 AM
+6h my time

Where was i wrong?

Tiffany said...

Tiffany said...

Just getting started on your book, Deanna. Thank you again! Its been a very interesting read so far.

Oh and btw I'm going to be on a round table next week with Shelia Mathews, I'm really excited.

Take care.

Og said...

Who has been pushing ????

Top left
Photo hundreds of children
Case Closed

Does DS support wade 100% as well?

Tiffany said... email me please.

Tiffany said...

Strongly agree. The least open minded "open minded" people in society sometimes.

Tiffany said...

No, he fuels his own fire. Trust me.

Og said...

Those screenshots seem genuine

Seems poor Tiffany had to deal with some seriously mentally ill folks, acting like crackpots.

My questions for DS

1) When did you receive emails from Tiffany
2) Have you reviewed all the images?
3) Would DS like to talk about some of the nasty comments posted by Monsieurs Wade & Johnson

Og said...


Unknown said...

Well that was embarrassing...for Ognir! Been out of the game for awhile have you?

Poor Deanna, having to fight these lunatics.

Tiffany said...

What was embarrassing for him, Id say its more embarrassing for Keith. But he will never cop to it. Very cowardly.

Og said...

I think DS has some serious questions to answer after pushing these 2 guys

I addressed this issue in an audio a few days ago

After coming into some new information, I will be making a follow-up on Sandy Hook
as soon as my guest shows up