Thursday, June 11, 2015

Logistics 101: Where Does ISIS Get Its Guns?

While many across the West play willfully ignorant as to where ISIS truly gets their supplies from in order to maintain its impressive fighting capacity, some journalists have traveled to the region and have video taped and reported on the endless convoys of trucks supplying the terrorist army.
Were these trucks traveling to and from factories in seized ISIS territory deep within Syrian and Iraqi territory? No. They were traveling from deep within Turkey, crossing the Syrian border with absolute impunity, and headed on their way with the implicit protection of nearby Turkish military forces. Attempts by Syria to attack these convoys and the terrorists flowing in with them have been met by Turkish air defenses.
Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) published the first video report from a major Western media outlet illustrating that ISIS is supplied not by “black market oil” or “hostage ransoms” but billions of dollars worth of supplies carried into Syria across NATO member Turkey’s borders via hundreds of trucks a day.
The report titled, “‘IS’ supply channels through Turkey,” confirms what has been reported by geopolitical analysts since at least as early as 2011 – that ISIS subsides on immense, multi-national state sponsorship, including, obviously, Turkey itself.
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Unknown said...

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WHOOLI said...

VT Saxon, You are wrong. Uncle Sam sends the guns and ammo by way of the military supply bird.

Unknown said...

Whooli ,,, the funny thing is we all know were there are coming from , I guarantee that 90% of the great patriots here are x military like me. I myself don't want the Jewish mindcontrol to win. All our military family wants the best for our children and our heridarity secession. If that means promoting white christian values I am in!!