June 03, 2015

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2015.06.03

Massive Inflation Has Begun

-Obviously, the Saltlick, a barbeque joint in Texas, isn’t aware we’re headed toward a cashless society; they are a strictly cash only business. Good for them!
-Getting around the gold laws way back when, when it was illegal to own gold; just send it out of the country
-Who told President Johnson not to seek office in 1968?
-In order to be put into a prominent position in the government, one must have a dirty deed in the closet; Andrew explains
-Is Andy off base on the dollar? There’s a lot of people out there bashing it. Andrew says a cataclysmic collapse would simply not be profitable
-The 3 big financial rules which Andrew does not agree with
-Dooming the U.S. economy through healthcare; 3 trillion dollars a year are spent on healthcare
-Why does the FDA have to ask for public comments?
-Playing by the rules, having a nice life and being left alone
-TPP is NAFTA on steroids; what is the fast tracking all about?
-The Royal mint is selling fractions of 400 oz gold bars from today, with prices starting at 20 pounds.
The service is part of the Mint’s plan to open up the world of bullion trading, and aims to offer ‘quantities to suit all budgets’. All the gold will be stored in the ‘vault’ – the Mints storage facility, protected by the Ministry of Defense. Customers can buy and sell back to the mint as they choose. Andrew comments on this news
-Recently on this show Andrew told us about the one third rule from the Rothschilds and the real story behind the Aaron Burr/Alexander Hamilton duel. A listener asks Andrew to cite his sources for these
-The trouble starts in the bond market
-Is bitcoin neo-gold? Or would it snowball into fiat given the amount available is still in the hands of “humans”?
-Why Andrew wants to see the 28 pages of the redacted 9-11 report
-What does Andy think about putting a numismatic coin collection into a trust?
-If cash is abolished, isn’t it likely that silver and gold bullion sales would be outlawed as well ? Considering dollars represented silver and gold until the early 70’s, wouldn’t they have to be abolished together or not at all ?
-Why is China accumulating so much gold?
-A listener has noticed that red book prices are usually lower than fair values that Andy has commented on. Is Andy saying that red book prices are spot on? How is this possible given that it is published early and there are significant price fluctuations?
-Andrew’s top silver half dollar pre-1955 commemorative coins that are also good buys

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