July 03, 2015

David Duke Show 2015.07.03

Dr. Duke devoted the show to a discussion about the meaning of the Declaration of Independence. He read from Thomas Jefferson's writings, which decried slavery as a destructive evil, but also quoted Jefferson's conviction that whites and blacks could not easily live together under a single government. He also spoke about Robert E. Lee's opposition to slavery and his freeing of his own family's slaves in 1862, before Lincoln had even issued the emancipation proclamation.
He and Dr. Slattery then discussed the polarization of political issues as a means of dividing and conquering America by Jewish supremacists. Rather than acknowledging that human history around the world includes all sorts of injustices and suffering but also has seen steady progress from brutish conditions to one where people around the world enjoy unprecedented long life and prosperity, the Zio media has designated whites (and currently the subgroup of whites who see the Confederacy as part of their heritage) as a group with a history of no redeeming value, while the history of currently favored groups is described only in terms of noble struggles against victimization by whites.

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