July 05, 2015

Hot Off The Press: How The Israeli Government Subverted The Solidarity Movement

You call them Left Wing Jewish Liberals. I call Them *Mossad*.
Gilad Atzmon reports:
Two days ago, some invaluable information surfaced relating to the treacherous role of Jewish liberals in derailing the BDS campaign. A Ynet article disclosing the Israeli strategy relating to the pro Palestinian campaign disclosed the close links between the Israeli Government and the Jewish ‘pro’ Palestinian organizations. It revealed the manner in which both have been acting in concert to subvert this humanitarian discourse.


Thugnacious said...

I like that Atzmon constantly points the role of the Liberal jews in ruining the anti-zionist movement.

Unknown said...

Left, right, liberal, conservative, zionist, anti-zionist...

All just jews bein' jews... The sooner more people come to the simple conclusion that there are really no "good" jews when it comes to the general effect they have on everything around them the better.

Thugnacious said...

Yep, there is no good jews, its that simple.