July 24, 2015

Wesley Clark reveals on MSNBC : Dissident Internment Camps for the Duration of War on Terror

Delusional old sod.


Madpiltzer said...

They're just trying to scare us into keeping our mouths shut and slaving on.
At the current progress of cultural marxism, we are probably 10 years from the general public accepting (apathy is acceptance) such a degree of totalitarianism with nothing more than a few feel-good marches and internet outrage.

reenie said...

That being said should we put all the people who support Israel over the USA in camps? I say Yes.

ovadiayosefgoybals said...

no we should put all the jews in camps
how are you going to tell who which ones support israel or not, ask them?
how do you know which of them are sayanim or mossad , you don't
they interned the japanese for much less surely we came make a case for interning all jews

also check out the shoah charles guiliani did about the jews behind the sedition act
they did it before they might try it again