Saturday, August 15, 2015

British petition calls for Netanyahu to be arrested for war crimes

Lets see if we can get this bastard to give up on Visiting the UK anytime soon.
Thousands of U.K. residents have signed a petition demanding the arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his war crimes against Gaza during last summer’s brutal offensive.
Given the large scale of support and attention, the U.K. government may be forced to publicly respond in the near future. The petition, filed on the U.K. parliament petition website, was apparently inspired by an upcoming visit to London for meetings with the government.


reenie said...

About time,a wish come true.

Unknown said...

What a joke. Let the Brits get rid of their Jew-ridden aristocracy and parliament first.

Unknown said...

The salvation of mankind lays only in mankind making everything the concern of all.

The salvation of mankind lies only in mankind making everything the concern of all.

Lays or lies?

Remember, we were told all that killing was done in self defence.

Those three Jewish boys that were murdered that kicked all this off, was never really investigated, was it? Abducted and murdered in the West-bank and blamed on some Palestinian group, peddled by the BS media, and Israel goes and commits genocide in Gaza.

I think the Brits are quite serious about keeping this war criminal out of their country.

rodin said...

Some brits are, but the gov media etc is not coz they are all Jews and/or pedophiles/pederasts with their past as a lever

Thugnacious said...

Oona Craig mentioned the British aristocracy, they intermarried with jewish bankers by the end of the 19th century, the current Prime-Minister David Cameron has both aristocratic and jewish banker family background.