August 05, 2015

Keeping the Plane-Theme Going: Hilarious Southwest Airline Safety Presentation

This is the full text version of this very funny but whip-speedy monologue of the Southwest Airlines flight attendant who got on the Ellen Show in April of 2014. I do this version for my deaf friends because the automatic closed captioning on the other videos is no good.
*You'd NEVER get a British Flight Attendant entertaining their passengers in this fashion!
(the flophouse)


Nona said...

I don;t think it's funny.

That blond bimbo talking about "putting on whatever like her grandmother puts on her bra."

1-there is no respect for the Elder women...the Wise Ones....and everything is a joke.

2- I'm a grandmother, and I don't have droopy breasts.

3- An older woman does NOT put on a bra the way the bimbo says.

foon1e said...

Everything *is* pretty much a joke these days. If you didn't laugh, you'd spend all your time crying...or getting "Offended", eh AG? Bet you're a barrel of laughs down the Pub!