Thursday, August 20, 2015

Spingola and Friends 8/20/2015

Deanna talks about Connecticut’s Psycho-Pharma Cover-Up and The Stacked Sandy Hook Advisory Commission, information from her book, Screening Sandy Hook: Causes and Consequences.
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Scorpio said...

Keep selling that book!!!
When is this horse-shit going to end ??
Deanna revels in the controversy and laps up the attention. Pathetic.

Og said...

I hope the legal department at Eli Lilly and Company don't listen to your latest nothing to do with SH audio.

So according to Deanna, one of their drugs gives you Diabetes and Eli Lilly have another drug called Humalog (Lispro) that will help you manage it.

Love when radio hosts talk about Diabetes, never specify which type as they are not the same sicknesses.


Scorpio said...

Excuse me, Michzel, but I could care less what you think. I tried to be cordial with you in the past but now I see you that are a blind to the obvious and a shameless apologist for Deanna's nonsense. You suddenly showed up on the scene two months ago and have painted yourself as some kind of expert researcher. Save your routine for someone else.

Anonymous said...

In Finland we usually call this kind of Phenomenon as "the ring of masturbators". But it can be named as "Delphi-environment" too. Yes, they are that themselves. Though they are pointing fingers to the other directions

foon1e said...

Wasting your computer cycles reacting to that Troll Scorp. Michzel has demonstrated on many comments now that he's in all likelihood "Controlled Opposition" to most of the stuff mami's puts out. Best to either ignore or spambox. But giving him the time of day is too much like a reward for him.

Og said...

Michzel for wasting my time, here goes

In the last DS thread, you tried to dismiss the idea of the SH funding sites set-up, 1-3 before the event. So you sent me on a wild goose chase to a site I strongly believe to be run by a CIA agent, CW Wade.

In his 15 mins video, he very selectively shows a few things but proves nothing. Did he discuss the 2 Microsoft engineers that certified the BING cache dates, didn't even mention them, as I said very selective.

Do me a favor and provide some details of when, time and day, telephone number, that I can call in to Deanna's show and discuss this issues directly on-air and save the poor users and admins of this excellent site with all this horseshite.


Scorpio said...

Ognir -Deanna is free to provide call-in details for her show but I strongly doubt that will ever happen. However, if it does, I will make sure to listen as she will be unable to deal with the self evident facts you would bring to the table. Keep in mind that her legions of trolls and Hitler fan-boys will be feeding her information in real-time via her chatroom. Most of the trolls on this site come directly from her - and that's a fact. All former credibility she once attained has since been destroyed. She thrives on the conflict and the dissent it brings.