September 08, 2015

The EU Immigration Crisis Explained - New World Next Week 9/3/2015


Unknown said...

I left this comment on corbett's YT channel:
Interesting to see Corbett mis-characterize white nationalists concerned about the deluge of migrants into Europe as having not made the connection between the refugee crisis and the chaos spread by their own governments in Africa and ME. Yes Mr. Corbett we in fact have always made this connection and have always opposed the overseas meddling leading to this crisis.

White nationalists are not and have not been supporters of these ongoing "wars to spread freedumb and dumbocracy etc" instigated by the ones ruling our nations. Corbett seems to have us mixed up with neo-cons. White nationalists are smart enough to see what geo-political actions are in the best interests of the survival of our race. Blowing up 3rd world countries is not in our best interests.

Our race is the minority on planet Earth and only our nations are the one's being targeted for disintegration via unlimited 3rd world immigration and forced assimilation - white genocide.

ovadiayosefgoybals said...

That is very good , obviously there are infiltrators and hasbarats in our movement that espouse this type of support to discredit us and sway opinion in favor of their agendas
so i wonder is Corbett just ignorant of the infiltration or is he deliberately pointing it out and not mentioning the origin of it knowing full well the implications

Unknown said...

I think Corbett is aware that what he's saying about WN isn't true. Watch how he delivers that line, I see a moment of mental dissonance. There is a strong anti-white rainbow-world element to his analysis, so anyone concerned specifically about the future of white people must be portrayed as evil or in this case, as clueless racists too stupid to form simple connections.

There are definitely a lot of kosher racists online that will use the word sand-nigger in the same tweet demanding we bomb Iran. They don't like niggers, they stand with Israel and they don't give a flying fuck about the future of white people. They are not white nationalists.

foon1e said...

And yet those same Kosher Racists seem to end up running and directing the actions of those same "White Nationalist" Organisations. Happened more than once in the USA from the KKK onwards. Same thing over here with the EDL being run from the Top Down by Jews. The kazarian (Non Semitic) *white* Jews that Rule Israel have their fingers in every white nationalist Pie out there. Your rank and file *might* believe the Hype fed them by their "leaders". But the Top echelons have long been infiltrated by those supremacist Jews - no matter what smoke screens are blown to hide the fact the whole WN scene is nothing more than yet more "Controlled Opposition".
If anybody *really* gave a FF about the future of white people, they'd be getting off their arses and getting involved in politics from the grass roots upwards. Defending their fellow whites from the immigrant infiltrations into their local decision structures.Getting into positions of Influence in Local and National Government. Getting into the structures of Law enforcement and Military service. Banding together in "Real Life", instead of whining like butt-hurt bitches in varied On-line pressure-relief Valve websites;designed to keep them at home and on-line where the Authorities know exactly where they are,instead of out in society changing minds and leading by example.
But, that's never what we see,is it? It's too difficult to get away from the Sport on TV, or the Porn on the web to actually consider doing something to change the status-quo. So we end up with an endless litany of armchair generals all pontificating on the bleeding obvious;rather than an army working together to take back their countries from all who have no historical claim to be in them.
Basically, as long as the USA still gives Israel all it needs to continue to steal land from it's rightful occupants;as well as blackmail all western Governments into performing The Jews social engineering schemes by accepting Migrants instead of turning them back at the borders of the countries they originate from? Then We're doomed to remain irrelevances within our own Countries. That's the real truth of the matter - no matter how long and hard the WN whining becomes.

Unknown said...

I don't consider any current organizations as having anything much to do with WN anymore. I put my faith in the millions of normal whites that are waking up every day in the face of this explicit anti-white system. They know they aren't being served by the current system and have no interest in joining the kkk or any other gov infiltrated and poisoned organization. They will begin to assert themselves politically and then things will change.

This global anti-white system is going to fall just like the Soviet Union. But plenty of doom and gloomers will keep telling us that the anti-whites are unbeatable. They aren't and we will make it through these dark times and create nations and societies designed so that we will never forget who we are again. Our enemies cannot forever run this scam of demonizing and discriminating against whites and yet depend on us to keep their anti-white machinery running.