October 03, 2015

Before Putin’s UN Revelation, Light Neocons Stab and Snarl

America is blessed in so many ways.  Why look at our Council on Foreign Relations as one shining example. The think tank so well endowed with brilliant diplomats and policy wonder boys is clearly the nucleus from whence US policy emanates. Case in point September 24th, a headline by fellow Stephen Cook that reads simply; “Syria: Let Putin Bleed.”
Oh my, we really have fallen this far!
Refugees  streaming  into Europe  by  the  tens  of  thousands,  American servicemen  and  women  deployed  far  and  wide  in harm’s way, and taxpayer billions flowing like water into the pockets of the military industrial complex, these tragedies are no surprise now. Think tank conjurers stirring a brew for war in Washington, why this is no news either. However commonplace the propaganda gets though, I never expected even mad doctors of Middle East policy to condone or recommend, blood should flow so freely as today. I never expected even a former Brookings Institute fellow, and a PhD doctor of disaster like Stephen Cook, to wish onto us all unlimited war. Reading his latest post on the CFR blog “From the Potomac to the Euphrates” I worry even more that Syria may well be, the mechanism of our demise. 

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