October 27, 2015

Caravan to Midnight Ep. # 398: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

John B. is joined by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. 

Show highlights include:
(1)  Dr. Roberts goes into a thorough discussion about neocons, their history,  just who they they are loyal to - and their disastrous effects upon world politics and international relations.

(2) PCR calls Susan Rice a 'stupid bitch'  and Samantha Powers a 'dangerous maniac' 
-  lol and lol



SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Cool Show Scorpio!! Thank YOU!!

Innocent Smith said...

Does he mention the word Jew?

Scorpio said...

^^ Too bad you didn't listen to the show before commenting, - lol

Innocent Smith said...

Gee. Sorry if I offended you by asking a question. Since when is a question commentary? And I have a right to ask that question based on every interview or article I have read with Mr. PCR.

I have now listened to most of it and have not heard it. Admittedly I became distracted with other things while listening to it. I don't have unlimited time or energy to listen to everything.

What I did hear was PCR's interpretation of what a Neo-Con happens to be. He failed in that regard. Yes, he did mention Trotskyites in passing, but Scoop Jackson was not a Trotskyite. Scoop Jackson was a Southerner who was losing the Jew engineered Civil Rights Revolution that overthrew the South and the North simultaneously. In other words, he fell into a Jew trap.

Today Catholics and Evangelicals also fall into the trap by supporting candidates who claim they are against things like abortion and homosexuality but are really only interested in creating wars for Israel.

Woodchuck said...

I heard PCR mention Israel and the word Jewish at least once, but John B got a lot of mileage out of the word Nazi and had one Hitler quote. Lol! I understand PCR has to dance carefully so as not to be tagged anti-semitic. He does mention Israel a lot in his books though.

Anonymous said...

Innocent Smith, he's already been attacked by the ADL for promoting anti-Semitism just for talking about Israel and neocons.

"Syndicated Columnist Paul Craig Roberts Promotes Anti-Semitism"

He's too big of a figure to bring it up directly. How about Lew Rockwell who censored PCR's assertion that 9/11 was carried out primarily for Israel?


My big criticism of Roberts is him continuing to hook up with Alex Jones, even when Jones was caught deliberately trying to trivialize an important point Roberts was making about Romney groveling to Netanyahu.

Scorpio said...

@ Innocent Smith - I wasn't offended in the least but if you had listened carefully, you would have known the answer. PCR clearly states that most neocons are indeed jewish and many of them are dual citizens and that all of them are closely aligned with Israel. He even mentions the concept of greater Israel and states his belief greater Israel was one of the primary reasons for all of the wars in the middle east. Nobody has this mess all figured out but a least PCR is being honest with the truth as he understands it. Very few, if any, people who held such high positions within the government speak so frankly. We are all on the outside looking in.

Woodchuck said...

Jason, I couldn't get your adl link to work, but here he is referred to as "Paul Craig Roberts, an anti-Semitic syn­di­cated colum­nist..." lol!