October 28, 2015

E. Michael Jones & Shahid Qureshi: The Debate - Propping up ISIL (October 27th)


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Innocent Smith said...

The big idea here is the exposing the covert. Covert warfare is asymmetrical in more ways than one. Consider the magazines, newspapers, radio, TV and movies that work as covert warfare against a population that has no clue what is being done to it. When an army wears a uniform its actions at least attempt to fight for a Creed. You know who is who.

Unfortunately, the Jew has developed and fed appetites that have even taken covert to the gutter. It is no longer necessary to even try to persuade in news articles with any kind of articulation to get society to work against its own interests. For instance, the porn star is now a Cultural Terrorist. So is all the mindless fluff on television.

To wear a uniform you must actually believe in something. That is the crux of the entire problem. The Jew has convinced society, which was built on Christendom, that there is nothing to believe in and no proper way to act in all areas of your life. This will continue ad infinitum until the sons of Christendom wake up.

All of you who admire Hitler and think we ought to go back to some kind of pre-Christian paganism will find yourselves right back to where you once were before Christendom. That is a band of warriors that hunts pigs in the forest. I suppose it was an honest living. But we have a better way, and it is still waiting for us anytime you want to climb aboard. It is the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ. It is the cure and answer to all of society's ills.

Your other choice is to live in heresy which amounts to trying to do the right thing with just the portion you feel comfortable believing in. It truly is an all or nothing proposition.

I believe in uniforms because I believe in Creeds. And there is only one Creed that should control all others. If you want to start slowly, I am cool with that. Rome was not dismantled in a day. It will take much time to build it back up. But the first thing that must be done is to have a bio next to each writer that states authentically what he believes in so you can read, or view his material armed and not fall victim to some kook or nefarious actor.