October 31, 2015

Negentropic Chronicles Ep. 7

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Negentropic Chronicles is dedicated to Kenneth Ray Kirkham (1952-2014) of Kenny's Sideshow

A View from the Bog


rodin said...

Part of the reason the media intentionally puts out news-stories that can be debunked, and some rather easily, is to create as much unresolvable trauma and unresolvable conflict as possible in the collective unconscious of the public: different levels of trauma and conflict for different levels of intelligence and development in background skills to deal with this trauma and conflict. http://kennysideshow.blogspot.ie/2014/09/steven-sotloff-beheading-site-and-rita.html#comment-form

Very perceptive.

I find your output aurally appealing, the only problem being the shows are so long I have to listen to them while sleeping. I have a question for you.

What shape is the Earth?

Negentropic said...

Thanks, but my reception of that per-cept-ion that registered as per-cept-ive to you involved a relay from Lenon Honor and K-ham (of the Fakeologist site) who themselves probably perceived it through de-signs and new signposts left in the wilderness before them by Jung and Horney and Rollo May and Laing and Milgram and many other psychologists and researchers. I am currently reading "Age of Manipulation" by Wilson Bryan Key, a close colleague of McLuhan. So most of the stuff I read will be from that book, which is an absolutely crucial book for all "troofers" to read if they want to put the "u" and the "th" back in the term and get back to the "root" and "ruth" of things.

The shows are long and sometimes friggin marathons because I don't see the point of splitting information up in separated and boxed "cat-e-gories," just so people can listen to 8 shows of 1 hour each, instead of structuring their own mini-series from one long show. I think a very important part of learning things properly is to try to never categorize things too strictly. To me all processes are interrelated all the time, especially those that try to establish new signs in the mind, new roads to follow, new dots to connect, etc.. The shows are mostly compilations or highlights of other stuff I've listened to and the way that my own mind is currently structuring the "truth seeking process" for myself as more than a verbal process, involving all metaphors and symbols available to our senses. Of course, I can only put the audible in verbal and musical language and other assorted noises on audio but I like what surreal imagery has to tell me also and sometimes I post these on the show notes page at DIF.

Take poetry, for example. Why is the work of an alcoholic gutter poet like Charles Bukowski which puts the black-humor into depressing subjects as important to me as that of Shakespeare or scientific work? If I'm just a dumb-ass who likes scatalogical clowns, then why did so-called celebrated Marxist intellectuals like Sartre also praise Bukowski? Why did it take a poet like Ezra Pound to grand-father the entire modern truth movement? Well, expansion of knowledge is always expansion of metaphors and symbols that can never fully be the reality the represent and poetry is stretching at the limits of the box of linguistic legislation of each era of e-vol-ution (energy for voluminous change). The technique of poetry puts verbal language in a different state closer to music in some ways and music itself is a necessary human method of mind expansion or metaphor expansion through intelligent structuring of sounds. Each type of music is its own philosophy or way of being, apart from any lyrical content, created by brains to massage and message other brains. I've never listened to music for lyrical content. The lyrics not being in the way of the music is what I require and any lyrics that do touch some poetry or new verbal outposts of abstraction are only an added bonus, never the main nutrient. In this episode I was more into hard rock and heavy metal music because those are the sign-posts I grew up following when I was in high-school. Later I became obsessive about searching for these non-verbal states of higher abstraction to find different signposts, new de-signs, new signifiers that unified at a higher point of view after some initial neurosis or unbalance and made new pieces of the puzzle available to fit into the grander project of so-called growing from the inside out, the esoteric road.

Negentropic said...

(continued . . . )

I have no idea what shape the earth is. I have a globe that looks as round as a soccer ball, tilted at an angle, sitting in my library that I bought for 2 bucks from a garage sale. That's what I've been told it is since I descended into my present bodily form. NASA tells me it's a round ball; official science that supports NASA 100% tells me it's a round ball. But NASA are a bunch of proven fucking liars and con-artists and official science is worse than idiotic for backing up the work and declarations of a bunch of disgusting charlatans.

So, my position on the issue of the so-called "shape" of the "Earth" (whatever what means) is certainly not the official NASA garbage nor the official scientific backing of NASA which you subscribe to since you had to in order to get a degree in science, nor "flat earther" like the Chewdy Food duped Dubay but "Ball Earth Skeptic" like John le Bon who does not push that fraud Wood (fraud because she bases an entire theoretical structure and fear-mongering propaganda on photos never authenticated as if images can ever be an accurate representation of anything prior to close examination to detect any and all alteration and doctoring). Unfortunately le Bon has other characters on his show that do push the childish nonsense of Wood.

Wood is the yardstick for me to smoke-out any and all limited-hangout clowns either of the direct agent or useful ego/idiot variety. Anyone dumb enough to push Wood, anyone who has no understanding of why images are not evidence of anything prior to authentication, is not worth my time.

Erik Paul said...

Ah, but I'll bet you love Wood in the morning!

Unknown said...

Arghghgh, why do so many truth-tellers have to bury the truth with verbosity and bruise it with Sartre and Bukowski, arghghghgh.

rodin said...


rodin said...

Science can be tested.

Flat Earth in under a minute


rodin said...

Longer version 2 minutes


Negentropic said...

Quite not, NASA boy. Not even close. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5i_iDyUTCg

I already told you to go face-to-face with le Bon or Dubay on a proper audio but you & your NASA/Freemason-approved Ph.D. both chickened out & 2 minutes & total arrogance in NASA & "official sigh-ence" worship is all you have to give against two hundred questions? You can't even come up with a single non-doctored photo of your basketball "earth" and you talk about "testing" science? To "test" anything, first you have to acquire some test-icles. Big and hairy ones preferably. Didn't your momma ever teach you that part?

I can specialize in 2 second brain farts too. But my evening wood has me convinced that pissing clowns off with 10 hour audios & week-long Bukowski & Sartre references is sooooooo much more fun. lol

rodin said...

The "photos" are actually screenshots from the side mounted camera on this amateur rocket launch. Perhaps you think the entire thing is CGI? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQw_C5KLhFM