October 25, 2015

The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt 2015.10.25

Robert Reyvolt

Kyle speaks to Robert Reyvolt of Incendiary Radio about controversial topics.

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rodin said...

Flat Earth? I watched the last lunar eclipse and the Earth's shadow was circular. The silly arguments about light visible over the horizon - that is only possible when there is air temperature variation lensing. As for not feeling the motion, that is because we are travelling in the frame of reference of the Earth. As for water flowing to lowest level, that is due to gravity, the oceans stick to the surface. (Whether its is push or pull gravity no matter, same effect). I have an open mind, but also a PhD. Maybe you guys should actually learn real physics before mouthing off with authority on stuff you just do not understand.

rodin said...

Einstein fraud science was to deny the aether, which is where your supernatural resides on a scale too fine for atomic-structure probes to directly detect. The communication from spiritual to material (atomic) can only be one way, S to M, and that by generation of sub-harmonics IMO. Hence yo must "ask" for manifestation....

Erik Paul said...

Not only do these poor fools lack an understanding of physics, they apparently know nothing of the geometry of Nature.

Question: l scratch a triangle in the dirt. How many triangles have l actually drawn?

Answer: Four

Can you explain?

rodin said...

Flat Earth Debunked - for Kyle


Unknown said...

The Jews are taking over western civilization and you guys want to talk about the flat earth society . lmao.

Paul Von Tyrant said...

I agree with Mr. VT Saxon.

WWS said...

I've been often told that we must
accept the good with the bad, and
conversely, the bad with the good;
but, this flat earth bullshit far
exceeds such chestnuts of yore.

Bad thinking is as much a kikejew
tool as any ADL/$PLC infiltrator.