October 05, 2015

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.10.05

Strange Anomalies on Mars

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Anonymous said...

What if the people on Mars live below the surface? Apparently they destroyed the planet with nukes just like humans are about to do. Then they would have to go underground just like the elite have underground bunkers built.

Unknown said...

Really Javari? Sheesh, the weirdos here! :rolleyes:

Colin said...

YEAH all red heads came from mars too, and made their fortunes inventing the MARS BAR.

Unknown said...

Rodney Martin has been slandering you on his site. Claiming your milking SSDI saying you're a blind man. Any truth to this Charles?

zapoper said...

A low blow from BS Martin. Charles is legally blind and if he gets benefits from the government, then more power to him. We all paid more than enough into that Jewy scam.

Woodchuck said...