October 30, 2015

Why I Believe In Jesus Christ



Unknown said...

only a jew would say why i beleive in a thing like jebus christ....jfc....nat is a self hating jew and a deseption queen. wake the freak up. god fucking damnit all to hell. fucking gullible sheep get led to the slaughter and are happy about it. Hey...before i get killed can you shave my back? Thanx dude...now i don't itch so much. i shoulda been n a chamber with my bro nat. pos

Christopher Marlowe said...

Brother Nathaniel expressed his love for Our Savior Jesus Christ. Bro Nathaniel is one of the few who tells the truth about the Jews because he is not afraid. True Christians are not afraid of speaking the truth because they are not afraid of death or torture. A Christian believes that if he is killed for preaching the Good News about Jesus, then he will be a martyr in heaven.

Back in the days of Rome, the Emperors persecuted Christians severely, but they could not kill the faith. And the more the Church was persecuted, the more the Church grew.

A jew would never confess his love for Christ because Jews are opposed to Christ. Jews worship themselves. Bro Nathaniel has a Jewish heritage and was raised Jewish, but he has turned his back on the evil Talmud and all the other nonsense. Brother Nathaniel is a Christian.