Monday, November 9, 2015

David Duke Show 2015.11.09

Dr. David Duke Once Again Deconstructs the "Magic Negro" Ben Carson -- John Gage Joins in as well.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see Duke interviewing some fresh, younger voices, though he needs to dump Andrew Anglin as one of them.

It was funny when Gage said in his Radio 3Fourteen interview with Lana that people like David Duke were unresponsive and she immediatley said that she talked to him several times, including recently.

You have to be persisent, and it probably helped that it was her contacting him, as he may have already known about her, but probably not Gage.

Good that he managed to ultimately get in contact with Duke -- it's all about the connections.

Negentropic said...


I don't agree. Gage should have stayed away from Duke. I don't think allying with Duke has any benefits whatsoever for anybody, whether White Nationalist or just anti-Judaic and anti-cultural-Marxist. Every one of these newer-hatched White Nationalists from the past 3 or 4 years putting themselves under the ex-KKK umbrella of Duke is seriously flawed strategy on their part and they will pay the price, big time, when push comes to shove, in terms of propaganda. Gage is a really smart guy so I don't understand how he cannot see this. In his excellent Red Ice interview where he talks about his training in neuro-linguistic programming, Gage told Palmgren that he was contacted by the BBC & refused to do an interview because first it wasn't live, second he asked what other people they were interviewing & they told him members of the KKK and such. He refused because he knew perfectly well they intended to edit the footage to smear him & everyone else as extremists by putting them next to infamous Jerry-Sringer-show-type KKK people on Jerry Springer frothing at the mouth and threatening to murder the mixed-race babies of their daughters on National TV. Then the very next week Gage is on a show by the ex-Grand-Wizard of 1970's era KKK! Talk about not practicing what you preach and being naive. Duke is the most famous KKK figure of all time, bar-none, so it's hilarious to say that the KKK will smear my "good name" and then go on the show of the single most famous KKK-related person of all time.

Duke has nothing to offer to anybody but the 220,000 Moslems-did-9/11 Don Black slaves and suckers on Stormfront who already follow his every move. Not a single liberal or standard conservative or libertarian of any stripe believes for even one second that Duke has "reformed" himself and the chosen foreskins who own the media know this better than anybody else. He could become a Buddhist Monk tomorrow and people would still hold his past against him. The only thing worse than having been in the KKK image-wise as far as the average American is concerned is having been a child molester or serial killer and the WN's have that going on their side too with William Pierce dedicating one of his books "Hunter" to a real life WN serial killer of mixed race couples.

Anonymous said...

Gage also talked about NLP and how saying he's anti-supremacist, as a White man, makes people think that he's a supremacist, yet he went on to talk about being anti-supremacist.

The mass media is hypocritical, of course, still labeling Duke a former KKK member, when the late Sen. Robert Byrd didn't continue to be labeled as such.

Duke is used as controlled opposition at times, though I doubt as a direct agent, when he talks about documented evidence, and it is tainted by him being ex-KKK, such as with his Wolf Blitzer CNN appearance, or a Google search for various articles, like David Brooks' one, The Chosen.

I was saying it's good for Duke, not necessarily for Gage, as Duke had just been going on the same monologues and interviewing the same old people in Patrick Slattery, Adrian Salbuchi and Dr. Kevin MacDonald, though they all had good things to say.

I don't think it's a big problem to go on the show once or once in awhile (like Syrian Girl), but certainly if you go on there regularly, then it will start to taint you.

But even there, Dr. MacDonald has gone on there many times and not much is said about that, because you'd have to get pretty popular nationally before they could make much of an issue out of it.