November 16, 2015

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.11.16

Catholicism and the occult

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Anonymous said...

The first hour was actually about the Paris attacks.

Anonymous said...

In these events, we need to look at reoccurring patterns. We have regularly seen the pattern of ID magically appearing on the scene, with the passport on 9/11, the ID left in the car in Charlie Hebdo, and now the passport supposedly found on an alleged perp in this case.

22 minutes in, Charlie mentioned that a journalist reportedly on the scene, Julien Pierce (mentions he's a radio reporter), said that the attackers weren't saying anything, whereas other supposed witnesses said they heard them chanting Allahu Akbar.

With the Boston Marathon bombings, we have a journalist saying she was at the Marathon and an explosion took place halfway up the building, whereas the official story said the bombs took place on the ground, and video seems to indicate that.

With Dr. Stan Monteith's expert opinion as an orthopedic surgeon that Jeff Bauman was an actor, the reality of the whole event comes into question, and I see this case of contradictory statements as a repeat of the pattern, and I suspect that both reporters were in on it, in order to give the impression that there are honest journalists out there, reporting from a live scene, and that there isn't 100% media complicity.

It's like with 9/11 where there was contradictory claims from an FAA worker and his supervisor as to whether a supposed caller from Flight 93 said he was Ed Felt or Ed Wart. One of them said Ed Felt and the other said Ed Wart, and one of them said he heard Felt describe an explosion and smoke coming from the plane, but the other denies it, despite listening to the same call.

The purpose of these claims is to sow confusion, and to separately appeal to those who, through their confirmation biases, emotional pre-dispositions and other factors, will believe one side or the other where you can't reconcile all the claims being simultaneously true, and they will constantly be arguing in circles with each other.

Anonymous said...

911 operators, re: call from Felt, rather.

MaryC said...

I think Charlie is still carrying a lot of his Seventh Day Adventist baggage, the SDA's being one of the most anti-Catholic sects there is.

Unknown said...

I think he hates all religion equally. So do I

larry said...

I like Charlie but he's got zero idea what he's talking about when it comes to the occult

Unknown said...

Charlie is indeed carrying religious baggage...mostly the baggage of his believing that the Bible is God's unerring word. That Bible-thumping thing is a Protestant thing. The Bible was not used by early Christians as the sole "standard." Early Christians did not even have a Bible. They had a variety of texts and prayers and rituals that varied according to whether they were Greeks, Egyptians or Romans.

Charlie dismisses the NT's Jesus as just another racist Jew who supported the murderous OT. Jesus made a point of counteracting the Talmudic system.

Michael Hoffman (author of Judaism Discovered) has a lot of material on Catholicism...real Catholicism.

MaryC said...

"I think he hates all religion equally. So do I"

Maybe he thinks he does, but he's now spent weeks on Catholic related subjects. Also, he still parrots a lot of the tired old Protestant myths when it comes to the Catholic Church.