November 04, 2015

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.11.04

The Jesuits

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Anonymous said...

I called in from 16 to 48 minutes, talking about Arthur Topham's hate crime trial in Canada, and witting or unwitting controlled opposition with the London 7/7 bombings.

Unknown said...

Taxation of seniors' wages and the theft of their homes and savints accounts by the "Federally" reimbursed nursing homes is aimed at preventing a US "middle class" from evolving based on inheriting money from parents.

The miserly social security pensions are additionally "robbed" through gross(engineered)inflation that destroys savings and far exceeds the alleged "cost of living" increases.

The Jewish Central Banking System, aided by their "judeomasonic-NWO" military/christionzionist dupes, is destroying humanity.

Unknown said...

Geeewhiz. Jason was soooo WRONG to dismiss Bobby Fischer as "crazy." The Jews drugged Bobby Fischer!!! Anyone can be made to look and sound "crazy" whenever the "sayanim" or the "masonicblackopsgangstalkers" are given the order.

How can Jason pretend to be Jew-wise and simultaneously be naive about the ways that Fischer was persecuted? The Jews stole Fischer's stored belongings; they had him arrested whenever he traveled; he was slandered in public by hate-questions posed by "journalists" (Jews).

There is NO doubt that Fischer had drugs sprinkled into his food and drink without his knowledge. Fischer was a too intelligent, too credible, in revealing the "mischpucka's" crimes.

Read: "The Red Mafia" by Robert Friedman and "Supermob" by Gus Russo.

Scorpio said...

@Oona Craig - The easy way around that problem is to 'quick claim' the deed to the senior's house to one of the children before they go into a nursing home. Even better, take care of close relatives yourself if possible.