November 13, 2015

Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2015.11.13

Buddhist Studies teacher Brian Ruhe: I was fired after Zionist witch-hunt

Arthur Topham, publisher of Radical Press, is being threatened with two years in prison for publishing politically-incorrect anti-Zionist satire. But he isn't the only Zionist witch-hunt target in British Columbia!

Brian Ruhe
Brian Ruhe writes:

"People have asked me where is my fall schedule of meditation courses. Members of a powerful Zionist organization (B'nai Brith) openly state that they contacted Capilano University and four Vancouver Community Centres in order to have me fired from teaching there. They succeeded and I am now unemployed after teaching for 17years at the Roundhouse and False Creek community centres. This is a loss for spreading Buddhist meditation and it's a financial hardship for me. I ask for your support at this time as I adjust. I have a fund raising drive on the Indeigogo website...

"I still intend to teach meditation and lead retreats privately where my employers cannot be as influenced.You can volunteer to help in organizing this too. I also want to make a change to benefit more people so I have started my own talk show on YouTube using the amazing technology of Google Hangouts on Air which makes an instant YouTube video from each interview. I want to interview great minds all over the world on spiritual and truth search themes."

See: Brian Ruhe's youtube channel

In this interview we discuss "right livelihood" in light of the fact that neocons and Zionists can get you fired simply for expressing political opinions outside of the university; the relationship between Islam and Buddhism, and between spirituality and politics; and then offer somewhat different perspectives on World War II revisionism.

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Anonymous said...

They talked about Noam Chomsky, and how he makes suspicious arguments about 9/11.

Interestingly, Barrett says he knows someone who heard Chomsky say shortly after 9/11 that he knew it was an inside job, but that it wasn't worth pursuing. And in any case, as Barrett pointed out, Chomsky has essentially publicly said as much, that it wouldn't matter if it was proven that the buildings were taken down by controlled demolition, as it would just show that Bin Laden did it.

We don't need to prove that hearsay evidence true to see for ourselves how suspicious Chomsky is. As I have pointed out before, he makes the outrageous argument that the Bush administration (intended as misdirection by itself) couldn't have been behind the attacks, because if they were, they would've said the hijackers were Iraqi. As we see, they went into Iraq without saying any hijackers were from Iraq (though they did cite false intelligence about Atta meeting with Iraqi intelligence in Prague), and the claim of 15 hijackers being Saudi served a later, higher purpose of the redacted documents pinning blame on the Saudis and away from Israel, as we have been seeing in the past year, especially.

He also acts like a pompous elitist when he asks what credentials do those questioning the official 9/11 story have, and asking what peer-reviewed journals they've published in. Being in academia, and having myself seen him in interviews lament the increasing exclusion of his sorts of ideas from the mass media over the past few decades makes him out to be acting stupid, intentionally.

Negentropic said...


Chomsky has kept a huge segment of leftists from pursuing 9-11 truth. They all follow whatever that gnome says. He's there to gatekeep people like Sean Penn and Eddie Vedder and Roger Waters. People who are pro-Palestinian and anti-apartheid-Israel (at least on the surface like Chomsky pretends to be) but accept (or pretend to accept) the official party line on Arabs did 9-11 (and also, of course, it goes without saying: the planes were real & all the victims were real).

Then you have people like Sean Stone, Tyrel Ventura and Charlie Sheen, the few Hollywood connected guys who go on Alex Jones and RT and some of these channels. Sean Stone (didn't he convert to Islam? lol) even went as far as interviewing Christopher Bollyn, who does claim that Israel did 9/11.

So, basically what Zion Crime Factory was pushing 2 years ago is what Sean Stone, the son of Hollywood royalty is also exposing today. That's how mainstream the Bollyn/Real-Planes & Victims/Israel-did-it line is today. That's how unscared they are of that line of gatekept investigation as I've said for 4 years.

None of these guys pushes the Media Fakery modus operandi of 9/11, not even as far as the planes were fake, the rest was real, directed energy weapons & nukes were used, the Judy Wood and Jim Fetzer lines of limited hangout bullcrap.

The rubber will never hit the road on 9-11 until all of these guys understand that, just like Sandy Hook & Boston, and just like the Moon Landing Hoax (which Stone has also done shows on), 9/11 was done through Media Fakery and full media complicity.

September Clues Addendum

Anonymous said...

They also mentioned David Icke, but said that David Icke really meant literal lizards when some of his organized Jewish community detractors said he meant Jews.

Actually, he himself meant lizards as a metaphor for Zionists, though Zionist Jews feature most prominently, but when he talked about the Royal Family of England and the Bushes being lizards, they're not Jews, though they are Zionists.

Icke is deliberately BS'ing people, since in the documentary mentioned, David Icke, the Lizards and the Jews, from the Secret Rulers of the World, Icke admits that he thought it was all fanciful, when people would allegedly approach him talking about shape-shifting lizards, and it's clear that he never saw any himself, so he just realized one hell of a PR opportunity to have fame and fortune, and he ran with it.

It's obvious BS when taken literally, because he's teasing people and revealing it's BS when he literally claims they are from the constellation Draco, which means dragon. What the hell are the chances shape-shifting lizards would come from a particular constellation, and one that just happens to be named after dragons?

It's a metaphor for Zionists, and he should apologize for deliberately muddying the waters.

Good that Erskine of Erskine Overnight called him out on it without mentioning his name (though it was obvious he meant Icke, as his guest realized). It just muddies the waters, even if Icke isn't a deliberate disinfo agent, he is no threat, as is at the very best evidenced by him being a regular guest on the Jewish Zionist chauvinist disinfo show, Coast to Coast AM.

Anonymous said...

12 minutes in, Barrett talked about how Iranian-controlled Press TV just robotically changed all of his references from Jews to Zionists, even when it didn't make sense in context.

Press TV is definitely a controlled opposition operation, so no surprise that someone who is a very toxic individual here who threatened DMCA complaints against this site is a regular guest on there.

1776blues said...

Barret says he disagree that Jews stated communism. What rock has this retard been under? I guess the Jews who admit must be wrong. Sometimes I wonder if Kevin is ignorant or he's trying to pacify the Jews to get back in good grace with him. Then again, he is a anti-white white Muslim. How much more twisted can a libtard get than that mixture.