December 20, 2015

2015 - False Flag News - Year in Review with Dr. James Fetzer, PhD and Activist Angel 12/18/2015
 Dr., Jim Fetzer summarizes the top 10 False Flag 2015 events, third year observance of Sandy Hook shooting hoax and disturbing announcement that False Flag researcher, Dr. James Tracy was terminated from his position as professor at Florida Atlantic University.

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1776blues said...

Just a reminder who Fetzer was associated with, despite his removal from VT he still associates with Kevin Barrett a white Muslim, a liberal, and a anti-white white man.

Back in 2012 Gordon Duff was speaking to Mike Harris about how he is a self-hating jew, why he needs to put out 40% disinformation on Veterans Today, and how much he hates White people.

Scorpio said...

Has anyone ever looked into Duff's background to see if his career claims are true: He was a professor, a cop, special forces combat veteran, intelligence agent and psy-ops expert... and those are just the claims I can remember off-hand.

Amanda said...

@1776, fwiw, JF and KB are more than done with each other. They used to do a show together (False Flag Weekly News) and it was increasingly apparent that they had major problems and differences of opinion. The producer of the show posted a explanation of what happened here:

Erik Paul said...

I've heard that Duff's name is fake. There was a prominent wealthy family a hundred+ years back whose surname was Duff-Gordon and I've wondered if it was a play on that name.

BTW, Lady Duff-Gordon was on the Titanic. And yes, you moronic "fakeologists" it was the Titanic and not the Olympic or Gigantic. And it accidentally struck an iceberg.

Blindlight said...

SO, a person is a race traitor if he becomes a Muslim? I like Fetzer. I too have determined that Duff and Barrett are very compromised but not because they don't worship at the cult of whiteness
By the way, you are not necessarily anti-white if race ideology doesn't consume your 24/7. People that so obsess and therfore throw out the teerm over and over identify themselves as likely white supremacists when they do
Of course they never know it cause all their friends are the same way.
As far as Fetzer, I see him caught in the Jewniverse mindset with a red pill stuck in his throat. He spends way too much time getting the Jew media to acknowledge fake events they caused which Fetzer doesn't acknowledge is Jewish. I don't see that as compromised, but blinded