December 14, 2015

Incendiary Radio with Robert Reyvolt 12/13/2015

Robert discusses many important topics with John Kaminski, and John Friend.

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Amerikaner said...

Since the race 'problem' was brought up a lot on this particular show, I think everyone should understand race as such: Race and races exist. Most certainly. But 'race' is NOT about purity. It is about common sense. For example, a White man such as the late great Michael Collins Piper was 1/16 Amerindian. So what race is he? He is surely still WHITE. And that's what he IDENTIFIED with. He said so on his radio show years ago. Another example: In NS Germany, if a German happened to have say, just ONE Jewish grandparent, but he spiritually identified as a WHITE GERMAN, then he was considered as such by the Reich. Liberals try to get us to believe races don't exist AT ALL 'because nobody is really pure'. That is just their pathetic attempt at trickery though, as I have demonstrated sufficiently enough I believe. And also, to understand the Jewish thing better, one might take the approach of Francis Yockey or Julius Evola. That is, the idea that 'race' has both a biological AND spiritual component.

LCR said...

I like John Friend but he needs to learn to encapsulate his talking points. He drones/whines on and on unnecessarily before getting to the point. Just my .02.

Negentropic said...

San Bernardino Woman Didn't Hear Any Shots During Alleged Shooting

John Friend interviewing a woman that lived across the street from the alleged "shootings" in San Berdoo.

More John Friend interviews with people in the neighborhood where the supposed "shootings" occurred.

None of the people he interviewed reported hearing more than 3 shots, even the guy with the moustache who says he saw "bodies" being removed from the scene says he didn't hear any shots and there were supposedly 200 or more rounds fired! lol

Barring being able to check the dead bodies yourself or receive autopsy reports, this is the kind of investigative journalism that everyone should be doing in their general area (John lives over an hour and 40 minutes away from San Bernardino in San Diego) when there is some alleged "terror" event.

Unknown said...

I don't give a shit about false flags anymore. Shit if 9\11 or JFK didn't get any traction what makes you think anything else will.?

Negentropic said...


Persian Moslems, which very few people on Stormfront or any other White Supremacist or racialist sites would consider "White," were fully immune to the Nuremberg race laws. In fact, they started calling their country Iran (land of the Aryans) only after Hitler and the Germans insisted that they were the original Aryans and sent them 7500 books from the German Scientific Library that more-or-less proved it from every historical, genetic research and scientific angle. And yet, the idiots on Stormfront mostly don't like them and don't want anything to do with them, because of cultural differences, of course, and nothing to do with genetic origin.

They're all a bunch of hypocritical clowns, the bigger the site, the bigger the hypocrisy and multiple standards.

Negentropic said...

@VT Saxon

dis-traction - that which prevents traction

When a new PsyOp claiming death-&-destruction turns up on your door-step via the media, and internet sleuths of the more advanced Simon-Shack variety (or those hip to Media Fakery tricks like John Friend and myself, long before Sandy Hoax took it "mainstream you tube alternative," due to the long-time research of people like Shack and Hoi Polloi, who are mostly ignored by the you tube Media Fakery "superstars" and their sometimes huge, 80,000 or more, numbers of subscribers) have found reliable methods of identifying the falseness of the imagery information transmitted to you by this single most untrustworthy and controlled source in the world, this means that you can throw that particular PsyOp claiming its validity based on fraudulent evidence, in the garbage, shit-can it forever along with any fear and trauma conditioning attached to it, and move on with more important matters, no longer dis-tracted but GAINING traction.

This is because there is a respected principle of Roman law called:

falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus
false in one particular, false in everything.

"This principle of Roman law is still respected and has been appropriated by other disciplines. The concept is that if a witness has been shown to lie in one particular respect in a case, he is not to be trusted in anything else he says. This is why it is important for attorneys to impeach opposing witnesses in court: it discredits the rest of their testimony. The object behind the principle is to reject questionable testimony (even if it might be true) before accepting falsehood into evidence."

Notice, it's falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus, and NOT

verum in uno, verum in omnibus
true in one particular, true in everything

the backwards method of many conspiracy hobbyists, LOVED by all con-artists and liars and completely inadmissible in any proper court.

Negentropic said...

(continued . . . )

So, John is on the right track and the more investigative journalists follow John's glowing example, the better off the re-birth of American media, which has to come before the re-birth of American freedom and culture, will be in terms of health and integrity, when it inevitably arrives, as it has to, if the culture and the people who created the culture survive.

Don't let the pressure from all the "it was all done for real" except for the whodunnit part pushed by everyone from Alex Jones to all WN's (except for John Friend, Kyle Hunt, Sinead, Robert Reyvolt and a few others) get to you. Just be aware that the job of PsyOps is psychological manipulation and confusion through emotionally charged states, especially the state of fear and its escalation into paranoia. It is a battle won without physical fighting and before any physical evidence is even registered, in the mind, actually in the underwater iceberg of the subconscious mind and not the tip of the iceberg actually conscious and reasoning visible outside the water. Be aware of the concepts of dis-information and confusion at all times:

"The objective of disinformation is not to convince you of one point of view or another, it is to create enough uncertainty so that everything is believable and nothing is knowable. " -- Jim Fetzer

Fetzer should know better than anyone since he's engaged in limited-hangout disinformation spreading and bait-&-hook shilling himself. He goes all the way on Sandy Hook and post-Sandy Hook PsyOps, only to hook the same dis-info about 9/11 into the throats of the No-Planer factions, complete and absolute BS about "nukes" and "3000 dead." Fetzer's and Dennis Cimino's and Don Fox's "nuke" theories supposedly because "only nukes can turn the building into dust" are just the fear-mongering flip-side of the coin of Chewdy Food's DEW and beam-weapon theories.

Both theories are false because both theories ignore putting the horse before the cart of full image verification before running the race and the reality of Hollywood special effects and Media Fakery being utilized, since at least the faked Moon Landings and the Holohoax and the invention of photography in all major media deceptions, PsyOps and False Flags.

But I couldn't give a shit about Fetzer and Barrett or anyone else being proven an outright government appointed and paid shill, because why?

Because direct agent or useful idiot, the result is the same: dis-information or the making of engough confusion and undertainty so that everything is believab le and nothing is knowable.

Negentropic said...


And when nothing is knowable in the game of know-ledge, when you walk in darkness, you lose your balance on the ledge. You always walk in imabalance, from a position of weakness and stress, ready to fall at the slightest push from so much as a child or insect.

This is where you will be kept for your entire life if you continue to be manipulated by Psychological Operations that are hoaxed and insist, against all evidence or lack of evidence, that they were done for real except for the whodunnit part.

You keep yourself weak and off-balance by over-estimating the enthusiasm of criminals on a power-trip for shedding the life-blood of their "victims." They will usually trade that for the thought-blood of billions of brainwashed and imbalanced souls any day and always have.

larry said...

..the natural selfishness of human nature.This selfishness, instead of being eradicated, is daily strengthened and stimulated into a ferocious and irresistible feeling by the present religious education, which tends not only to encourage, but positively to justify it. People's ideas about right and wrong have been entirely perverted by the literal acceptance of the Jewish Bible. All the unselfishness of the altruistic teachings of Jesus has become merely a theoretical subject for pulpit oratory; while the precepts of practical selfishness taught in the Mosaic Bible, against which Christ so vainly preached, have become ingrained into the innermost life of the Western nations. "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" has come to be the first maxim of your law.- blavatsky

1melahat said...

On 9/7/15 at Patsy's Irish Pub in Laguna Niguel CA a 37 year old "white supremacist", Craig Tanber who was part of the Aryan Brotherhood gang fatally stabbed a 22 year old persian college student named Shayan Mazroei. Shayan lived in the street below mine on a hill and I could see and hear him come and go on his very loud Harley motorcycle. From my backyard with glass walls I have a direct view to his backyard where his family would throw several festive parties with loud persian music and dancing every year for the last half a dozen since they moved in migrating from Oklahoma via Iran. There is a mentally disabled teen boy who lives on my coldesac and Shayan somehow knew the kid's family and would take the kid on rides on his motorcycle. Shayan kind of had a James Dean leather and jeans style he emulated trying to look cool and he was and he was also a very kind young man from what I gathered and knew of him. On the night he was murdered he was playing pool with a older black man who he had befriended and they would hang out drinking and shooting pool at Patsy's on weekends sometimes. Craig Tanber was there on that fateful night with a lady friend who looked like and from the spelling of her last name was probably a "tribe" member. According to the testimony of the black friend the lady had seen Shayan at the bar before and always made deragatory remarks to Shayan like "get out of my country persian" and "I hate persians" even though Shayan had never said anything to the lady and was always courteous to others according to the husband and wife bar owners who also attended his funeral services. That night Tanber joined in the verbal bullying and somehow Shayan and him ended up outside the bar to talk man to man but like a coward Tanber, a convicted murderer, pulled a knife and stabbed Shayan then fled the scene but was caught two days later a Motel 6. Unfortunately he will not be tried under the hate crime statuette which would see him do more time in prison. I guarantee if Shayan was black it would be a hate crime and you would have heard about this on every msm nation wide. The irony as Negentropic stated is that Iranians have reverance for aryans and are proud to be part of the noble aryan gene pool no matter the purity of their aryan dna. I'm sure Iran's history was not something Tanber knew much about and if he knew then maybe he wouldn't have murdered Shayan.