December 09, 2015

Radio Wehrwolf - 12/8/2015

Dion speaks with author and activist Chris Fogarty. Author of Ireland 1845-1850: the Perfect Holocaust.They discuss the potato famine lie, the cover-up, the complacency of the Irish Government and Catholic Church, and more...

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1 comment:

blackbird9 said...

Greetings all,

Great show!!!

I can't help but wonder if this Asymmetrical Warfare gambit by the Zio-British wasn't the "sandbox" test for the later operations in Russia, The Ukraine and Turkey.

Interestingly, I just found out that pre-Donmeh/Young Turk Jewish Supremacist coup d'etat Turkey actually sent aid to Ireland that managed to get through.

"New evidence shows Turkey delivered food to Ireland during the famine"

Of course, I wonder if that didn't just infuriate the Jews more to give them more motive for "revenge" against the People of Turkey for daring to interfere with their plans.

- bb9