December 27, 2015

Spingola Speaks 12/26/2015

Deanna continues her discussion of Jim Fetzer's book, School drills in Illinois, Waste, Capstone, Template for Fetzer's FEMA Manual (Click Exercise Plan (ExPlan) or here (document), Deanna's SH Research, FAERS, new book, Wolfgang Halbig, the Hoax of a Lifetime, download here; Some notes from today's program.

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SatanicJewsClues911 said...

I don't give a Crap about Fetzer / Halbig or anyone else on this FAKE Shooting!

The Foundation of this Hoax can be built on H.R.5736 The "SMITH-MUNDT" Modernization Act of 2012

This LAW no makes it legal for the US Government to report "PROPAGANDA" as real factual events to the American People!
So fare under Half JEW Obama there has been 162 Mass Shootings in American.. Get Real!

FACE IT: Our GOVERNMENTS & Media are Occupied by the JEW,, The TRUTH is useless in a court of Law!

I was on the front lines in my State when the Wave of New ANTI-GUN Laws swept across America,,
The gun grab hinged on Sandy Hook and the Poor Children.. I also Noticed it was ALL JEWS in my state pushing for the Gun-Grab.. WE KICKED THEIR ASS 100%! We have more Gun Rights then ever in our State,, We even convinced one of the most LEFTIST Governors in the US to sign these New Gun Right Laws!! WE Did it, Not Fetzer, or Halbig!

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion also give us clues on whats going on!

Deanna is Pushing this Issue as if she is getting Payed or Forced to keep pushing the GOVERNMENTS story on Sandy Hook,, Mental Illness , Maybe?

Deanna is the perfect Mole Just as much as Fetzer & Halbig!
Sucker the people in for years, and then when the time is right, Use them as a Tool!

I don't buy this Divide & Conquer Bull Shit,,, Is Deanna/Fetzer or Halbig going to be by anyone's side when you need them,, Hell NO.. We are on our own!

Zeetip said...

Deanna never returned to the discussion stemming from Ognir's 12/20 podcast thread, answer the questions I asked her in my Dec 24, 2015 at 4:57 AM comment, regarding why she has four "adverse events" listed in her SH timeline which have no apparent connection to SH regardless of whether the reader is pro-joo-SH-narrative, or skeptic?

Perhaps Deanna will respond in this thread instead?

Meanwhile, Prof. James Tracy harassed with threats, email hack & obscene post card:

^ that's only the latest, coming on the heels of the Anti-Sandy-Hoax-Truth KOLs' satanic paymasters having orchestrated:

I expect any day/hour now to learn the story of the Anti-Sandy-Hoax-Truth KOLs' satanic paymasters' desperate actions to block the (now 2 days overdue) release of "The Life Of Adam", as thus far the producers, "Independent Media Solidarity" have been silent (AFAIK)! :(

BillyBob said...

Deanna is making the point.. which is going way over some tiny heads. Sandy Hook was "designed" to do exactly what it has done: Program the alternative media! Is the alternative media doing anything? , positive? negative? Nope - just chasing the snakes tail round and round, preaching to the converted! The elite's have unlimited capital, but they keep leaving trails to keep "morons" chasing the snakes tail! sandy hook - check, boston bombing check, ottawa (Wherein a terrorist with 37 bullet holes - counting exit and entrance wounds.. still charged on his feet), Charlie Hebdo, Paris, San Bernawherever.. check, check! Mom & Pop are in "fear" and their kids are making Youtube videos.. but is "AnYONe" doing anything? These false flags just ensure that "Nothing" is being done. America has oh so many guns, are they being used? There are so many alternative media dorks looking at Youtubes! But is anyone "doing" anything!?? The Sheeple "sheep" the "sandyhookers" do absolutley nothing ZEro! Good Work all!

Zeetip said...

Drew C: your logic runs in circles and your "point" is unclear. What action is it you're suggesting the satanists have succeeded in preventing the public from doing? IOW, what is it you believe the satanists DON'T want the public to be doing, exactly??

I'll paste the following comment over from Og's 12/23 TiU podcast discussion, trimming just a bit so not to repeat what's in my comment above already:


"[...] Anyway, it's a given that part of the satanists' agenda in their flipping a handful of once-reputable "Truther KOLs", perhaps bribing/blackmailing/coercing those who weren't already "deep cover assets"; is to WEDGE & DIVIDE the TM-- both the joo-wise and other-wise components, based on the TM "followers" allegiances to their favorite TM KOL personality(s) rather than their exercising independent critical thinking.

But it appears to me that all that's resulted from the satanists' "wedge the TM" campaign via their synthetically fabricated "disagreement over sandy hoax", is that their selected cabal of flipped "Anti-SH-Truth KOL" assets have become isolated & discredited has-beens; similar the fate of the '70s show Happy Days, after The Fonz "Jumped the Shark".

Even the satanists' boiler-room internet forum astroturfing flunkees who try to puff up the appearance of "support" by pooping-up sandy hoax truth discussions with fake "grass roots" comments supportive of the Anti-SH-Truth KOL assets' joospew, have been totally lame & ineffective, to wit:

^ ("Flowers Peaches's" comment) = totally bankrupt of any intelligent "content"; just pure ad-hom/name-calling joospew.

The satanists' frustration that their "Wedge the TM via Sandy Hoax" op has been a flop is palpable, as evidenced by their resorting to more desperate measures IE removing "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" from amazon after their 1-star "review" astroturfing campaign against the book was a laughably transparent failure; and their firing Dr. James Tracy from Florida Atlantic University in spite of his tenure there. [...]


separately, I noticed Delphi in some book cover artwork; purdy sure it's her at least,

reenie said...


Whats with all the a cold? You sound a little out of it to me.

Negentropic said...

@" FACE IT: Our GOVERNMENTS & Media are Occupied by the JEW,, The TRUTH is useless in a court of Law!"

Yes, the truth is useless in a court of Jew-law, but not useless in the court of public opinion from where Jew-law gets its psychological backing and support and lethal enforcement at the point of a gun. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that the media is not able to pre-manufacture fake "fear & terror" events at will, without bloodshed, without pressure from non-existent family and friends, and just by paying some B-movie PsyOp-department film-makers, actors with faked identities and those who sloppily and without shame fake entire identities of people who never existed from scratch on a computer, complete with faked background story and family.

Barring that lethal enforcement based on a certain psychological understanding and labeling of things under the what's "morally right" and enforceable category, in any proper court of law, all of these "terror events," and all the faked imagery purporting to tell the narrative of the "terror events," including 9-11, would long-ago have been thrown out using this principle:

falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus

False in one particular, false in everything.

This principle of Roman law is still respected and has been appropriated by other disciplines. The concept is that if a witness has been shown to lie in one particular respect in a case, he is not to be trusted in anything else he says. This is why it is important for attorneys to impeach opposing witnesses in court: it discredits the rest of their testimony. The object behind the principle is [b]to reject questionable testimony (even if it might be true) before accepting falsehood into evidence.

The legal principles of interrogating witnesses have been drawn into the task of evaluating historical sources. Just as a witness in court can be impeached by being shown to have lied, an historical source likewise loses much of its authority if its author can be shown to have deliberately falsified something--how can we trust an author concerning fact X when we know him to have lied about fact Y? Such an author may corroborate something a better witness says, but has forfeited our trust where he speaks without corroboration.

Faked 9/11 "firefighters" (just the tip of the iceberg):

Luke Rudkowski's face and name used for faked 9/11 "victim"

Alex Jones's face and name used for faked 9/11 "victim"

Lying traitor Willie Rodriguez's face used for faked 9/11 "victim"

Michael Rivero's (or someone who looks very much like a younger Rivero) face used for faked 9-11 "victim"

Only a small fraction of photo-shopped "victims" on 9/11:

Negentropic said...

(continued . . . )

One of many "dead firefighters" faked on 9-11:

Fire Department of New York Battalion Chief blatantly photo-shopped as a 9/11 "victim":

In Memoriam: Frederick C. Scheffold

Age: 57
Place of Residence: Piermont, NY
Location on 9/11: One WTC, Lobby of Marriott Hotel
Occupation: FDNY, Battalion Chief
Hometown: Bronx, NY

Where's his wife in the second image? Did she turn into a ghost or what?

Where are the complaints from the legitimate "firefighters" on the scene about this fraud and the many other like it?

Clues Chorincle 05 with Hoi Polloi and K-hammad: the 9/11 VicSim Report

Negentropic said...

@ "reenie said...

Whats with all the a cold? You sound a little out of it to me."

Take one of these a day and you'll never even sniffle again:

Take 2 or 3 or more whenever you feel the slightest headache or "cold" coming on and kiss them goodbye forever. Allimax is also the Joslin brand advertised on Rense and for some people Allimax works better. I always have plenty of both types handy:

Also, the slightest amount of sugar, even "evaporated cane sugar" and "fruit sugar" directly weakens your immune system. Maltitol and Stevia are the only non-toxic, non-immune-system weakening sugar alternatives.

Erik Paul said...

That explains it! I happen to know that maltitol is a sugar alcohol that, when ingested, produces an absolutely prodigious volume of gas.

Zeetip said...

Negentropic, I'm with you in the belief our calling out the satansts' array of FF/hoaxes like Sandy Hoax & their increasingly fast paced shooting/bombing/etc hoaxes-- swaying "the court of public opinion" is where it's at; not in the dead-end joodeo-masonic courts or joosh "investigative commissions"

^ LOL replace Wolfy with Delphi in that image, and replace the 911 whitewash commish book with the Sandy Hoax report LMAO :D

Anyway "truthers" regarding the satanists' hoaxes are "successful" in this joo-stacked system, when increasingly, J6P's reaction to their latest fake tragedy "event", is not believing a word they say; and consequently not for example, voluntarily handing over their guns, enlisting themselves or anyone they influence in the jooz' proxy army (aka US mil), not willingly accepting the latest police state measures, and for that matter not even hating/fearing on the satanists' hoax-event(s) patsy/targets who they seek to trick the public into hating/fearing.

But i'm disinterested in all your 911 fakery links which I've often seen you paste into unrelated comment threads, for the same basic reasons I outline here:

On the forthcoming "The Life Of Adam" docu, I noticed someone at MHB pointed to a youtube comment saying the docu would be released within a day or so,

"Hey everyone….quick update. No one is hurt or anything, just a minor set back. This should be up late tonight at the very earliest, or within the next day if not. Cheers all!"

Zeetip said...

wow, Deanna was apparently involved in the 9/11 Commission Report somehow too,

BillyBob said...

Wow that was some amazing "proof" that Deanna was involved in the 911 Commission Report! That's all the "proof" You trolls need I guess!

Zeetip said...

^ Drew, you forgot to enlighten the rest of us plebs, trolls, & degenerates with your version of twoof re: "What action is it you're suggesting the satanists have succeeded in preventing the public from doing? IOW, what is it you believe the satanists DON'T want the public to be doing, exactly??

Zeetip said...

Deanna SPINgola & Keith J'stein have another SH-Truth docu to re-bunk now, "The Life Of Adam." Although if KJ's FAILURE TO DELIVER on his >1 year ago promised comprehensive re-bunking of "We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook" is any clue; I won't be holding my breath for his or delphi's re-bunking this one from the same producers (Independent Media Solidarity).

tyrannynews says:
December 28, 2015 at 2:20 PM
This just went live. Please accept our apologies for delaying this release and for not being accessible in the interim…

tyrannynews says:
December 28, 2015 at 2:25 PM
Of course you might want to watch the stream on our website in case this YouTube source gets taken offline…

Alternate sources already in place.

^ it's 1hr 57 mins.

Negentropic said...

@" But i'm disinterested in all your 911 fakery links which I've often seen you paste into unrelated comment threads, for the same basic reasons I outline here:"

Nobody gives a rat's ass what you're "interested" in.

All media-fakery events with supposed "dead victims" is related to all other fakery reported to have had "dead victims". It's not hermetically sealed in one PsyOp only as you'd like it to be.

You're an obvious shill (direct agent or useful idiot, the result being the same) as everyone with the slightest discernment can see. Congratulate yourself, you're even worse than Spingola and Johnson/Kaufman and not even worth a single minute of discussion with.

You have no proof for anything you claim and you directly contradict yourself on everything you claim with regard to Sandy Hook with regard to 9/11 and all other pre-Sandy-Hook PsyOps. You're an obvious fraud.

Hundreds of undeniable proofs of 9/11 as a Media Faked event just like Sandy Hook is all over this thread for any non-shills to see: