December 08, 2015

The Debate - End of Chavismo? Jew controlled America Wins in Venezuela

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Nona said...

"Jews win in Venezuela?"

Yeah, but if Maduro won, they poor Populace would still be screwed....because he was/is hand in glove with Castro! The way Castro took over Cuba was he tricked them into grouping together against Batista, a tyrant put in by the Americans. THe CUbans thought he was going to make things better for the populace, but once Castro got power, he took EVERYTHING from the people, the poor, too. Imposing an oppressive rule. To this day, Cubans are still trying to escape the country. Few Cubans are Communists, but the tyrants rule by the guns.

The Venezuelans are seeing what happened in Cuba, and don't want it for themselves. Maduro is a good friend of Castro and bringing in Communism, little by little, what's more, he changed the Venezuelan Constitution, to follow Cuba's.

Unfortunaely, the Venezuelans are now, unknowingly, between two evils, "israelism" - and Communism....or is it the same thing, wrapped in different packages?

I must say that after yers of observing U.S. invasions of countries, I wonder how they've left Cuba alone, all this time, if Castro has really been the enemy. After all, when any leader looks at the U.S. gov, the wrong way, the U.S. invades them, VICIOUSLY.

Yet, little Cuba has been left alone. Seems strange, eh?

And btw, Communism is NOTHING new! The system of the xtian Missions in the Americas, was tyranny imposed on the Tribes, from Paraguay, to California.

The real power behind the Conquistadores was the priests and the friars traveling with them...and the real power behind the Spanish throne was the Converso, jew Torquemada, of controlling the Inquisition....and the Sp. Court Advisors, outright jews (still adhering to his DNA), among which was the outright jew, d'San Angelo.

Under the orders of the priests/fiars, the Conquistadores, rounded up all the Indians, forced them to convert to xtianity (as the Pagans were in the Old World, from the 1st c. on), stuck them in Concentration Camps (Encomiendas/Repatimientos: meaning, Land Divisions), lowering the standard of life, the food intake, etc. If any Indian resists or land away, they were tracked by hunting dogs, brought back and under the orders of the priests, whipped horribly. THere was no allowance of free thought or the Indians old religion, the Spanish imposed Mind Control - esp. through the method of "Confessions."

Even in earlier centuries, the fanatic xtians destroyed "Pagans", temples, statues, attacking other thinking viciously. And from Antiquity, xtinity continued the practice of slavery, and Concentration Camps, called in the Roman world, "Latifundias" working the people, and imposing guards, to prevent the workers/slaves from escaping.

That the old Communism, and I marvel at the hypocrisy, heck, outright, lying, knowingly, by the Church, at claiming "Communism" is a new phenomena.

So, this is like the prison of Cuba. ANd the way Venezuela was going...."I reiterate, "israelism." THe way, the U.S. is, unknowingly, going, also. The old/new governments.