December 11, 2015

The Realist Report with John Friend 12/10/2015

Dr. Kevin Barrett of Dr. Barrett is a leading 9/11 Truth activist and scholar, prominent radio host, and regular contributor to Veterans Today.
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Deucalion said...

im totally on board with what barret is saying but does anyone else think hes been slightly infected with politically correct inclusivity programming? i only say because i noticed how he consciously made sure to include 'all religions' when referring to the notions of ego/ "christ consciousness, buddha consciousness, muhammed consciousness" , ok just one will do, then he picked friend up about the use of the 'jew' word adding the pc caveat that we should make sure we define our terminology so as not to offend 'all jews' .

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

24 minutes in, the issue of Israel's involvement in 9/11 came up, and what Dr. Kevin Barrett needs to realize is that the very person he says first woke him up to 9/11, Dr. David Ray Griffin, is gatekeeper par excellence regarding Israel's involvement.

I myself had wondered if Griffin mentioned the Dancing Israelis in any of his books, and I couldn't find any reference, and then I heard Michael Collins Piper point out in an interview, that in Griffin's book on Cass Sunstein's cognitive infiltration memo, he never points out that the specific concern of Sunstein was conspiracy theories involving Israel.

Then I heard an interview with Victor Thorn where he contacted Griffin about him NEVER mentioning Israel's role in any of his 9/11 books, and Griffin said something about differing strategies, yet that sealed it right there for me that Griffin is deliberately gatekeeping the Israeli role in 9/11, and it is particularly egregious and obvious in his case, as he has gone to great pains to document various aspects, including the involvement of particular individuals, yet is silent on the role of Israel and its agents.