December 21, 2015

Will South America Explode?

The deceptive nature of the mainstream capitalist media in the United States and Europe should be obvious. It declares Venezuela — a country that forbids the death penalty and torture in its constitution —  to be a “brutal dictatorship.” Western media calls election results that are confirmed by the Organization of American States, the Carter Center, and the United Nations “fraudulent.” Unless of course, pro-US “opposition” forces are victorious.
Aside from exposing the hypocrisy of western media and leaders, the Venezuelan election results put all of Latin America and the world in greater danger. The forces that profit from war and destruction have their tentacles all over the region, and soon they could escalate their confrontation with the forces pushing for sovereignty and economic development. 
The current leader of the Venezuelan opposition is Henrique Capriles Radonski. Despite being funded by western capitalists in his campaign against the Venezuelan government, Capriles calls himself a “socialist.” He claims his “socialism” is less “authoritarian” and “repressive” than that of Chavez and Maduro.
Capriles has converted to Catholicism, but both his parents are Sephardic Jews of Spanish origin. Venezuelan media has documented that Capriles is an active supporter of the Israeli government, and that he coordinates his political activities with well-funded thinktanks and political organizations in the United States, western Europe, and Israel. Capriles does not deny these allegations, but simply accuses those who bring them up of antisemitism. 

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