January 11, 2016

2 minute Jew scene from “The Believer”


Best rant I've heard in a long time.   "The Believer" (2001)  -  Trailer


Christopher Marlowe said...

what he said.

Thugnacious said...

He did say anything special, he could have said the truth about the ZOG.

Unknown said...

Wow couldn't have said it better myself.. Funny thing is what he said should be common knowledge!!!!

Unknown said...

A few seconds of blatant mockery....like their Bible and their Koran.

A Jew wrote the script; Jews acted it; Jews filmed it.
The unspoken ending of his rant: "And wtf are you goyim doing to do about it, unless we Jews lead the controlled opposition? Ha, ha."

Thugnacious said...

It's pretty much this Oona, Jews create and fund their "opposition" from the Early Christians to the Hamas (even the Wall Street Journal admitted that the Israeli Intelligence created Hamas to weaken the PLO).