January 14, 2016

Blast from the Past : Iconocast Radio Sept 6 2010

Iconoclast Radio Interviews Anthony J. Hilder while in a supermarket check out line.

Anthony Hilder's connection to Myran Fagan; The Illuminati CFR records, His trip to the Rothchild Estate in England, Talks about the C.I.A., Cocaine Import Agency, Population Control, The American Lemmings, Does Anthony Hilder Have Coach Roaches? , Anthony Hilder plays basketball rather than visit Ted Gunderson in the hospital, Why he keeps saying Nazi and not Jew and Tea Baggers.

See how Iconoclast Radio's behind the scene commercial play through radio drama is so much more interesting than Alex Jones' Shows. Anthony Hilder Say's he's a Zionist with a small "Z",That means he works "undercover". Sirhan, Mind Control with Anthony J. Hilder and The Law Suit he brought against Ret. Police Detective Mike Rupert.

Anthony Hilder is caught saying something that none of his cult members know about him. He admits to being in arms distance of Sirhan Sirhan during the shooting of RFK and You hear the words out of his own mouth that he is a Mind Control Hypnotist. Also the book that was writing during the time of the shooting connecting Anthony J Hilder to Sirhan Sirhan, and the Assasination.


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