Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Flat Earth vs. Globe Earth Debate!

Tip Of The Arrow Points To My Little part Of The UK.
Let us imagine for a minute that you were born onto this Earth having never been indoctrinated into a belief system, had no knowledge of celestial mechanics and no knowledge of astronomy or cosmology. Let us say then that I presented you with two scenarios to explain the the world in which you inhabited and they are as follows...


Unknown said...

JFC!!!! will this flat earth bs ever stop???????

foon1e said...

@t brad: Nope! :P

Chainsawmillerman said...

Waaaaaa stop the flat earth stuff i just want to hear about the Jews!!!

Nick said...

If you believe the earth is flat you might as well believe in some jew on a stick who gives salvation. Flat earth = psyop distraction.

A.I. said...

Still haven't made up my mind on flat earth, but I'm not going to ignore it either. The fact that no one can book a direct flight from Chile to Australia without having to travel almost 40 hours ought to raise some questions. The other thing, how come no one flies over the antarctic and independent exploration is prohibited? What is being hidden?

Nick said...

one quick google search found that their is flights from chile to australia.....

Travel information for Santiago, Chile to Sydney

Route information
•Santiago, Chile is 7046 miles from Sydney
•There are 2 weekly flights from Santiago, Chile to Sydney
•LAN has the most nonstop flights between Santiago, Chile and Sydney
•14 direct flights are operating from Santiago, Chile to Sydney today
•Qantas has the most direct flights between Santiago, Chile and Sydney
•Auckland, New Zealand - Auckland International Airport is the most popular connection for one stop flights between Santiago, Chile and Sydney

In-Flight Information
•The average flying time for a direct flight from Santiago, Chile to Sydney is 14 hours 15 minutes
•Most direct flights leave around 0:00 ADT

ConCenStasi said...

Hmph....You stupid Globe Earthers just dont get it... Flat earth cannot be proven wrong but you cling to your pathetic fable of heliocentricity. All your NASA and satellite images worldwide come from Mossaddd painters.. Big Globe = Big Jew and dont bother booking a tour of the antarctic from

that website uses holographic technology and sophisticated flight simulators to mimic a plane flying over the great ice wall known as Antarctica. ITS NOT REAL, i payed $6,969 to fly a balloon up to about 150,000 feet above the ground and guess what i saw with my NON FISH EYE LENS!!!! no curve bitch! earth is flat (period)