February 11, 2016

The Secret Teachings 2/6/16 - Super Bowl Gladiator Rituals

Join Ryan Gable and Mike D. as they break down... the Super Bowl? What if the 'big game' was not just a game? What if the Super Bowl was utilized as a massive energy ritual complete with occult symbolism and ritual symbolic sacrifice? What if some sports were rigged beyond the knowledge of players and coaches? 

 Ryan and Mike will break down gladiator sports, sporting rituals, 'bread & circuses', the mirroring of Rome to America with increased political disapproval met with increased entertainment, and much more, including a ritual chess match for super bowl 50 including the white horse, sun god, who returned from injury to lead his team to battle against the black shirt of the opposing team. Will the sun god triumph or will the king be slain?

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