March 01, 2016

Hunter S. Thompson - Omnibus 1978


Negentropic said...

This video has lots of great footage in it. Unfortunately, the TV reporter hasn't done his homework very well.

Thompson was never a "Hell's Angel." He was able to gain the trust of and ride with the original Oakland chapter of Hell's Angels for one year. In the end, he was attacked, beat-up and stomped for complaining when he saw one of the bikers beating up his "old lady" and kicking his dog. He ended up in the hospital for his intervention, but he also wrote a masterpiece about his experiences in 1966, one of the greatest books of journalism-as-art ever published,

up there with "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men" by James Agee and Walker Evans

Green Hills of Africa by Ernest Hemingway

the brilliant True-Crime reportage of "Executioner's Song" by Norman Mailer

and last but not least, "In Cold Blood" by Truman Capote:

I'd include "Helter Skelter" by Bugliosi too, but a far too dominant portion of that is not based on facts but on Bugliosi's imagination and distortion of the facts.

Plenty of Hunter Thompson audio on Neg Chron 9 (which was never posted at Mami's, by the way, since it was released during Delcroix's removal of all his posts from Mami's, and hence the only reason it has less than a thousand downloads):

and also on Neg Chron 10, I put two or three big chunks of Thompson in there, including one of the best chapters of "Hell's Angels" on audiobook which is no longer available on you tube:

Scorpio said...

Yeah, Neg I caught that too about Thompson being a Hell's Angel. Thompson may have been a lot of things, but a tough guy on the scale of being a HA isn't one of them. His book on the HA's certainly ruffled some feathers as shown in the clip you posted. Also, Thompson wasn't a 'doctor' from anything I could find other than an amateur anesthesiologist. - lol.

Nona said...

Is anybody home?

Are you on vacation? This is the only article for the last week.

Nick said...

Either update this mother fucker or pull the plug on it. For fucks sake do something.

Unknown said...

Mr Jim Fetzer has made it onto the BBC World Service.

He got a fair hearing and did very well to get his points out and into the ears and minds of the masses.

Well done Mr Fetzer!

Post it please, if you still remember how to do it.

Erik Paul said...

I miss the old Mami's. Like George Harrison said, "All things must pass."

James Simon said...

stephan? zap. come back.

Futurist said...

It would be a big mistake to pull the plug on the website due to the unique material that is linked to only from this site (eg. Truth Hertz from the Oracle Days in 64k). Whooli is still active on his own blog, if people weren't already aware. Same for Delcroix and Foon1e for those who followed their content.

I notice Scorpio has quit so it's up to the original team of Mami and Zapoper to revive the site if they still have any interest.

I don't know if Scorpio had a Red Ice Radio subscription but it's always nice being able to hear beyond the first hour of an interview.

foon1e said...

Wouldn't hold your Breath On *That* Happening Futurist. Grizz has been "Hands-Off" For quite a while now. Zap appears to have seriously burnt out,and shows no sign of ever returning to posting shows again.Hence why Scorp,Del and myself are no longer actively posting either - When the sites owners give up. What's The Point anymore?
We all have our own blogs,which get most of our attention nowadays. Mami's seems to be ok as it is right now - drifting along on past glories and content. Haven't heard of any plans to remove the site as of yet. if anything like that occurs,we'll notify everyone on the Blog first. Guess you'll have to go update that metapedia of yours again. lol

icr said...

My guess is that just about nobody likes bikergangs. All those guys were gunned down by the cops in Waco and it was almost immediately forgotten.

Futurist said...

Thanks for the update Foon1e.

Not sure why you're mocking someone for actually signing up and contributing to Metapedia given the situation over at Wikipedia. Although despite the apparent freedom of expression, it too suffers from its own "purges" of content and regular contributors, unfortunately. The English edition is pretty much a ghost town now from what I can see. If more people started contributing perhaps Metapedia might have better quality articles?

foon1e said...

No Mocking was Intended Futurist. Sorry you saw it that way.
Had just been informed that you contributed to Metapedia for a couple of years about this Blog.So was being jocular about you having to update it regards what's happening here again. You're right that Metapedia isn't as well known over here. But thanks for being even handed in your contributions to it.

Negentropic said...


Any post on this site that stays on the first page for a week can sometimes get up to 6000 downloads! I know because the only pod I've had pods posted only here or only at David Icke Forum back-to-back and the one here had 10 times the number of downloads, 600 to 6000.

Posted on Mami's front page for a week and half in addition to DIF & A View from the Bog:

Posted only on DIF and A View from the Bog:

Del's site gets 20 to 60 "views" (not even necessarily clicks on a video or audio or downloads, just "views") a post and only over a hundred downloads occasionally if a post is especially interesting. I'm sure your site gets even fewer "views" of each post than that.

To give up on this site and the popularity it has earned tooth-&-nail in the past 5 years is not just weak strategy, it is absolutely moronic. Whooli's site just started a couple of months ago and no one has time to wait another 3 years for his site to start getting popular enough to have Mami's level numbers and downloads.

Stop posting "No Agenda" and start posting some good shit. What the fuck? If you can't do it, get some new admins who can.

This site hasn't been inactive for a week since 2010! lol I know because I was making visits here and promoting it on concen through links even back then.

foon1e said...

@Neg:Take it Up with Grizz & Zap. It's Their Blog after all. The rest of us have always been just Admins and occasional contributors of whatever subjects interested *US*. I merely pointed out that if the site owners have given up on it, then it's no surprise Admins have drifted away to run their own sites in their preferred way. Or just left in disgust at the OCD levels of Nazism/Hitler/Jew-on-a-stick-worship that the likes of Whooli promoted whilst an Admin here. As you noted, he has his own Blog where people who are into *that* sort of thing can go with our blessings.
Seeing as I haven't posted NA for a couple of weeks here, you can rest assured that you'll only find that show on my blog from now on. I posted it because *I* found it A good source of relevant contemporary News Deconstruction & Entertainment. If others found it interesting,fine. If They don't? Well, no one forces them to listen to the pod-cast at Gun-point! (The Weekly figures we were privvy to in the Blogger/Google back-end always showed it got enough listens and downloads to warrant keeping it up on mami's).
Thankyou For Promoting Mami's as you did in the past.

Negentropic said...


Whooli was posting too much RT & Press TV stuff, but no more Hitler stuff than Deanna Spingola did shows on. His site is pretty good and he always has a good work ethic but nobody but a handful of Mami's veterans and Lindsey Narrates (lol) know about his site. He posts plenty of Media-Fakery stuff too, but go over the edge with all the "flat-earth" lets-bite-off-more-than-we-can-chew limited hangouts.

This site never "worshiped" Hitler, only stood up for historical truth, and never was "WN," only anti-Judaic and anti-Multi-culturalism. It never promoted "white separatism" or "National Socialism" but a win-win dialectic of disciplined freedom that did not forget the moral imperative of individual self-defense and the cultural self-defense without which those individuals have no real extended family connection and are outcasts on the sea back to barbarism. It only promoted cultural self-determination for each nation and a balance between individuals and their tribe or nation, a point of synergy (wholes greater than sum of the parts). It did all this without ever consciously sitting down and analyzing what it was doing. Mai & Zap are just those kinds of people and that's the kind of site they created. That's the culture and tradition of the site. That's what makes it unique. And those are the kind of people you need to bring in to keep the site running at its best.

Why should the admins on this site display the low self-esteem of people who have not done anything worthwhile?

Name one other site of comparable size and Alexa rating that can get 6000 downloads of a podcast in a week and a half?

Gains in know-ledge and in-form-ation are being made in leaps and bounds every week. Trump, like him or not, trust him or not, is changing the American political landscape. Every aspect of American and European and World culture is becoming infected with "troofer" knowledge formerly confined to the followers of Fat Boy Jones only.

This is no time to be sitting on the sidelines, butthurt, like some drama queen, over petty nonsense. lol

Negentropic said...

Correction: "He posts plenty of Media-Fakery stuff too, but DOESN'T go over the edge with all the "flat-earth" lets-bite-off-more-than-we-can-chew limited hangouts.

Erik Paul said...

Who keeps deleting Hello Kitty?

Unknown said...

i started going to whoolis' site now that mami's is a thing of the past apparently.

1melahat said...

WHOOLI posts PressTV stuff like the debates because they are real unlike anything in any other msm. The sources you're fond of like clues forum and Brian Stavely cover for jews by inferring they are puppets of the Vatican. I listened to that podcast about 9/11 with the two women who interviewed Brian Stavely and at the end John Friend called in and dropped the jew bomb about their involvement in 9/11 and there was zero response. They all claimed to not have researched Jewish and Israeli involvement into 9/11 but the second Friend hangs up they have very strong opinions about how it's the Vatican and the jews are just pawns controlled by the Vatican. Can you say shill? Lol

1melahat said...

I searched for the Freedomizer podcast I'm referring to with the two women and Staveley and what do you know, all three copies I found had the part after John Friend hangs up and they talk about how it's not the jews, it's the Vatican CUT OUT! well, a little obfuscation isn't too telling now isn't!? Lol

Negentropic said...


First of all: Whooli's site just started two months ago. Nobody goes to Whooli's site except me and 20 other people, so who cares what he posts? I was talking about Mami's. Many thousands of people come here every week to download stuff and there is NOTHING for them to download because of petty differences between the admins. If I want Press TV garbage and RT garbage, I can go watch it myself on you tube and both those channels are the most obvious cases of limited hangout controlled opposition MSM narrative re-enforcement, pretending to be "honest journalism." They're only half-way "honest" about their enemies and complete bullshitters about everything else, especially their own MASSIVE violations of the most basic individual human rights.




and fuck Khomeini's Press TV and his barbaric penal code which every other asshole Islamic Iranian leader since then, including the big "hero" of alt-media dipshits Ahmeninejad, fully approves of:

Is that medieval barbaric disgrace to all humanity what you call "Real Islam"? Or a "Jew-Wise" and "civilized" country?


And that's not "Jew propaganda," that's their own penal code. Deal with it or get lost.

Since you obviously approve of whipping people in public for complaining about their sisters getting taken away by the fashion police, you don't belong in the USA, Europe or any other country where this level of lower-than-maggot barbarism isn't tolerated. Shit, if you even stepped foot in Armenia, as many of your countrymen do when they want to get drunk in public and go to strip clubs and listen to Iranian singers from the Shah era perform, I'd boot your ass out myself!

100% misogyny and women being worth half of a man by law? LOL You need get a whip, collect some sharp small stones to throw at people's heads and move the fuck back there to join the rest of your family in your sharia "para-dice," ASAP, what the fug are you doing here?

Negentropic said...

(continued . . . )


Simon Shack is the only 9/11 researcher who has fingered Stephen Rosenbaum, Howard Lutnick, Kenneth Feinberg, Alvin Hallerstein and Joel Meyerowitz, just to name a few, and you're calling him a

Staveley (at least learn to spell the guy's name correctly if you're going to discuss what he did or didn't do) is no longer even active, hasn't been for almost a year, and his "not naming the Jew" as often as you'd like him to is NOTHING compared to the great work he's done in the past exposing the real modus operandi of the 9/11 PsyOp, which IS media fakery, which IS gatekept by all aspects of the alt-media, including 99% of the Sandy Hoaxers, something that you don't want to accept, regardless of even a mountain of evidence in front of your nose, because you're an unprincipled scoundrel who thinks "winning is everything" and "the ends justify the means," just like a typical Marxist, never mind that your "ends" are already in full display in Fundamentalist Islamic Iran and like a total hypocrite, you simultaneously praise these complete asswipes and refuse to move back there to their "Jew-wise" paradise. lol

Staveley this and Staveley that, Vatican this and Vatican that . . .

What have you done?

Do you have even ONE friggin' podcast?

Have you exposed even ONE PsyOp or even one single aspect of a PsyOp with your own analysis?


All you do is follow Press TV and Russia Today and then talk shit about who's "naming the Jew" and who isn't. As if "naming the Jew" is the be-all and end-all of everything. As if 109 countries didn't name the Jew, kick out all Jews and still fail? As if Jew-ass-kissing Trump hasn't already done more AGAINST Jew agendas, in spite of himself and his own conscious declarations, than all WN circus clowns combined?

The reason that elite Jews succeed is because of many hundreds of thousands of goys who do their bidding, often without even realizing that they're doing their bidding and while they're patting themselves on the back for being "jew-wise." You're one of these suckers. Pin a medal on your forehead and congratulate yourself for being as "Jew-wise" as you're reality-&-strategy-dumb.

Negentropic said...

Correction: Simon Shack is the only 9/11 researcher who has fingered Stephen Rosenbaum, Howard Lutnick, Kenneth Feinberg, Alvin Hallerstein and Joel Meyerowitz, just to name a few, and you're calling him a "shill"? I wouldn't trade one Simon Shack, who actually does real research, and names-the-Jew only when the research fully justifies it, for a thousand bigots like Lee Rogers who do nothing but race-bait and scream Jew all day, or the morons at Renegade who don't even know the difference between an Arab and a Persian and an Armenian.

Erik Paul said...

Simon Shack likes to finger men?!

foon1e said...

Oooh Errr!

...And Drag Visiting Guests To Communist Party Concerts apparently. (& We all know who created and Controls The Communists!)
Oh, Neg - Please get your facts Straight. There Are no "petty Differences" Between The Admins at Mami's. That isn't The reason for explaining why it's basically gone into stasis. I've already explained the real reasons behind this:The Original Blog-Owners have Basically Given Up - bar the occasionally rare Comedy-Posting every couple of Months or so. That left the other Admins with a choice:Continue to Post articles without the "Attraction" Of Zap's Ad-Free Rense,Duke and other "Characters" Output to drag people to mami's in the first place. or Stop providing Info for an increasingly belligerent and Ungrateful Bunch of visitors who saw the site as "Their Property" - to bleat and moan about the content available to them after the departures of Other Admins more concerned with "Belief Systems And Cults of personality (e.g:Germanic propaganda) than getting the truth about Jews Out There. You can lead original Site Owners To The Water of Truth, But you can't force them to Post. They have to *want* to do so themselves. Until Grizz And Zap Return to providing The Audience with what they appear to prefer? Then I can't see Mami's returning to Full strength anytime soon. Sorry, that's the long and short of it.

Unknown said...


I would like to visit your site. Could you post it here?

I think if I was to go into the archives and click on your blog I might find it.

I appreciated your Press TV posts and it's encouraging to learn you are still posting them on your blog.

Unknown said...

Found it

1melahat said...

You are wrong. I've told you at least three times I'm not a believer in any jew brainwashing whether it be Islam, Christianity or communism but you're too high to remember I guess. So I say I like the debates on PressTV and you think I'm a Khomeini lover who doesn't belong in a country I have lived in for 44 years and pay taxes in? I'm not a violent person but it sounds like you want to do me harm for my beliefs. Who's the out of control shut-in idiot here who gets high all day and goes on imaginary dates. LMAROF! You've a Nepolionic complex little man.