Wednesday, June 22, 2016

American Duck People

Duck is the common name for a number of species in the "human" jewish family. The "ducks" are divided between several subfamilies listed in full in the Talmud. Duck people of America are mostly wiggers, mostly smaller than their relatives the real niggers, and may be found in both big cities and villages alike. Most "ducks" have wide fat lips adapted for talking nonsense. They exploit a variety of brain dead goyim such as White swans and geezes.

Diving "ducks" and sea "ducks" forage deep underwater and usually find gold; Dabbling "ducks" always feed on the goyim. They have huge beaks letting them filter and spew tons of bullshit everyday. A few specialized species such as the Shmew, Gooslander, and the MerchantGangster (Not to be confused with the venetian merchants) are adapted to catch the largest of the goyim minions such as the Donald Trump AKA: Donald "Duck".

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