June 14, 2016

David Duke Show 2016.06.14

Dr. Duke has special guest Mark Collet of the UK on Brexit & The Orlando Terror & The Dark Side of Diversity video is now out!

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Zeetip said...

RE DD's latest vid, he enshrines official Orlando HomoHoax story... the more he dishonestly "maintains cred" wrt dinjoo FFs/hoaxes/fake-reality like this & 911 & holohoax etc; the more irrelevant he becomes. 8 mins:


Negentropic said...

Duke doesn't give a shit about anything but WN issues and whatever pushes his agendas forward, true or false, that's what he will always go with. He is not a man of principle in any area except WN, he is a politician and agenda pusher and if he has to twist the truth, lie or pretend to be ignorant to do it, he always will, just like that midget scoundrel from the Daily Shit Stirrer he has on regularly.


That guy and his lap-dog Lee Rogers both admit openly that they will lie outright anytime it serves their interests. They have no integrity whatsoever and admit it openly. All they care about is "winning" by whatever means necessary just like their scoundrel co-travelers the Marxists and Communists and their ends-justify-the-means doctrine.

Anonymous said...

Good comment, Neg.

The thing about Duke is that he's a one-trick-pony in that he will always make it out to be about Jews, Jewish supremacists, and their Gentile servants.

And to that extent, he is actually doing a disservice in the wider context, because it's also about non-Jewish cultural Marxists and the corporate globalist Right.

At least Dr. Kevin MacDonald talks about the other factions and wider context, yet with Duke, if you bring up non-Jewish cultural Marxists, he will literally say what about this Jewish guy over here, and essentially claim that it's only about Jewish supremacists.

But good news is, he's been feeling the heat, directly referencing all the comments about false flag and crisis actors 24 minutes in, which he has been previously relatively able to ignore or only briefly mention on a past show I heard from last year.

Anonymous said...

That interview article is actually satire, but it is the case, based on past behaviour, that Anglin is willing to twist things, which is why he himself said he wanted to make Daily Stormer the Infowars of the White racialist cause, and Infowars is all about twisting things and having bogus headlines.