June 30, 2016

David Duke Show 2016.06.30

Dr. Duke addresses the ethnic Armageddon faced by white people & why we must vote for Trump (LOL) although he is far too moderate on immigration!

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Expose Supremacists said...

He is right. Trump 2016!

Negentropic said...

@Expose Christian Identity

Yup, especially when he picks Gingrich as his running mate. Then you really want to use up your ONE precious vote. Frump and Gangrich will solve all your problems immediately! lol

Negentropic said...

Frump, Gangrich and the democracy racket will do the trick! And your ONE vote will be more monumental than the 10 votes you put in at the Supermarket yesterday! Put your faith in the win-lose dialectic of majorities stomping on the face of all individuals and pray that you end up on the side with the upper hand doing the stomping. Don't you know that the only way to establish justice is by majorities with Trump as their honcho forcing everything they can down the throats of individuals? Of course! Then we'll have Nirvana on Earf and never have to deal with any Karma! lol Keep dreaming that Trump gives one rat's ass about you or anyone else except Israel and AIPAC.

WWS said...


Many who support Trump understand completely your pov; however, whatever Trump is in real life, he represents for many disenfranchised white people in America their last hope for recovery to 'better times', which will not happen.

But Whites are now beginning to mass, and this is what the smarter kikejews fear most.

Interesting times.