June 26, 2016

Tim Rifat has been sectioned

No "Truth Telling" Goes Unpunished In The Newly Independent U.K.
*Thanks To Hollowcoats for the heads-up regarding This In The Chat Box*

Tim Rifat Arrested For Posting X-Rated Pics of The "Royal Babies" On his Personal Website...(They were going to get him one way or another - But the audio he posted with the pics probably explains the ammo he gave the Elites to finally shut him up!) - Cell diagnosis By Police Psychologist Of Mental Illness results in his incarceration in Langley Green Hospital. No attempt to use his "Psychotronic Tech" To Avoid Capture.

Phone Call From Rifat In Hospital...(From rense.com)


1776blues said...

No article was posted with this update on Tim, this is all that was posted;
Good News - 'Terrible Tim' Rifat Has
Been Released By UK Authorities

It's in the center column adjacent to Preston James articles.

Anonymous said...

Rifat is either an agent or a huckster. A caller to one of Rense's recent shows said he was owed a bunch of money by Rifat for unrendered services.

When you listen to the old shows where he was sensible, it tells me he either was/become an agent, or he just cynically decided to start teasing people to make a quick buck.

Negentropic said...

That's one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen. I doubt if Rifat, as crazy as he is sometimes, posted that crap, but if he did, no "sane" person will give a rat's ass about him being locked up in a nuthouse, which is what may have been the intention of whoever did this in the first place, not excluding the possibility of Rifat himself to be lying and part of the PsyOp on the rest of the Rense faction of the alt-media even aware of who Rifat is.

The unspoken message to the conspiracy community is: what are you doing here with these kinds of perverted weirdos and nutjobs? Don't you have better things to do like kiss Jew ass for more shekels?

The unspoken message to non-conspiracy-theorists, of course, is: these are the kind of disgusting perverts who are into conspiracies, STAY AWAY, for your own good, even if the truth has led you there.

Negentropic said...


He's always been a clown only listened to for entertainment and no one takes him seriously but doing pedophilic photoshops of royalty is giving not just his enemies but all of sane society the figurative rope to hang him with.

Og said...

fuckin nutjob

that has no internet connection
lives in a metal box
people print him out pages from the internet

but his site posts child pron
linked to from here

Nice one

foon1e said...

Ognir - The link to his Russian site was important to provide.It's Important for *Everyone* to see the sort of insanity and nonsense he's been pushing on his own net resource to understand why he was sectioned in the first place. It's not just the pics he claims his "Admins" posted. It's the audio commentary he produced to accompany them - displaying such a psychotic break from reality that no one who listens or looks at his output could ever trust a word he says in the future. Whilst he was busy portraying himself as some international clown - jetting from Cuba to China in the hopes of a payday from those regimes? he was harmless enough. But The vileness of what he allowed to go out under his banner beggars belief - and firmly puts all future attempts by himself at milking The Internet on behalf of his Psychotronic and Psy-warefare scams in the dumpster where they belong. Rifat pushed it too far - and now he's gonna reap the whirlwind.

Negentropic said...


And who was that caller buddy of his? What did he say his name was? Mike Jaydahberg? lol If that's his real name and not a fake one, ask yourself this: Of all the names in the world, how did Rifat's buddy end up with one starting with J and ending with "Berg"? Steel ring with 19 Psycho-Tronic crystals indeed! Rifat must be the new Green Lantern!

Negentropic said...

And 19 just happens to be the same number as that of the non-existent hijackers in the non-existent planes on 911, it's reverse number. Will Green Lantern and his 19 Crystals be able to prove that it's not him on that stupid audio too?

Og said...

Rense must have been aware of the child pron that was posted and still had him on and never really hit him on it

foon1e said...

Could have been "Mike Hunt", or even "Mike Hough"(Who i really did go to school with!)
Anyone with a surname ending in Berg does indeed sound suspiciously like he belongs to "The Tribe" though - good catch Neg.
& Ognir, I don't see how Rense could have been oblivious to Rifat's own output on his site.But I guess Rense allowed it to slip by because Rifat's own Swedish I.S.P Removed the offending material from their servers - hence them ending up on the Russian ones instead, Russia must have different standards when it comes to hosting dodgy pics.

Og said...

child pron with royal overtones only removed by a Swedish isp, good info foon

seems he was directly behind posting child pron, rense should take note, the friends you keep and all that

Unknown said...

Well I guess this is a bad thing, then again maybe not. I have listened to Tim Rifat on Rense and heard on several occasions both men using racist vulgar terms and spoke of indigenous people of color as monkeys and rapist. Now, the FBI stats in America shows rape is a crime that white men lead and historically white slave masters raped black slave women routinely if not daily. According to white scientists and geneticist, the white Caucasian Europeans had anywhere from 3% to 10% Neanderthal DNA. An Neanderthal is an primates ape animal. Only whites and Asian have Neanderthal DNA and all African don't have the primate DNA. So I always wanted to know why white racist especially Tim and Rense would refer to blacks as chimpanzees when white actually have ape DNA. Having hairy body's like ape and hair texture like apes but calling black people apes when DNA tests evidence shows whites having a closer relationship to apes than blacks. Darwin himself even theorized that white men came from apes. I could understand how or why a so called brilliant man would have high intelligence all of a sudden go bat shit crazy when speaking about race. I wanted to know does the archons play a role in racism and global white supremacy. Reading Nigel Kerners books show why most whites get abducted by greys or archons and used as recessive created agents working for greys, reptilian and archons as a middle managers rather knowingly or unknowingly. Rick Smith book tells a similar tale of whites being used as liaisons to cause social problems to create situations where stress and pain is the norm so the archons can feed on negative thoughts and behavior like food. So if racism the ultimate problem in earth that means racism/white supremacy causes all problems and is the main food source for archons which makes me wonder did Tim ever realized he is apart of the problem he speaks of when he points out archons being evil mid mind parasites which could be affecting him to cause his racist views? I would like to know his take on that.

Unknown said...

I hate to say this folks but many years ago I fell for his doo-dah claims and thought he was legit. I purchased one of his very expensive crystal things and guess what - it did jack shit!