July 12, 2016

A Very Jewish Coup.

The Installation Of A Jewish-Puppet Prime Minister (Without Democratic Ratification Via Elections ) Is upon us!
Think About *This*: All The "Brexit" Leaders have either stepped Down or resigned (In Farage's case, To Avoid The Threat of Assassination!). Boris Johnson was Politically Assassinated By Michael Gove. And The Only competition (Andrea Leadsom) against This Evil Authoritarian Jewish-Banker-Serving Witch was forced out of the leadership-race via a Press Smear Campaign Over her Times Interview. May Herself was a "Remainer" in the referendum. Now they've succeeded in installing a Prime Minister openly hostile To Britain leaving The Shackles of The European Union?
Mossad Couldn't Have pulled Off A Better Operation to install their preferred Candidate if they'd tried!...Or, Just maybe...They Did?

Gilad Atzmon — gilad.co.uk July 11, 2016
You may think that Theresa May is just a dedicated Sabbos Goy. Not really. According to the following photo* Theresa May  is actually a proud Jew.

Jews in Britain and Israel are over the moon with Theresa May becoming the British prime minister. The Israeli Ynet describes May as “Israel’s true friend.”
The JC reports that May has worked closely with the Community Security Trust, a Jewish organisation that cares for the security of one ethnic group that believes itself to be chosen. May had committed another £13.4 million of government money to Jewish security measures and had made her intentions towards the community clear. If Theresa May is destined to be our second Iron Lady, maybe she should attempt to stand up to the Lobby and serve the interests of her people. After all, she is going to be the British prime minister rather than merely queen of the Jews.


Switched On said...

Theresa May was born on October 1, 1956 in Eastbourne, Sussex, May is the only child of Zaidee Mary (née Barnes; 1928–1982) and Hubert Brasier (1917–1981). Her father was a Church of England clergyman who held the role of Vicar of Wheatley, a few miles east of Oxford.

May was educated at Oxfordshire primary and grammar schools in the State sector, as well as a short spell at an independent Catholic school. She initially attended Heythrop Primary School, Oxfordshire, followed by St. Juliana's Convent School for Girls,[9] a Roman Catholic independent school in Begbroke, which closed in 1984. At the age of 13, she won a place at the former Holton Park Girls' Grammar School in Wheatley. In 1971, the school was abolished and became the site of the new Wheatley Park Comprehensive School during her time as a pupil. May then went to the University of Oxford where she studied geography at St Hugh's College, graduating with a second class BA degree in 1977.

Theresa May is NOT Jewish. She is Anglican. Stop spreading disinformation.

foon1e said...


Proof of her personal perfidities litter the net - she's all-in on supporting the false narratives of the Holohoax, and pushing The Jewish agendas in both the West and the Middle east(She supports the "Greater Israel" Project through her actions diverting British Tax Payers Money To Israel, and her public tirades against "Anti-Semetism".)
She didn't have to be photographed in front of a Placard declaring herself a Jew after the paris False Flag - But she was happy to. Even if her dubious Wiki-Entry you quoted is accurate, Her actions as a Politician have reflected her constant support and admiration for all things Jewish. If anybody is spreading "Disinfo" around here? It's you for chiming in to Give us the "official legend" they'd have you believe about her "origins".
Stop supporting Jews & Their Elitist "Enablers" AC.

Negentropic said...

Did I not tell you "Brexit" was just more baited-hook limited hangout? Well, now you know that there was nothing "spontaneous" and "grass-roots" about it. As long as you have the ridiculous and imomoral fraud of "democracy" in place and furthermore, equate it to "freedom," the Jews will always, and I mean ALWAYS have the upper hand.

It's hilarious that there was a guy on Fetch's show last week in the third hour that kept claiming "Jews hate 'real' democracy," There is no "real democracy," dictatorship of the lowest-common-denominator (that's what it has to be to even gain a consensus) majority is dictatorship of the majority, PERIOD, and not even 99 out of 100 people voting one person's free-speech and free-choice away will ever make it right. Some "rights" are simply inalienable IF you are to have a proper see-will-I-zation and violating them by claiming you have achieved "real democracy" as opposed to some Jew-consensused "fake democracy," puts you in the same win-lose and parasitical territory as any other group action that violates individuals. A "true majority" is no more "right" than a false majority.

There is no "knowledge in numbers" whatsoever, there is only mass-stupidity in numbers and the threat of force and ostracism, especially against the creative minorities whose genius produces 99.9% of the weapons, both spiritual and material, for everybody else. The "greatest good of the greatest numbers" is absolute worthless hogwash the very first instance it tries to take free-speech and free-choice away and that's the end of it, there are no other exceptions to the rule. You either fight to the death for your free-speech and free-choice or you have NOTHING left to fight for at all.

And that is why you have the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms against hypocritical Hollywood douchebags like Matt Damon and Chris Rock who want to take your guns away, while they keep their 300 pound armed bodyguards and armed-to-the-teeth criminal government-mafia connections and tell you what to do. Soon enough, "what to do" becomes what mental asylum or gulag you'll be assigned to for your "crazy" opinions and dissent. And don't fool yourself, there are many types of "gulags" that don't need sub-zero temperatures and forced hard-labor to kill a person's spirit off. Once your spirit is defeated, your ass will follow 100% of the time.

WWS said...

There is one "right" in Natural Law:
the right to attempt to survive.

The others are privileges fought for
in blood. They are lost whenever the
spirit to keep them dies away.