July 23, 2016

Caravan to Midnight Ep 572: John B Interviews the Producers of 'Vaxxed'

Ep. 572 -In this edition we welcome the makers and principals of the film “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe”, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Del Bigtree alongside Polly Tommey on board, as we look into the making of the film and the facts portrayed therein. The connection between vaccines,  autism and even death are explored in depth with corroborating evidence from a doctor and a former FDA official.

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Anonymous said...

In studying the aggressive political and media responses to those parents who choose not to vaccinate their children for reasons of conscience, I have come to conclude that documentaries like Vaxxed and the promotion of non-vaccination is actually of benefit to the medical-scientific-political cartel, because if they can get enough parents to not vaccinate their children, it will get the numbers down below the herd immunity levels and they can and will come in with their draconian policies like California's mandatory vaccination law, or here in Ontario, with a plan to make parents take a course on vaccinations if they choose to not vaccinate their children for reasons of conscience.

Anonymous said...

But it's not as if there should be no non-vaccination promotion, it's just that it should be very targeted, based on a lot of informed dissent and be discreet, like with jury nullification. If you just want to get off jury duty, then tell the judge you are reserving your right to judge based on the law and not just the facts, but if you intend to judge and reserve your right, then just say the defendant is not guilty without giving any reasons.

In a similar way, I would advocate not falling into the trap of the crazy conspiracy theorist like Alex Jones and other agents are out there to put informed dissenters into.

And he is a very instructive example on this file, in that in responding on his show to allegations that he is controlled opposition, he has specifically made an appeal to him not being one on the basis of him saying that he is telling the truth about vaccines and fluoride in the water.

But even on those two bases, he serves the system, and his own self-admitted "high level contacts at Fox," because of his mass broadcast appeal with a bunker mentality, conspiratorial mindset that will turn most people off who absolutely love to go along with draconian policies against the small % who refuse to vaccinate.

Unlike legitimate no-vaccine promoters like Deanna Spingola, or the late Dr. Stan Monteith, Alex Jones promotes non-vaccination knowingly in a way that serves the system as I alluded to, because being the high-level disinfo agent to the masses that he is, he knows darn well that if enough people take up his advice not to vaccinate, and especially wrap it in his particular seeds of paranoia about things, it will turn most people off and once a few cases pop up among the non-vaccinated, Fox and other entities will be out there reporting on them, as I have seen personally in the Canadian mass media. And that is even before the numbers go below herd immunity, and which point it will become a very serious matter and governments will come in with increasingly draconian measures, and all with 90%+ of the people who will go along with the mob mentality against the vaccine-resisters.

Erik Paul said...


From your allusions to "herd immunity," am I correct in inferring that you believe vaccines to be safe and effective or at least effective?

Anonymous said...

I feel that the appropriate lack of discussion of herd immunity is one of the things where Alex Jones really let down and even mislead his listeners when I heard him talk about vaccines when I was a regular listener from 2006-2008.

I don't think that the evidence supports, for instance, that polio has nothing to do with a virus, as some posit, and that it is just a matter of improved sanitation and decreased use of certain pesticides.

Herd immunity is the establishment's trump card, as I later came to realize, particularly since last year because whenever vaccination numbers fall below a certain level, prominent cases of measles and other diseases start cropping up.

I don't at all buy the establishment mantra that all vaccines are safe and effective. Even Canada's largest newspaper by circulation, the Toronto Star, initially published an article on the dark side of Gardasil, only to have it permanently deleted from the Web record after pressure from doctors and scientists effectively working hand-in-glove with the pharmaceutical industry.

Even in Ontario, they acknowledge that the combined MMRV vaccine hasn't proven safe according to the standard applied for MMR and the separate chicken pox vaccine, which is why they still administer the chickenpox vaccine separately.

The aluminum and other adjuvants I don't think have at all been proven to be within a supposed safe tolerance range, and there are blatant cases of bad reactions to all the different vaccines in particular cases that the cartel is not adequately acknowledging.

And I am sickened by the self-righteousness of the media mandarins in attacking anyone who questions the official line on vaccines, with the smear given them of anti-vaxxers.

But medicine is about overall benefit vs. risk, and that needs to be protected on an individual decision-making level, and herd immunity is their trump card.

I looked to the reported data on chickenpox, and it was saying how there were just over 100 annual deaths in the U.S. reported from it before introduction of the vaccine, and it has now dropped to almost 0. I doubt that it was just because of a placebo effect, chance, or a total change of environmental factors across the whole U.S. during that time.

If it weren't for the herd immunity phenomenon, it would be a slam-dunk case in accepting no infringement on mandatory vaccinations for reasons of conscience, but because of it, they can unleash the mob on the resisters as being selfish, misinformed people who are negligent in causing disease and even death in others, and particularly the examples of children are really useful for propaganda purposes.

Scorpio said...

Vaccine makers have blanket immunity from any bad effects - If it was so safe they wouldn't need such protection. The studies proving vaccines as 'safe' were all paid for by the companies themselves along with plenty of cover from the govt. It's incredibly naive to think these were legitimate studies. Contradictory studies have been squashed and censored.

Anonymous said...

Yes, through the compensation fund, to limit liability; certainly an unfair exception for them versus most other industries, though there was that liability cap in place for offshore oil drilling with the BP spill.

The safety is in overall question, but you can see graphs showing the incidence rate only drop so much after better sanitation and other factors, but drop significantly down to hardly anything only after vaccines were introduced.

Some diseases aren't a big deal, like chickenpox, and even measles aren't bad outside of third world countries, but it's not going to be possible, like Lew Rockwell and others have tried, to convince most people that measle parties are something desirable to return back to.

Scorpio said...

When I was a kid growing up, measles and chickenpocks were almost a right of passage. It was no big deal and nobody died from it. The vaccine agenda has many, many layers, none of which are good for humanity. Quarantining people with deadly diseases is an effective method as well.

air-ono said...

"When I was a kid growing up, measles and chickenpox were almost a right of passage. It was no big deal and nobody died from it."

yeah, in a few days you were gold as gold

polio on the other hand was nasty - but i think the polio vaccine opened the flood gates on everything else

anyway, just dropped by to say, after listening to this, what a sick world this is

we truly are being ruled by psycopaths

Scorpio said...

Polio was already on the decline by the time the vaccine was made available to the public. Epidemics come to an end on their own volition. The polio 'epidemic' may have been blown out of proportion to create an atmosphere of terror and help usher in the age of vaccination. Look into the background of the polio vaccine's inventor.