July 30, 2016

Circus Maximus with Nick Spero 2016.07.29

Robert Reyvolt – Destroying the Disinfo

Nick speaks with Robert Reyvolt of Incendiary Radio about the strategy of tension, false flags and hoaxes, myopic “truth seekers”, the Knights of Malta and the Vatican, the Kosher Nostra, the encroaching ghetto, the invasion of Europe, ISIS terror and SITE Intelligence, controlled right wing reactionaries, Big Brother solutions, the elections, learned helplessness, and more.

Shaun and Lark in Texas were some of the callers that basically ended up being part of this 3h show 2h42m edited.

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1 comment:

the seeker said...

it is not honor before everything.that is why the enemy is winning.it is a might makes right type of thing.forget about karma.it does not exist in the real world.if you cannot live with yourself get out of the fight.this type of mindset places us in an inferior position.Bill Rhyse covered this in a podcast called about whatever it takes to win ,that is what is aryan.that is what is noble.