July 18, 2016

Muslims Currently Receiving Food Stamps Demand Food Meets Islamic Specifications

Many Americans work long hours to pay increased taxes for those on welfare. Now in Minnesota some Muslims are saying that receiving free food via food stamps is not enough. They are enraged that the food does not meet islamic specifications. Changing the food to meet their requirements would cost an additional 150k. This is money that would come from US taxpayers.

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Anonymous said...

Might as well advocate for what you can get, but there is no harm for them in eating the non-halal food if it's all they can get, in the same way that you can eat pork or drink alcohol under duress of endangering your life if you don't eat it because it's the only thing keeping you from death, and some city council somewhere should have the guts to say that when it is a matter of scraping by for homeless who aren't staying on the streets by choice.